July 18, 2008
The First Annual Last Words Contest

death bed.jpg

"I wish I had drunk more champagne."

With these last words, John Maynard Keynes, the famous British economist, passed into the Great Beyond. Way to go Johnny!

Conrad Hilton, grandfather of Paris and founder of one of the world's most acclaimed hotel empires, left us with a slightly different message. "Leave the shower curtain on the inside of the tub."

Thank you, Conrad. I will do my best to remember that.

What about you? What do you imagine your last words will be? Or better yet, what would you like them to be? Oh sure, you may have lots of emails to answer, spreadsheets to read, and meetings to attend... but it's never too soon to get your legacy in gear.

Setting a clear intention is not only important for business, it's also important for LIFE.

Got it? Good! Now share it with the rest of us. When four or more submissions are received I'll post them here for everyone to read.

And soon thereafter, Idea Champions' esteemed panel of imperfect judges will bestow one lucky reader of this blog with the FIRST ANNUAL LAST WORDS prize (a copy of the book from whence these quotes were quoted). Should be interesting.

If you need some inspiration to get you going, click below to see what Mata Hari, P.T. Barnum, Oscar Wilde and a host of others had to say just before they left their mortal coil...

"I am in a duel to the death with this wallpaper. One of us has to go." - Oscar Wilde

"Why not? After all, it belongs to Him." - Charlie Chaplin

"How were the circus receipts in Madison Square Garden?" - P.T. Barnum

"Death is nothing, nor life either, for that matter. To die, to sleep, to pass into nothingness, what does it matter? Everything is an illusion." - Mata Hari

"I've had a hellava lot of fun and have enjoyed every minute of it." - Erroll Flynn

"That was the best ice cream soda I ever tasted." - Lou Costello

"Die, I should say not, dear fellow. No Barrymore would allow such a conventional thing to happen to him." - John Barrymore

"Don't pull down the blinds. I feel fine. I want the sunlight to greet me." - Rudolf Valentino

"More light!" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"That was a great game of golf, fellers." - Bing Crosby

"God, don't let me die. I have so much to do." - Huey Long

"I shall hear in heaven!" - Ludwig Van Beethoven

"I have just had 18 whiskeys in a row. I do believe that is a record." - Dylan Thomas

"Go on. Get out! Last words are for fools that haven't said enough!" - Karl Marx

"Wait a second." - Madame de Pompadour

"Don't let it end this way. Tell them I said something." - Pancho Villa

OK. Your turn...

Excepted from Famous Last Words by Ray Robinson (Workman Publishing, 2003)

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July 13, 2008
Need a Breakthrough?

ftg-deck-photo-large.jpgTired of rubbing that magic lamp you bought on ebay, hoping for a genie to appear? Need a big breakthrough on a project of yours? Look no further. You've come to the right place. And you won't need to rub a single thing.

All you need to do is click.But first you'll need to think of a venture or idea you really want to get off the ground. Got it? Good. Now click here and let our online genie help you on your way.

(If you like the results, you can order the off-line genie here.)

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July 12, 2008
Ideas for Other People

I have an odd ability to come up with ideas for other people when I'm not really trying. Book and song titles are my specialties.

Often the ideas are so intriguing, I try to convince myself to do something with them, but eventually I realize they belong to someone else. The question, of course, is WHO?

Usually I don't know and the ideas end up orphans. But now that I've got this blog thing going, I've got a way to share the wealth -- or at least a few chuckles. So, here goes:Book title for a psychic: I Thought I Was a Small, But I'm a Medium. Book title for a psychologist with an Eastern bent: Yin, Yang and Jung. Title for a song for a recovering alcoholic: 50 Ways to Love Your Liver.Go ahead. Take 'em. They're free.

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July 11, 2008
The 30 Second Summer Blog for People on the Go

78% of all people who log onto the Idea Champions website spend less than 30 seconds there. It's probably the same for this blog. Short and sweet is the name of the game these days.

And so... for the rest of the summer, all our blog postings will take you less than 30 seconds to read. The one you're reading now has taken you about 23 seconds so far. Which means I have another 7 seconds or so to say something meaningful.

To be continued...

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