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One Voice for Laos
April 21, 2013
Thank You All!!!


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Deak Kum Pa
Thank you all
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April 15, 2013
Thank You Raffy, Morgan, Emma, and Lauren!

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A big thank you to Raffy, Morgan, Emma, and Lauren for minding the information and donation table at Oriole 9, in Woodstock, this past weekend.

Altogether, $190 was raised to help support the children of the Deak Kum Pah Orphanage in Luang Prabang, Laos.

In addition to raising the money, Raffy, Morgan, Emma, and Lauren all had a chance to talk about the One Voice/Teens for Change project to lots of people -- many of whom were out-of-towners hearing about it for the first time.

And a big thank you to Luc and Nina, the owners of Oriole 9 for their continued support in helping One Voice communicate this very important message to everyone who enters their fabulous restaurant.

If you are new to this project and haven't seen the wonderful 9 minute documentary produced by Garland Berenzy, take a look. Inspiring!

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One Voice Global is a humanitarian aide organization, based in Woodstock. Our mission is to help Hudson Valley teenagers develop the kind of mindset, skills, and abilities they need to become compassionate humanitarians, social activists and global citizens. We accomplish our goal by improving the lives of orphans and other children in need through fundraising projects, cultural exchange, and onsite service visits to the organizations we serve.

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