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November 30, 2019
A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words

MIMi old man.jpg

What story would you tell about this man? Drawing recently made by my super creative daughter, Mimi.

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My Father, On the Tarmac


Years ago, before terrorism, shoe bombs, and 9/11, my father and mother were on their way back home from a vacation in the Caribbean. When my father checked in at the airport, tanned and rested, the ticket agent informed him that the flight was "overbooked" and he would have to be re-ticketed and put on a later plane, along with my mom.

This, shall we say, did not sit well with him. After all, he had a confirmed ticket in his pocket and NEEDED TO GET BACK TO WORK. The ticket agent, following airline protocols, repeated the party line, explaining ever-so-politely that Mr. and Mrs. Ditkoff would need to be re-ticketed, which she would be happy to do. This was not the response my father was looking for. Not even close.

So he went to the gate, found an exit door and, along with my mother, made his way onto the tarmac. Once there, he made a beeline for the portable stairway that other passengers on his flight were boarding. Then, he moved to the front of the line, grabbed both handrails tightly and blocked everyone's entrance. Whatever flight attendants tried to do to appease him did not work. He simply grabbed on harder and stood his ground, my mother, somewhat embarrassed, standing off to the side. My father would not budge, not an inch, his verbal commentary as tenacious as his two vice-like grips on the hand rails.

"No one gets on this plane unless we do!" he barked. "No one!"

And no one did. He just stood there, holding on, taking a massive stand for his rights.

PS: Somehow, the flight attendants found two seats for the tanned and rested Barney and Sylvia Ditkoff. Ah... the good old days.

Storytelling for the Revolution

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DECK THE HALLS: Woodstock Holiday Studio Sale Supreme

If you are looking for some extraordinary holiday gifts to buy your loved ones this holiday season, mosey on over to the home of one of Woodstock's most creative people, Elise Pittleman. A little something for everyone: crystals, birdhouses, paintings, drawings, and old pididdly link jewelry from her personal collection.

WHERE: 347 Zena Road, Woodstock, NY
WHEN: Saturday, 12/14; Sunday 12/15; 11:00 am -- 4:00 pm



bahia amethyst.jpg


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November 22, 2019
Evelyne Pouget People Portraits

If you are looking for someone to paint your portrait or the portrait of a loved one, you have come to the right place. The artist is Evelyne Pouget and she is now accepting commissions for 2020. The process for engaging her services is very simple. All you need to do is send an email to Mitch Ditkoff, her Agent/Rep (, and he/me will get right back to you with all the information you need in order to decide if her portraiture services (oil pastel or oil painting) are right for you. See below for samples of her work.


Girl in Red 2.jpg

Baba 22.jpg



Mitch 2.jpg


Abuela knitting.jpg

NOTE: Evelyne also specializes in pet portraits
And horse portraits

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November 20, 2019
Fire, Gratitude, and the Full Moon


Wonderful photograph by Colin Pence, taken at the Full Moon Ceremony at the Charco, on November 12th, in San Miguel de Allende.

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November 17, 2019
Let Your Inner Animal Out!

Just a quick heads up to let you know about a great new service being offered by Evelyne Pouget -- one that might be right up your alley, especially if there is (or has been) a special poochie, kitty, horse, or other soulful animal in your life.


"I LOVE the painting! It is so lifelike and I truly feel Sparky's presence in the house. It's truly remarkable. I'm so very grateful to Evelyne for creating such a timeless treasure. The painting will be displayed prominently in my living room for all to see. He's watching over me still. So much gratitude to you!" -- Suzanne Leon

Evelyne is an extraordinarily talented artist (oil pastels, oils, and digital paintings) who also does commission work. The process of engaging her services is simple. All you need to do is email her a jpg of a photo you want her to work from. Depending on the composition of the photo, size, and medium you want (oil pastel or oil painting), she will quote you an exact fee.

Assuming you want to proceed, I will send you a more detailed summary of her process and a Letter of Agreement for your signature. Super easy. No stress. And the product you will receive will totally delight you.

