June 15, 2020
Why Team Leaders at Al Siraat College Want to Be Team Leaders


Thirty four very dedicated teachers, staff members, and senior leaders from Al Siraat College in Epping, Australia are participating in a long-term Team Leadership Development training. What follows are some of their comments about WHY they have chosen to take on this very demanding role.

"I love responsibility, challenge, mentoring, and making things happen. I feel that being a team leader allows me to add value to others and importantly make valuable changes to my workplace to challenge myself and add value as a professional. Specifically, at Al Siraat, I want to improve student culture and make it the school of choice for all Muslim students. I want students, when they leave, to have had amazing memories of their time here." - Fatema Faoual

"I enjoy assisting people in achieving their potential. This includes teachers and students. I like to inspire a love of knowledge and learning. I encourage and support the development of growing people both ethically and intellectually. I also want to encourage my own growth as a person." - Wayne Semmens

235435200.jpg "I want to be a team leader to help our school become an extraordinary learning place for students to enjoy their 13 years here and beyond -- and to be healthy and active for a lifetime." - Daniel Saleh

"I want to make a difference. I have learned so much from making mistakes. I want to be able to share and apply my knowledge, skills, and at times, my wisdom." - Esra Boz

"To start off, I didn't want to be a team leader, but thanks to Ms. Rahat, who saw the quality in me that I have the personality and commitment to be a Quran team leader. And I am loving it." - Maryam Omer


"I thrive in an environment that allows me to challenge myself to reach my own potential." - Aseel Tebeileh

"I want to make a difference in the college. I want to be remembered as the person that created a fantastic secondary team at ASC --thereby creating a great secondary school that will be the envy of other schools." - Vis Naidu

"I want to increase the skills I have gained as a teacher to the next level and provide opportunities to engage with my colleagues and benefit from them, as well." - Gulcan Ayvaz

185954154.jpg "I believe that I will have more opportunity to make a difference -- to change and improve the members of my team and pass on my learneng and experience." - Shahzad Syed

"I have passion for my topic! I want the best for my family, students, and colleagues. I want to make a difference." - Adel Ayoubi

"I want to make a bigger contribution to the school, to serve other teachers in the school, and to help improve the standards of the school." - Syed Fareed Bin Abdul Manaf


"At first, I never thought I could be a team leader. I thought you had to be efficient in your work. Spotless! Flawless! Then my mentor gave me a chance to be a team leader and guess what? I love it! I learned how to manage a group of people to make a difference. I learned to help people enhance their strengths, and I think I Iearn something everyday." - Misbah K. Aqeel

"I want to be able to fulfill the trust that has been given to me to develop inspired individuals of learning and character." - Fazeel Arain

"I want to impact the work of others that will have a positive impact on our children, and ultimately, to gain the pleasure of our Creator." - Rahat Arain


"I like to mentor individuals within my team, as I believe that we are all constantly learning and can learn so much from each other. I like responsibility, work well under pressure, and I like to know what's going on. I also like to feel as though I am making a difference." - Leah Hamel

"I want to be a voice and servant to my team, while being a teacher in the classroom. I want to help my team with their concerns and get them ironed out, managed, solved efficiently, and addressed comfortably. I want to make and create my department into one people I can look up to rather than look down." - Asim Malik

"I'd like to, in a small way, contribute to the growth of Al Siraat". - Sitki Esenyel


"I want to be a team leader to have a great impact on students learning and ultimately become of good service to God Almighty." - Suffian Amin

"I have been teaching science for the last 25 years and have had a good experience in science curriculum and other disciplines. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with Al Siraat teachers." - Naga Thayakrishna

"I want to promote positive leadership skills and ideas to ASC staff and students. I want to share learned skills with students. I want to mentor and coach students to be be able to perform better at life skills and explore the hidden talents and skills they possess. I also want to develop trust and training skills that I can use with students." - Noori Ahmed

403694488.jpg "I've been in the school since it first stated and have experienced a huge growth -- personally, as a professional educator, and as a person. I want to be part of a leadership team to offer my skills and expertise that will make a difference and impact our students and others." - Shahidah Osman

"I want to be a team leader at Al Siraat because I am glued to a vision of developing students who are able to fulfill their purpose in life. I want to be a team leader because it is the only school that seems to be ripe to do a lot for our school community. Above all, I was brought here for a reason by the Founders and want to live up to their expectations." - Mohammed Azim

"Education has always been important to me, as I come from a family of less-educated people. Imparting knowledge to people who may have grown up in similar, poor circumstances has also been important to me. I want to use my knowledge and abilities as well as my passion for learning, to impact change on a larger scale." - Terrance Cobb

"I am goal driven and have a natural desire to help and support others. Even if I am not a team leader, I end up doing that role anyway -- so to be given a little more time to do it would be wonderful." - Cheryl Becker

"Everyone brings unique qualities. As a leader, I can share, refine, and learn amongst others. I like to inspire and motivate people to accept and learn from change. I like to move and challenge the people around me to move forward and I like to assist in making things better for all." - Colin McDowell

469662800.jpg "I didn't want to be a team leader. I was selected to be a team leader. I am learning and trying to be a good leader. It has been a difficult journey. Why am I sticking to it is because Ms. Summer and Ms. Evla and other leadership members are supporting, coaching, and guiding me. Plus, Ms. Summer didn't accept my verbal resignation. Also, being a part of Mitch's Team Leadership Training has given me the courage and skills to try to be a better team leader." - Elif Boz

"There are two types of people/professionals in a school -- teachers and people who help teachers. As a leader, it's important to me not just to be of service, but to enable my colleagues to learn continually through reflective practice and dialogue and capacity building. I love the relational experience and opportunities I have as a team leader. I believe there is a strong alignment with my faith values that leadership involves, such as benevolence and stewardship and compassion." - Evla Han


"I want to bring innovations to my team and ideas and ease in business, so my team can work on its own and work in conjunction with other teams. I want to respect other teams and be respected." - Maqsood Ahmad

"I want to try to make life easier for teachers and administrative staff with respect to mundane activities so that they can focus on objectives. I hope to assist with the above, regardless of my position." - Bilal Deniz

"I want to contribute to the vision and success goals of the school." - Sev Bektash

"I've always loved helping others. As a team leader, I am grateful to be presented with many more opportunities to do what I love; help others." - Amina Zeneli

"I want to be a team leader so I can learn and implement steps in my team to make them happier and help them perform better." - Salman Khan

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Posted by Mitch Ditkoff at June 15, 2020 09:31 AM

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