September 10, 2020
Zoomstorming Testimonials

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Zoomstorming is a lightly facilitated online brainstorming session that enables anyone with a need, goal, or aspiration to make a quantum leap. Bottom line, it's a GPS for the creative process -- a highly engaging way to close the gap between dream and reality. Ideal for individuals and small teams.

Short and Sweet Testimonials

"Priceless. A way to dream big, edit your dream, and then do!" -- MaryJane Fahey, Founder, Glorious Broads

"Zoomstorming is like a fan blowing fog out of a room so you can see clearly. Highly recommended." - Douglas Robinson, Composer/Musician

"A user-friendly way to think creatively, originate bold ideas, and turn theory into action." -- Mohammed Azim, Head of English Department, Al Siraat College

"Zoomstorming puts you in touch with your intuition and gut feel. Provides clarity about what you really want and need." - Prentiss Uchida, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach

"Zoomstorming anchored my idea to the ground and provided me with a pragmatic pathway and plan to follow." - Sitki Esenyel, Student Support Services, Al Siraat College.

"I was so inspired at the end of my hour Zoomstorming session that I committed to restarting my memoir writing project -- one that had been in the closet for years." - Gretel Rogers, Travel Agent and Writer

"Lots of fun, interactive, and surprising." - Barbara Drausel, Artist

"As a result of our Zoomstorming session, we have gained great clarity and motivation in setting a vision we are passionate about." - Shanaka Jakakody and Areeba Reusch


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"The Zoomstorming session I experienced with Mitch was priceless. That is the word to describe it. Why priceless? Because I have invested a few thousand into the execution of a dream that I have been pursuing for five years. And we have gotten far. But not far enough. Mitch surpassed the coaches of my past with a simple method -- not an overwhelming method. A way of seeing my dream and seeing the excess of having too many dream plans at once and devising possibilities that can be reached. Dream BIG. EDIT your dream. And then -- do!" -- Maryjane Fahey, Founder, Glorious Broads

"ZoomStorming is a timely and welcoming tool that provided me with a worthy guide to realize my goals. It proved to be a very real way to reboot my thinking and increase my determination to realize my vision. I have done four ZoomStorming sessions with Mitch, so far, and am now addicted to it. Simply put, it's is a user-friendly way to think creatively, originate bold ideas, and turn theory into action." - Mohammed Azim, Head of English Department, Al Siraat College, Melbourne Australia

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"I had two ZoomStorming sessions with Mitch and it gave me clarity of what I really want and need -- right now. It feels right. It feels good. I like it. The process is simple, fun, sometimes confronting, but you are always making the choices of what direction to go from here. No taking notes, no learning new terminology, no memory/retention to pass a test, later. You are getting it as you go. You are feeling it as you go. It puts you in touch with your intuition and your gut feel. The challenge is to really get what you want -- the thing that will take you over the top. Free the Genie! It has taken me out of retirement!" - Prentiss Uchida, Un-retired

"Zoomstorming allowed me to grab my vague and formless idea and give it a sense of composure and structure. Prior to the session, my idea was just a cloud in the sky. Zoomstorming anchored it to the ground and provided me with a pragmatic pathway and plan to follow." -- Sitki Esenyel, Student Support Services, Al Sirraat College, Melbourne, Australia

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"True to the name of his company, Idea Champions, Mitch Ditkoff provided excellent support to help me create superb ideas for my writing project. I was so inspired at the end of our hour session, that I committed to restarting my memoir writing project -- one that had been in the closet for years." - Gretel Rogers, Travel Agent and Memoir Writer, Miami

"Two weeks ago, I began the Zoomstorming process with Mitch Ditkoff. In my work as a creative advertiser/marketer, I've done lots of brainstorming sessions for clients in my life, but none that had to do with my personal development and trying to pin down what I wanted to do for the next 1-5 years of my life, so this was unique. I can't imagine a more relaxed, yet focused, guide than Mitch. He took me through some pre-planned drills, but was able to stick with the program even as we veered into some very interesting flights of fancy and dialogue. His good humor made all the difference. He's easy to talk to, and so you find yourself doing exactly that. I don't know if everyone will have the results I've had in a such a short period of time, but even if you get half of the benefit I'm reaping from our sessions, you will be excited. My goal unfolded right before my very eyes and I've wasted no time putting together plans and starting work to achieve it. It was a like a fan blowing fog out of a room so I could see clearly. Highly recommended." - Douglas Robinson, Composer/Musician


"I was quite impressed by what could be done in the one hour of ZoomStorming just by you listening to my ideas about what I wanted to do with my art -- without knowing me personally. Your questions were very precise and didn't let me go astray. An important aspect of ZoomStorming is that it's lots of fun, interactive, and surprising. After my session, I became a lot more clear about what I wanted to do and have already begun taking the steps to accomplish my goal." -- Barbara Drausal, Artist, Argentina

"Thank you for your tremendous care and gentle guidance with our Zoomstorming session. Your facilitation was the perfect balance of engaging, yet allowing personal exploration. We have already gained great clarity and motivation in setting a vision that we are passionate about, and are committed to executing on." - Shanaka Jakakody and Areeba Reusch

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August 24, 2020
WHY ZOOMSTORMING WORKS: Thinking Beyond the Pandemic


If you are looking for a simple way to jump start your creative mojo during these challenging times and make rapid progress on an inspired project of yours, welcome to one of the silver linings of the Covid-19 cloud -- ZoomStorming -- the brainchild of Mitch Ditkoff, innovation thought leader, award-winning author, and highly experienced brainstorm facilitator.

