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July 01, 2010
Life Is Like a Pinball Game, Isn't It?


Life is like a pinball game.

Well, maybe not. But for the sake of the next few minutes, let's stay with the pinball metaphor. OK?

I mean, the whole playing field is tilted, right? And no matter how talented you are with the flippers, or how many bells you ring or lights you flash, that shiny, silvery ball eventually finds its way down that little black hole.


For some of us, this inevitable moment is like death -- the ultimate bummer. All those cool sounds and lights? Gone. The high score you spent so much time racking up? Gone. In their place?

"Player #1" standing there, moaning about the Game Maker and their own lame attempts to manipulate the flippers.

Well... I think there's another way to look at this -- a second option -- the kind of option where the real game begins when that silvery ball disappears down the hole.

And what kind of game is that?

A game that requires no flippers, no beeps, no bells, no lights, and no score. This game is tilted, too, but it's tilted in your favor.

YOU WIN! And the only thing you have to do is be.

OK, so maybe this metaphor doesn't completely hold up. But so what?

No word, no painting, no poem will ever be enough to describe the game that is waiting to be enjoyed when we let go, turn within, and stop trying so hard to rack up a high score.

Hey, we've already won!

Curious? Click here.

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Posted by Mitch Ditkoff at July 1, 2010 09:06 PM


I just had this random thought about pinball... im the proud owner of a twilight zone original tabke.... (nerd alert, be alert the world needs lerts)..... so i banged the thought out in text no grammar etc. Then i thought to myself google it....and wow yes im custodian of more unoriginal thought processes!
And here's my rambling

The pinball table and the pinball are a metaphor for life.... you can be the ball or just the shooter doesn't matter....youre fired out full of energy and get flipped bounced locked held freed you get lucky and get ramped up you make shots you lose and hold you try a new path you see all sorts of crazy things flashed at you beeps cracks explosions many too fast to really take in you flip randomly you flip with precision you unlock new adventures you multi ball and bounce with similar types some stick around some go quick... you try hard to keep each ball going....sometimes you let go because it feels already lost sometimes you get a rhythm going and things work smoothly for a while... you dont want it to end ever for good or bad you play till the end..... extra ball? Maybe but there's no guarantee

Posted by: shanesaw [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 23, 2019 08:06 PM

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