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August 31, 2020
Who Can I Share My Joy With?

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August 30, 2020

Gorgeous song here, my friends. Lyrics by Tom O'Mara. Music by Stuart Hoffman. Vocals by Stephen Rivera. Turn up the volume. Forget about your troubles for a while. Feel what this song is all about. Let it in. Click the link below for the back story and the lyrics. Thank you Tom and Stuart and Stephen! We are all waving...

"WAVING" was inspired by a poem written by Tom O'Mara for Cynthea Forest Orrin Thyme who left this Earth on March 9, 2019. Cynthea was a dear friend of Stuart's-- someone he knew for many years. He loved her -- her heart, her laugh, and her devotion to her highest calling. Seeing her was always a delight. When Stuart read this poem by Tom O'Mara, he was compelled to write the music. And we are glad he did. Vocals by Stephen Rivera.

How long does it take
to say goodbye?
I am standing on the shores of Earth
waving to you, my love,
aboard that ship of ships
carrying you into the sky,
and I am waving and waving
long after those sails are gone,
I am waving at the stars
all night,
still waving at dawn,
and I'm waving and waving
all through the day,
and I think I can hear people say:
There must be something wrong,
that can't be right
to be waving all day
and night after night,
and it's quite possibly true,
my Love,
I've lost my mind
saying goodbye to you.

Yet I'm waving, my darling,
it's the one thing I know.
beyond the beyond
we'll be waving hello.

More of Stuart's music on Bandcamp

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August 17, 2020

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August 15, 2020

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August 10, 2020
Last Night I Googled Longing


Last night I googled longing.

What I found surprised me. Ninety-five percent of the images were women: Women dreaming. Women staring out windows. Women brushing their golden hair beneath the full moon. Oh... and lots of Goddesses, too.

Where were the men?

Hunting buffalo? Watching the Superbowl? Mowing the lawn? I'm guessing their absence had something to do with the male concept of survival. After all, wars, hunting, and politics aren't all that conducive to inspired questings of the heart, are they?

OK. So, maybe men don't stare out windows or wait by doors for their wives to return home from war, but surely they are feeling something. Surely, men want more out of life than just a cheeseburger, beer, and tattoo. No?

To put it bluntly, most men consider longing a girly thing, a sign of weakness, a minor holiday card invented by Hallmark.

Dear brothers and sisters and those beyond gender, I suggest we put an end to this madness once and for all. Longing is not a girly thing. It is not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of strength. And before I go on, let me make one thing abundantly clear: when I refer to "longing," I am not referring to a poetic kind of eye-rolling "desire" or a beatific "wanting." No. I am talking about something else -- the innate, ancient, holy, soul-infused, irreducible, on-fire, uncontainable, off-the-grid, socially unacceptable, messy, irreverent, moon-howling, highly uncomfortable, often unhinged, not-conversation-fodder-for-the-first date, unbridled aching for something timeless, pure, and unconditional.

Poets write about it, but it's got nothing to do with words. Composers symphonize about it, but it's got nothing to do with notes. Artists paint about it, but it's got nothing to do with color.

Feeling. That's what it's about. Deep, deep feeling. What holds you when you fall. Why you leap and why you don't. What lovers feel when they must take their leave, no one left to hold, but something quaking in every cell to behold when all alone. The celebration of the soul's thirst quenched for the last time or is it the first and then, without a single thought, a puppet at the end of God's beautiful string, raising your voice and your glass to the sky and singing, Leonard Cohen smiling down from the Great Beyond, "Whoever you are, my friends, the next round's on me!"

And so, with great respect for who you are, dear wayfarers who have made it this far, as the self-appointed President and Chief Hun of the Longing Liberation Front for Muscle Bound Males, allow me to (Chest Bump! High Five! Shot of Red Eye!) refer you to someone who truly understands the game of life, this play within a play, this illusion that's as real as you want it to be, a fine gentleman, indeed, one who knows, in his bones, and yours too, I might add, that the ones who get to where they are going, are the ones who are already there -- rising like waves from the pull of the moon, sea spray in their hair.

May I introduce you to Prem Rawat?

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Some Beyond Covid-19 Perspective

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August 09, 2020

Thanks to my dear brother, Steve Ornstein for the heads up!

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August 03, 2020

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