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February 13, 2009
EXCERPTS: Maharaji in Tel Aviv

On February 11th, at Tel Aviv University, about 900 Israelis, Palestinians and other assorted human beings came together to listen to the timeless message of Prem Rawat (aka Maharaji). What follows are excerpts of his talk as recalled by Jan Buchalter. Please note that these excerpts are close approximations of what Maharaji said that night and are not necessarily verbatim.

"I am the voice for all those who are silent, for all those who pray, for all those who hope for peace. For the 6.88 billion people who silently yearn, I am that voice."

"It is not about me, but that through me you may hear your own heart."


"Reach deep within and quench your thirst. The aspect of this love, this thirst, is that it keeps increasing. Drink as much as you wish, for these waters are drenching the Earth, cascading down and filling, filling, filling to overflowing."

"One day, we will have to return to this dirt. It is the miracle of breath alone that separates us from the dirt we are destined for. So before it's too late, before missing what you have no longer, try appreciating what you have right now in front of you."

"Make no doubt about it. You are real. So much may be fake around us, but our life, our being alive, is a divine act of God. We should know this."

"Fidgeting and fumbling our way through life is not the way. Breathing in that loveliest aroma, surrounded by comfort, resting in contentment, and riveted in love's singular canal where the ebb and flow of the current keeps washing over you, is what we are meant to experience."

"You are not who you think you are. 'But what about all my years of studying for med school, or to be a lawyer?' you may think. Go beyond that! Go back to your simplicity -- the simplicity of this river of breath."

"Have you ever smelled the perfume of God?"

(Photo by A.M.Slater)

Posted by Mitch Ditkoff at February 13, 2009 12:38 AM


from 'The Complete Works of Vivekananda', Volume 1, Raja Yoga chapter, published 1907

"Returning to our subject, we come next to Pranayarna, controlling the breathing. What has that to do with concentrating the powers of the mind? Breath is like the fly-wheel of this machine, the body. In a big engine you find the fly-wheel first moving, and that motion is conveyed to finer and finer machinery until the most delicate and finest mechanism in the machine is in motion. The breath is that fly-wheel, supplying and regulating the motive power to everything in this body.
There was once a minister to a great king. He fell into disgrace. The king, as a punishment, ordered him to be shut up in the top of a very high tower. This was done, and the minister was left there to perish. He had a faithful wife, however, who came to the tower at night and called to her husband at the top to know what she could do to help him. He told her to return to the tower the following night and bring with her a long rope, some stout twine, pack thread, silken thread, a beetle, and a little honey. Wondering much, the good wife obeyed her husband, and brought him the desired articles. The husband directed her to attach the silken thread firmly to the beetle, then to smear its horns with a drop of honey, and to set it free on the wall of the tower, with its head pointing upwards. She obeyed all these instructions, and the beetle started on its long journey. Smelling the honey ahead it slowly crept onwards, in the hope of reaching the honey, until at last it reached the top of the tower, when the minister grasped the beetle, and got possession of the silken thread. He told his wife to tie the other end to the pack thread, and after he had drawn up the pack thread, he repeated the process with the stout twine, and lastly with the rope. Then the rest was easy. The minister descended from the tower by means of the rope, and made his escape. In this body of ours the breath motion is the "silken thread"; by laying hold of and learning to control it we grasp the pack thread of the nerve currents, and from these the stout twine of our thoughts, and lastly the rope of Prana, controlling which we reach freedom."

Posted by: sanfranciscojim1 [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 13, 2009 11:18 AM

Dearest Jan, That really hit my heart deeply. It is so beautiful that other vessesls remind me to receive this feeling, this grace. So beautifully translated from one human heart to another.The perfume of Gods love, for you I'm yearning. XXX

Posted by: sonjah Clegg [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 24, 2009 12:46 PM

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