January 19, 2019
INTRODUCING: The Wisdom Circles of San Miguel de Allende


San Miguel de Allende is famous for a lot of things -- its diverse culture, colonial architecture, hot springs, cobblestone streets, affordable living, great restaurants, town square, benevolent people, and Writer's Conference, just to name a few. One thing it is NOT famous for, at least not yet, is its Wisdom Circles.

If you have not heard of Wisdom Circles, you are in good company because they are a new phenomenon in San Miguel. Created by Mitch Ditkoff, organizational change agent, and author of Storytelling at Work, and Storytelling for the Revolution, Wisdom Circles are a fascinating, new way to build community, elevate the conversation, and transmit wisdom one story at a time.


The premise of a Wisdom Circle is a simple one: inside of each and every human being is a vast storehouse of meaningful experience, insight, inspiration, and life-affirming moments of truth. What's missing, all too often, however, is the opportunity to share this good stuff with people who are listening and present.

That's what happens in a Wisdom Circle.

A small group of people (8-12) get together for two hours at a time, in a relaxed, skillfully facilitated forum (usually in someone's home), to share their stories with each other. Participation is voluntary. Some people, in the circle, are inspired to share their stories. Others are content simply to listen and take it all in. Both are needed. Both are fine. No pressure. No sweat. No problema. Just good energy.

And while participants in a Wisdom Circle may not necessarily perceive themselves to be sages, wizards, or keepers of wisdom, the stories they tell prove otherwise -- especially when their stories are "unpacked" for meaning and resonance by the other people in the circle.

Bottom line, San Miguel's Wisdom Circles are engaging, fun, healing, mind-opening, provocative, and enjoyable gatherings that enable each participant, through the medium of story, to embrace the totality of what it means to be a real human being.

UPCOMING SCHEDULE: 7:00 -- 9:00 pm

January 23
February 6
February 20
March 6
March 20
April 3

COST: 200 pesos (1/23). 300 pesos thereafter.
TO REGISTER: mitch@ideachampions.com

Want to host a Wisdom Circle in your own home with your own circle of friends and neighors? It's possible. Just ask.






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PS: In a few months, I will be taking Wisdom Circles on the road, offering them in homes, communities, and businesses around the world. Details to follow. The simplest way to get me to your city is to set up a keynote or workshop for me with an organization. They will pay my expenses. Then, I will already be in your town or city and can do a few wisdom circles, too. Maybe, even, in your home. Whoo hoo!

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January 16, 2019
When You Love What You Do

When you love what you dp.jpg

We love what we do -- helping forward-thinking organizations go beyond the status quo and tap into the collective genius of their workforce. Here's one way we do it. And here are some others.

What our clients say
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January 10, 2019
Why You Need to Ask Why


Some years ago, there was a big problem at one of America's most treasured monuments -- the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. Simply put, birds, in huge numbers, were pooping all over it, which made visiting the place a very unpleasant experience. Attempts to remedy the situation caused even bigger problems, since the harsh cleaning detergents being used were damaging the memorial.

Fortunately, some of the National Parks managers assigned to the case began asking WHY -- as in "Why was the Jefferson Memorial so much more of a target for birds than any of the other memorials?"

A little bit of investigation revealed the following:

The birds were attracted to the Jefferson Memorial because of the abundance of spiders -- a gourmet treat for birds.

The spiders were attracted to the Memorial because of the abundance of midges (insects) that were nesting there.


And the midges were attracted to the Memorial because of the light.

Midges, it turns out, like to procreate in places were the light is just so -- and because the lights were turned on, at the Jefferson Memorial, one hour before dark, it created the kind of mood lighting that midges went crazy for.

So there you have it: The midges were attracted to the light. The spiders were attracted to the midges. The birds were attracted to the spiders. And the National Parks workers, though not necessarily attracted to the bird poop, were attracted to getting paid -- so they spent a lot of their time (and taxpayer money) cleaning the Memorial.

How did the situation resolve? Very simply. After reviewing the curious chain of events that led up to the problem, the decision was made to wait until dark before turning the lights on at the Jefferson Memorial. That one-hour delay was enough to ruin the mood lighting for the midges, who then decided to have midge sex somewhere else.

No midges, no spiders. No spiders, no birds. No birds, no poop. No poop, no need to clean the Jefferson Memorial so often. Case closed.

Now, consider what "solutions" might have been forthcoming if those curious National Parks managers did not stop and ask WHY:

1. Hire more workers to clean the Memorial
2. Ask existing workers to work overtime
3. Experiment with different kinds of cleaning materials
4. Put bird poison all around the memorial
5. Hire hunters to shoot the birds
6. Encase the entire Jefferson Memorial in Plexiglas
7. Move the Memorial to another part of Washington
8. Close the site to the general public

Technically speaking, each of the above "solutions" was a possible approach -- but at great cost, inconvenience, and with questionable results. They were, shall we say, not exactly elegant solutions.

Now, think about YOUR business... YOUR company... YOUR life. What problems are you facing that could be approached differently simply by asking WHY.... and then WHY again... and then WHY again.. until you get to the core of the issue? If you don't, you may just end up solving the wrong problem.


