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Innovation Assurance

Innovation Assurance is a series of 12 stimulating power point shows designed to spark innovation on the job. The series is intended for anyone in your organization who is committed to generating new products, services, and processes — as well as being a positive force for change. Additionally, the series is a great way to ensure that graduates of any Idea Champions intervention get the follow-up support they need to stay immersed in the innovation process.

How It Works
Think of Innovation Assurance as a hands-on, on-line creative thinking curriculum. Domino's delivers pizza. FedEx delivers packages. Innovation Assurance delivers the inspiration, information, tools, techniques and process to help people go beyond the status quo, discover new and better ways of doing their job, and become a positive force for change within their organization.

Benefits of Innovation Assurance

  • Sparks new ideas, creative solutions, and sustainable innovation
  • Is self-paced and takes less than 20 minutes per week to complete
  • Teaches new tools and techniques that can be applied on the job
  • Dovetails with your monthly "innovation network" meetings
  • Increases commitment and workforce morale
  • Ready-made to show at meetings, conferences, and trainings
  • Can be uploaded onto your intranet (pending the licensing agreement)
  • It's conversational tone cuts through the haze of consultant-speak
  • Jump starts collaboration, brainstorming and networking
  • Keeps graduates of Idea Champions sessions "on their game"

The Curriculum

  1. On Thinking Out of the Box: A Guide for the Perplexed
  2. Creating a Sustainable Culture of Innovation
  3. Innovation Best Practices: What's Working Well at Other Companies
  4. On Being Creative Later in Life: You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
  5. How to Keep New Ideas Alive and Well: The LCS Process
  6. Geniuses, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Leaders on Creativity
  7. I-Squared: Creating the Time to Innovate on the Job
  8. The Big Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas
  9. Right Brain/left Brain: Making the Most of Your Business Mind
  10. What's the Problem? How to Ensure You are Working on the Right Issues
  11. The Six Drivers of Organizational Innovation
  12. The Seven Stages of the Creative Process
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