Simply put, ZoomStorming is an online brainstorming and idea development session that radically increases your odds of thinking creatively, originating breakthrough ideas, and establishing the kind of forward momentum you need to work your magic in the world.

If you're stuck, ZoomStorming will get you unstuck. If you are already unstuck, ZoomStorming will provide the kind of spark you need to make a quantum leap --- or, at the very least, to take your next steps with clarity, confidence, and consciousness.


Why is ZoomStorming So Effective?

1. TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE: No matter how creative you are, having the right person to brainstorm with -- at the right time and in the right way -- can often be the difference between success and failure. Human beings are social animals. We need to express ourselves. We need to be heard. We need connection, feedback, encouragement, fresh perspectives, and new ideas. This is not the time to be a lone wolf. You may be quarantined right now, but you are not in this alone!

Yes, it's true! You are onto something. You are being called! You feel it in your bones and have known it for a while. Simply put, you have a gift to share with the world or at least your family and friends -- a service to provide. Now is the time to get it out of you head and into the marketplace! ZoomStorming can help facilitate that process. "If not YOU, who? If not NOW, when?"

3. ALL OF US GET STUCK FROM TIME TO TIME: This just in! All people with great ideas eventually run into walls. It comes with the territory of creating something new. But here's the thing: those walls are often no more solid than a thought, assumption or belief. ZoomStorming is designed to help you go over, under, around, or through those walls -- and, on a good day, prevent you from building those walls in the first place.


4. EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AN OPPOSITE REACTION: Welcome to Newton's Third Law of Motion. In layman's terms, "one door closes, another opens." And so it is with the Pandemic. Maybe you are quarantined, locked down, and socially distanced. OK. So be it. But that is just your body. Your mind, imagination, and ability to create are boundless. ZoomStorming can help you enter into that state of boundlessness or, at the very least, knock on it's door.

5. IDEAS MAY BE A DIME A DOZEN, BUT A SINGLE IDEA CAN BE PRICELESS: One idea. That's it. That's all it takes. One juicy, yummy, out-of-the-box, brilliant, actionable idea. And that is, precisely, one of the outcomes of a ZoomStorming session.

6. IT DOESN'T TAKE A LOT OF TIME: Most stuggling entrepreneurs, artists, writers, career changers, and people in transition, assume they need to invest a lot of time to crack the code. This is not always true. How long does it take to start a fire -- not one to burn your house down, but one to warm you on a chilly night? Sometimes, all you need is a spark. And so it is with ZoomStorming. This user-friendly tool has been designed to work it's magic in very little time. Less than an hour. And sometimes,less than 10 minutes. (Time, like your brother-in-law, is relative).


7. IT'S FUN: There's enough density, darkness, and boring Zoom meetings in the world these days. We don't need any more. That's why ZoomStorming sessions have been designed to be engaging, inspiring, and fun. Ever wonder why the words AHA and HAHA are almost spelled the same?

8. IT SPARKS CONFIDENCE, INSPIRATION, and FORWARD MOVEMENT: The benefits of a ZoomStorming session does not end when your Zoom session ends. It is not a bowl of split pea soup you stick your finger into only to discover 30 seconds later that nothing has changed. ZoomStorming is designed to honor Newton's First Law of Motion: "An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion." Movement! We're starting a movement! And that movement is YOU. (In other words, a ZoomStorming session gets you off your ifs, ands, or butts).

9. THIS IS ALL ABOUT EMPOWERMENT, NOT CO-DEPENDENCE: The engine of ZoomStorming is Free the Genie -- an online, creative thinking tool. Free the Genie is available to you for free. You can subscribe now if you'd like. Or now. We don't charge for it. There is no fine print. We don't sell your email address or our soul. The only way we make money is when someone engages our services to facilitate a ZoomStorming session. What we're trying to do is get Free the Genie into as many hands as possible, so people have the support they need to adapt, adjust, and create something new for themselves during these difficult times.

10. ZOOMSTORMING IS AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME: Victor Hugo said it best: "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." We agree. ZoomStorming has been brewing for the past 15 years -- never quite ready to launch. The pieces of the puzzle were not yet in place. The time was not right. But now, with millions of people out of work, out of luck, and trying to navigate the unknown road ahead, the time is definitely right.

What people are saying about ZoomStorming

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THE CREATOR OF ZOOMSTORMING: Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions, with 33 years experience as an innovation provocateur for forward-thinking organizations. Creator of Free the Genie and Brainstorm Champions. Author of Storytelling for the Revolution. Author of Storytelling at Work. Co-Author of Conducting Genius. Creator of Wisdom Circles. Dust particle. Flake. Humorist.

NOTE: In a few months, the good people of Idea Champions will begin training people how to facilitate ZoomStorming sessions -- something we will be doing on ZOOM. If you are interested, send an email to with the words "ZoomStorming Training" in the subject line and we will get back to you with more info and next steps when the time is right.

And a big shout out to the very talented, creative, and committed Steve Wehr for the fine work he did programming and designing

Testimonials from Idea Champions clients
50 quotes on the power of ideas

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