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Storytelling at Work
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"A penguin, a proctologist, and a computer hacker walk into a bar."

This is not how my book begins, but it could because my book is all about the most effective, time-tested way human beings have discovered to capture each other's attention and deliver a memorable message – and that is story.

From the first cave painting to the latest Hollywood blockbuster, story has been our species preferred communication vehicle. My soon-to-be published book explores not only why, but how, and it does so in a way that entertains, humanizes, inspires, and radically increases the odds of you and everyone else on planet Earth tapping into an endless wellspring of wisdom within -- your own.

The setting of my book is not the traditional landscape of most story-driven books – childhood, relationship, crime, travel, adventure, fairy tale, science fiction, parable, or myth. It's work – the world of 9-5 – because of all the settings homo sapiens (the "wise ones") inhabit, work is the one we spend the most time in. You see, at work, we are not just working, we are being worked on, having the kind of life changing experiences (what I call "moments of truth") that are the DNA of our species – if only we would pause long enough to notice them, explore their value, and share the wisdom embedded in them via the most effective means possible: STORY.

Simply put, Storytelling at Work lifts the veil that separates the mundane from the divine and activates the reader's innate capacity to identify and makes sense of the inner meaning of their lives – a meaning that is often hidden in the stories they overlook, diminish, or choose not to tell.

Storytelling at Work Book

The first part of my book makes this wisdom-finding phenomenon highly personal by featuring 35 of my own "moments of truth" stories from the world of work – tales of insight, resilience, breakthrough, innovation, and learning – everything from arm wrestling a CIA agent in the lobby of seedy motel when I was 22 to winning a huge contract from AT&T by teaching one of their Directors how to juggle in five minutes. Each story is followed by a brief reflection that helps the reader activate and apply those wisdom-infused qualities in their own life – an underground passageway, if you will, to an untapped realm of possibility.

The second part of the book demystifies the whole story-making phenomenon, explains why it's so powerful, how it works, and what a person can do to not only access their own wisdom stories, but skillfully share them with others.

While Storytelling at Work is highly entertaining, I did not write it just to entertain. I wrote it to catalyze a revolution of personal wisdom sharing. Anyone paying attention, these days, can see that our world is a mess. Death, dismay, and destruction is the overarching story – a story that does not seem to be moving in the direction of a happy ending. But it's not too late for a different story to be told – another, more powerful, life-enhancing story – a story of awakening, hope, courage, wonder, wisdom and the innate triumph of the human spirit. The choice is yours. Storytelling at Work will help you make that choice and teach you, in a very enjoyable way, how to have the most positive impact you can possibly have.

Storytelling at Work Book

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"The world is not made of atoms. It's made of stories."
Muriel Rukeyser
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Storytelling at Work
"The world is not made of atoms," wrote the poet, Muriel Rukeyser. "It's made of stories." Learn how to discover, honor, and unpack the stories of yours that show up "on the job" in Mitch Ditkoff's award-winning 2015 book, Storytelling at Work.
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