1. Name a problem you're having
2. Ask WHY it's happening
3. Get an answer
4. Then WHY about that
5. Get an answer
6. Then ask WHY about that -- and so on, five times

Our new, half-day, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM workshop
Idea Champions

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January 09, 2019
INNOVATION MICRO-LEARNING (in less than 15 minutes per week)

NO time.jpg

This. Just. In. None of Idea Champions clients have any time. And because they don't, we have recently launched an exciting, new micro-learning service to help them stay on top of their innovation game. In less than 15 minutes per week. Virtually. At whatever time is convenient for them. Click here to take our micro-learning poll and see what micro-learning topics we are offering in 2019.

More about it here

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January 05, 2019
BRAINSTORM TRAINING: OnSite, Online, and On-the-Fly

Idea 2guy.jpg

Do the people in your organization treat invitations to brainstorming sessions like jury duty summons? Do the ideas generated all-too-often underwhelm? Do people roll their eyes when the brainstorming is over, convinced that nothing new is going to materialize? If so, Idea Champions can help.

Brainstorming, in most companies, is seriously flawed, an exercise in wheel spinning, futility, and lost potential -- not because brainstorming, as a method, is flawed, but because the people who lead brainstorm sessions don't fully understand the art and science of eliciting group genius.

For the past 28 years, we've been facilitating groundbreaking ideation sessions for a wide variety of forward thinking organizations -- powerful innovation-sparking gatherings that radically increase the odds of bold, new ideas seeing the light of day. And now, we're teaching what we know to others.

cosmic head 3.jpg

Our Conducting Genius training is a highly engaging, customizable learning experience that can be adapted to fit the needs, social styles, and experience of just about any participant. And because we know that one size doesn't fit all, we're offering a wide range of training options -- onsite, online, and on-the-fly.

ONSITE: Whenever time, money, and logistics allow, we advise our clients to consider our onsite training. Past experience has shown us that learning goes deeper and lasts longer in this format. Indeed, mastering the art of brainstorm facilitation is a kind of apprenticeship -- a transfer of tacit knowledge that is best sparked live and in-person.

-- Two-hours
-- Half-day
-- One-day
-- Two-days
-- Three-days

The difference between our shorter and longer trainings? The stickiness of the learning. Number of techniques taught. Time available for practice. And confidence level attained. Regardless of the duration of the training you select, all content is adapted from our Master Curriculum.)

ONLINE: If you have a distributed, maxed-out workforce that makes it difficult (or too expensive) for people to get together at the same time and place, we offer an alternative training scenario. Our online Conducting Genius training does not require travel and can be done in 90-minute increments over a TBD period of time. Includes our 142-page workbook, pre-training needs assessment, and customization.

-- One 90-minute module
-- Four 90-minute modules
-- Six 90-minute modules
-- Eight 90-minute minute modules
-- Twelve 90-minute modules

ON THE FLY: (i.e Flipped Learning): If our onsite or online training options don't work for you, perhaps our flipped learning option will. It is especially designed for intrinsically motivated people who prefer to study our instructional content first and then decide if an onsite or online training will be value-added. Our flipped learning process is a simple one: we ship a Conducting Genius workbook and deck of Free the Genie cards to each participant, along with guidelines to get the most out of our materials. Thirty days later, we facilitate a 45-minute Q&A conference call and determine if there is a need for onsite or online follow-up training.

FOLLOW UP: You know the expression "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard?" Well, there is a training corollary to that phrase: "Training is easy. Follow-up is hard." Knowing how busy most of our clients are these days and how much support they need to internalize and apply what we teach them, we offer five ways for graduates to stay in the game. post-training.

1. Micro-Learning: An online curriculum of videos, articles, tips, tools, and techniques that we email graduates, once a week, for an entire year. Each Micro-Learning lesson takes less than ten minutes to imbibe.

2. Phone Coaching: One-on-one coaching calls to keep everyone on top of their game -- a chance to share their successes, progress, challenges, and questions, as well as receive just-in-time support from their Idea Champions Master Trainer. Group calls available.

3. Design of the Times: A chance for Conducting Genius graduates to call their Idea Champions Master Trainer anytime before facilitating a session to get the support they need to make sure they are ready for prime time.

4. Co-Facilitation: It's not uncommon for graduates of a Conducting Genius training to find themselves being asked by management to facilitate high profile client ideation sessions. For these special occasions, Idea Champions can co-facilitate with you.

5. Pinch-Hit Facilitation: If your company has been asked to facilitate a super high-level client ideation session and none of the Conducting Genius graduates feel up to task (or are unavailable), Idea Champions can pitch hit. In other words, we'll facilitate client sessions that might be too difficult or challenging for your staff facilitators.

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January 03, 2019
Sun Tzu on Preparation


"Every battle is won or lost before it is fought." - Sun Tzu

What challenge or opportunity is coming up for you that will require a higher level of preparation than you usually make? What extra effort are you willing to make in order to prepare? What might prevent you from making the kind of effort you know you need to make?

How can you create the support you need to ensure that your preparation efforts succeed?


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