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Brew Ha Ha!
101 CreativiTeas For Your Every Need

Some people say you are what you eat. Others, more cerebrally inclined, say you are what you think. Idea Champions would like to propose yet another possibility — you are what you drink. And so, in this slightly tongue-in-cheek spirit, we offer you a selection of exotic teas from around the world. Each one has been formulated to stimulate the specific inner quality you need more of in order to manifest your inspired ideas in the marketplace. Your task? To choose three teas whose qualities you most need to imbibe — then brainstorm ways in which you can bring more of those qualities into your life.

  1. Opening Up to PossibiliTea
  2. Easy Going FlexibiliTea
  3. Gandhi-like HumiliTea
  4. Well-timed AdaptabiliTea
  5. Taking Care of Details Amidst InfiniTea
  6. Loosey Goosey ManeuverabiliTea
  7. Acceptance of MortaliTea
  8. Total QualiTea
  9. Beyond MoraliTea

  10. An Occasional Dose of RealiTea
  11. Following Your Passion With ImpuniTea
  12. Balancing PolariTea
  13. InterdimensionaliTea
  14. Flashes of NonsensicaliTea
  15. Unfettered CreativiTea
  16. Appreciation of DiversiTea
  17. Tuning in to SynchroniciTea
  18. OriginaliTea
  19. UnconventionaliTea

  20. Old Fashioned PracticaliTea
  21. CuriosiTea
  22. Celebration of IndividualiTea
  23. A Deeper Sense of InevitabiliTea
  24. Letting Go of FutiliTea
  25. A Transformed MentaliTea
  26. Go With the Flow FluidiTea
  27. Baby Oh Baby SensualiTea
  28. WhimsicaliTea
  29. Child-like SimpliciTea

  30. Tiger-like FerociTea
  31. Nose to the Grindstone DurabiliTea
  32. Let it Rip TheatricaliTea
  33. Grrr!! TenaciTea
  34. Authentic AuthenticiTea
  35. Mucho GenerosiTea
  36. Acceptance of AsymmetricaliTea
  37. Quick Moving MobiliTea
  38. Enlightened SpritualiTea
  39. Day By Day ClariTea

  40. Sylvester Stallone MusculariTea
  41. In the Moment SpontaneiTea
  42. Twelve Step SobrieTea
  43. Beethovian VirtuosiTea
  44. Wild Maniacal HilariTea
  45. Increased Capacitea
  47. Lucid PerspicaciTea
  48. Ha Ha Ha LeviTea
  49. Focused SingulariTea

  50. A Daily Shot of InsaniTea
  51. Expressing Your PersonaliTea
  52. Frontal NudiTea
  53. International CommuniTea
  54. Much More VarieTea
  55. Information Highway ActiviTea
  56. Higher ProductiviTea
  57. Que Sera SororiTea
  58. Off the Wall BanaliTea
  59. Alimentary CanaliTea

  60. Relaxed InformaliTea
  61. Sprint? MCI? AT&Tea?
  62. Understanding Primal CausaliTea
  63. SpecificiTea
  64. Huge Amounts of PubliciTea
  65. Give Up Feeling ShitTea
  66. IntentionaliTea
  67. Beyond Beyond MetaphysicaliTea
  68. A Bowl of Soup and a BLTea
  69. Hip Hop, Reggae MusicaliTea

  70. Calling on Your Own DiviniTea
  71. A Touch of SubtleTea
  72. Profound ProfundiTea
  73. Bottom Line ProfitabiliTea
  74. Surprise and SerendipiTea
  75. Do It Now InstantaneiTea
  76. Proven CertifiabiliTea
  77. Solid MarketabiliTea
  78. Truth, Love and BeauTea
  79. ExponentialiTea

  80. Let Go and Be Emptea
  81. We Are the World SolidariTea
  82. A Twist, A Change, Some NovelTea
  83. Getting Down to the Nitty GritTea
  84. San Andreas FaulTea
  85. Midwestern SinceriTea
  86. Transcending Financial ScarciTea
  87. Death of CertainTea
  88. Buddha and KrishnamurTea
  89. You Don't Have to Feel So GuilTea

  90. Total ResponsibiliTea
  91. Challenge AuthoriTea
  92. Anyone here From Joisey CiTea?
  93. More and More CredibiliTea
  94. Get it Done MasculiniTea
  95. Be More Receptive to FemininiTea
  96. A Three Month Vacation in TahiTea
  97. Get Rich and Become a CelebriTea
  98. Much Deserved SereniTea
  99. Hot Diggity DoggiTea

  100. Tons of PositiviTea
  101. If All There Is Is Now, What Is EterniTea?
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