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November 30, 2021
What People Find Compelling About Prem Rawat's Storytelling


Prem Rawat is considered by many to be master storyteller. Indeed, his most recent book, Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World, is filled with some of his favorite and most entertaining stories. Below are a selection of comments from various people who are big fans of Prem's storytelling with a focus on WHY they find his storytelling so compelling.

"His stories have the power of transforming something that is so complex to a very simple message that can be understood easily." - Uma JL

"I love how his stories take us back to the simplicity of life, with wisdom and kindness at the root." - Joanne Dorrance

"The stories renew my sense of childlike wonder. They are often playful with an invitation to laugh at life and our humanness. They are kind and provoke thought. Even though some are ancient. they remain relevant today." - Sigrid EA

"I think he has the best sense of humor. He has a way of communicating that helps me feel free." - Elise Lee

"His story telling addresses the innocence of childhood in us. The story always contains a truth that is universal and even a child can understand. His storytelling is not a showcase of his cleverness. It is the express lane, conduit to the heart." - Alla Rogers

"Stories from Prem are lovely expressions of wisdom for my heart's delight." - Allen Feld

"What do I like about Prem and his storytelling? It is an art, and for Prem, it is art straight from clarity, with a sprinkling of wisdom, and a side dish of kindness. Beautiful stories which somehow engage everyone in the audience. Engaging. Amazing." - Heather Joy Westley

"My experience with Prem's storytelling is that he is telling it from his heart to mine. If someone else told me the same story it just doesn't resonate the same. I guess it is the love between the master and the student why his stories make such a profound shift." - Lalita Mohini

"Prem’s storytelling goes straight to my heart. My heart says a very big YES." - Patricia Ade

"His stories take me back to myself. They are an amazing way to communicate his messsage." - Nim Lal Bhandari

"I like his cleverness and wisdom -- like in the story about a place where everything costs three cents. Teachers/Masters, like Prem, are known for their clever, insightful wisdom." - Janice Wilson

"The stories he tells are educational and entertaining. I always feel like I'm enjoying and learning at the same time, not being lectured or preached to." - Josephine Robinson

"I find it compelling when he quotes Kabir or the Gita or Ramayana -- making his points through ancient texts or something he thought about last night. He is the best storyteller, explaining in the deepest and most simple ways at the same time. A very divine experience." - Bob Ellmer

"I think it is his timing and that wonderful grin of his. The way he approaches 'I'm going to tell you a story,' there is something in the way he says that, that just makes you want to hear it." - Jane Mirano

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November 12, 2021
Looking Back, Looking Ahead, and Looking Within


One week from now it will be 50 years since I received the gift of Self-Knowledge from Prem Rawat. Even though I write a lot, I have no words to express the kind of gratitude I have for this man and how his gift has enabled me to flower as a human being.

I've seen him in India, Australia, Italy, Canada, England and more than 30 cities in the United States. Every time I see him it's like the first time, even though every time I see him I know it might be my last. Some of my friends who don't know all that much about him wonder why I see him as often as I do.

"Haven't you heard it all before?" they ask. "Does he ever say anything new that you don't already know?"

While I very much understand their point of view, from where I'm looking, I see something else. If a rainbow appears above my head, am I not going to look at it because I've seen a rainbow before? Or a full moon? Or a hummingbird? Or lightning?

Suffice it to say, my friends, it's less about the words than what the words evoke, not to mention his laughter, smile, glances, stories, irreverence, humor, wisdom, simplicity, pauses, and zest for life.

When I met him for the first time I was 24. Now I am 74. My long hair is short, my short fuse is long, and I laugh more often, feel more grateful, and sometimes cry for no reason at all. I've had moments with him -- sometimes a minute or less -- that have become radioactive isotopes of love deep within my cells, radiating both outward and inward -- lighting my way with lightness, wonder, ease, and the recognition that THIS MOMENT is the only time there ever is, was, or will be.

Recently, he just came out with a book that I consider to be a masterpiece -- so simply done, so full of love, and such a GPS for the journey we're all on. Here's the link to it, just in case you are curious or want to get a whiff of the party he is inviting everyone to.

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November 09, 2021


THIS JUST IN! I am writing an article, for on the amazing rise Audio Books and I am interested to know if you have any specific themes you'd like to see me address. If so, lay them on me (in the comments box below or in an email: Your input will further help me navigate my way through the rise of the exponentially growing podcast phenomenon (there are now 2,000,000 podcasts to chose from).

One of the best audio books I've come across in the past ten years is Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World by Prem Rawat. I've listened to it three times in my car, so far.

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November 08, 2021
We Are All Here for Just a Brief Moment in Time

We are all here for just a brief moment in time. Very brief. Now you see it, now you don't. A wisp of smoke... a flash of light... a guest appearance. But while we are -- HERE, that is -- let us live with as much love, kindness, generosity, patience, awareness, gratitude, and consciousness as we can. And we can! You. Me. And all of the other 7.9 billion people on the planet. What an opportunity we have! What a joy! Will there be hard times? Of course there will. Moses wandered in the desert for 40 years. Jesus was crucified. Martin Luther King was assassinated. No one ever said this was going to be easy all the time. But above and beyond all of the difficulties, there is an infinite supply of grace, wisdom, healing, freedom, joy, laughter, poetry, music, art, dancing, friendship, peace and love.


Illustration: Raising Ecstasy

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November 03, 2021
Once Upon a Time There Was No Time

TimeMirrors.jpgOnce upon a time there was no time. No time and no space. No heroes, no plot, no drama, no obstacles, no twists, no turns, no hero's journey, no redemption, nothing to learn, nowhere to go, and no one needing to be saved. The sky was blue. The trees were green. People danced for no reason, sang like the birds, and looked up at the sky and down at the ground with the same reverence. This was the time before story, before the need to understand, make meaning, convince, persuade, teach, transmit, entertain, distract, or make a single point. The point? It was already made. And everyone already understood. Hmmm... I thought about writing THIS story, but then it dawned on me, how presumptuous that would be, how full of paradox, contradiction, Facebook Likes, Tweets, lists of things to do, copy edits, me, cash projections, reviews, complaint, business, and all the other assorted flora and fauna of life AFTER the story needed to be told. So I took out the garbage, washed the dishes, and walked the dog. This is not available on Amazon, nor will it ever be. But hey, in the past month I cam across a really good book that gets at this feeling in a really beautiful way. Worth a read (even if there is no time).

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