Idea Champions team building and creative thinking Idea Champions is a consulting and training company specializing in creativity, innovation, team building, and leadership. Since 1986, we've been helping forward thinking organizations unleash their collective brilliance and achieve extraordinary results. Our work, however, goes well beyond getting people out of the box. Beyond brainstorming. Beyond ideas. Beyond the fuzzy front end of the corporate innovation process. What we do, ultimately, is help our clients establish humane, inclusive, sustainable cultures of innovation - the kinds of environments that become fertile ground for the natural expression of creativity, collaboration, commitment and uncommon success.

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The Six Sides of the So-Called Box December 19
There's a lot of talk these days about the need for business people to "get out of the box", but very little talk about what the box actually is. Here's Mitch Ditkoff, President of Idea Champions, deconstructing the box...

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Our New Book

Our semi-fearless leader, Mitch Ditkoff, has a new book coming out in 2013. Wisdom at Work is an exploration of how "moments of truth", on the job, even during a seemingly ordinary day, have the capacity to awaken, enliven, and reveal what makes us fully human. Get updates here.

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Creative Thinking Products A powerful starter kit for aspiring innovators, mavericks, change agents, and forward thinking leaders. Helps committed individuals and teams turn possibility into action.

Mitch Ditkoff named Top 5 Speaker

Mitch Ditkoff, the Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions, has recently been voted a top 5 speaker in the field of innovation and creativity by Speakers Platform, a leading speaker's bureau.

Dynamic keynote addresses Author and corporate innovation specialist Mitch Ditkoff's highly engaging keynotes.

Free the Genie

Free the genie card deck A deck of 55 cards to spark new ideas, breakthroughs and extraordinary results. Buy now! Or brainstorm with our online genie.

"This is really, really good stuff." — Seth Godin

Face the Music Blues Band The world's first interactive business blues band. A great way to help your workforce go beyond complaint.

"In tune with corporate America." — CNN

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Web Workshops in 60 Minutes

Our newly launched series of 12 highly engaging one-hour webinars. Tools, tips, techniques, and insights to get your creative juices flowing. Learn more!

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Corporate Education for Executives Time-tested executive education workshops to jump start innovation.
Our clients have included: GE Crotonville, Duke Corporate Ed., Merck, Chubb Business School, and Fuqua School of Business.