See below for more examples of Evelyne's pet portraits:


"The oil pastel work Evelyne created of my dog, Kaya. is one of my most prized possessions! She truly captured Kaya's essence -- her sweetness, bright spirit, and loving nature. This beautiful piece is something I will always cherish." -- Sarah Jacob











Evelyne also specializes in people portraits
And horse portraits

CONTACT: Mitch Ditkoff,

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November 15, 2019
The Wisdom Circles of San Miguel


San Miguel de Allende is famous for a lot of things -- its diverse culture, colonial architecture, hot springs, cobblestone streets, affordable living, great restaurants, town square, benevolent people, and Writer's Conference, just to name a few. One thing it is NOT famous for, at least not yet, is its Wisdom Circles.

If you have not heard of Wisdom Circles, you are in good company because they are a fairly new phenomenon in San Miguel. Created by Mitch Ditkoff, organizational change agent, and author of Storytelling at Work, and Storytelling for the Revolution, Wisdom Circles are a fascinating way to build community, inspire, elevate the conversation, and transmit wisdom one story at a time.


The premise of a Wisdom Circle is a simple one: inside of each and every one of us is a vast storehouse of meaningful experience, insight, and wisdom. What's missing, all too often, however, is the opportunity to share this good stuff with people who are in the right place to listen and respond.

That's what happens in a Wisdom Circle.

A small group of people (8-12) get together for two hours at a time, in a relaxed, skillfully facilitated forum (usually in someone's home), to share their stories with each other. Participation is voluntary. Some people are inspired to share their stories. Others are content simply to listen. Both are fine. No pressure. No sweat. No problema. Just good energy.

And while participants in a Wisdom Circle may not necessarily perceive themselves to be sages, wizards, or keepers of wisdom, the stories they tell prove otherwise -- especially when their stories are "unpacked" for meaning and resonance by the other people in the circle.


February 5: (7:00 -- 9:15 pm, address to be announced)
February 13: (5:00 -- 7:15 pm El Arbol de la Vida)

COST: 300 pesos

TO REGISTER: (no walk-ins)






OConnor q.jpg


tell our stories.jpg

You have a story.jpg

Digital painting: PougetDigital
What people are saying about Wisdom Circles
Wisdom Circle ground rules
Opening illustration : PougetDigital

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November 12, 2019
When Your Last Story Is Told

white cloud.jpg

Let's assume for the moment that you are intrigued by the notion of telling your own stories. Fantastic. Great. Excellent. So you begin thinking about your memorable moments of truth and begin writing them down -- at least the titles, that is. The more titles you write, the more stories you remember -- stories from your childhood, travels, work, relationships, quest for meaning, accidents, disappointments, visions, victories, breakthroughs, synchronicities, near death experiences, strange lights in the sky, and so on.

Let's say you top out at 85 titles. But let's take it one step further. Let's say you actually write your stories. But not only write them -- you tell them, too, until every story of yours has been told. You could, of course, choose to tell your stories again to other people in other ways. You could choose to turn them into screenplays, novels, blog posts, songs, sitcoms, workbooks, iPhone apps, or webinars. But you don't. You feel complete, every story in you having been told.

So there you are with no more need tell a single story (not even the story of why you are no longer telling stories). Like small puddles evaporating after a storm, your need to tell your stories has disappeared. Now there is only solid ground beneath your feet and a cloud floating by. Your friends and fans, accustomed to your delightful story telling, are keenly disappointed, but you say nothing. You say nothing because you have nothing to say. You have no point to make. The words you would normally use to populate your tales have gone south for the winter. They are vacationing somewhere on a remote island, cocktail party chit chat for the night.

Your last story has been told.

Though you are fully awake and can see many things happening, you have no need to connect the dots, no need for a plot, characters, conflict, or a resolution. Everything is what it is. You are what you are, breathing slowly, wanting nothing, enjoying the time before the first story was told. You think of telling that story, but don't. You let it go. Like the milkweed floating by. Or the leaf.

Excerpted from Storytelling for the Revolution

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