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One Voice for Laos
May 22, 2013
Hands Across the World!


A big thank you to all of the
fantastic teenagers
from the Hudson Valley
who are going beyond themselves
and extending a helping hand
to the 600 children of
the Deak Kum Pa orphanage.

Your efforts are very much appreciated
and are having a wonderful, positive impact.
Every little bit helps.
Keep up the good work!

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February 11, 2013
A Testimonial From Lauren Havens

283078_4192223438207_1601558187_n.jpg My name is Lauren Havens and I am sixteen years old. During life, everyone strives for relevance and pleasure. In the limited time we have on this earth, we aim to make an impact on lives other than our own.

The nation has turned to materialism and selfism that blinds many to the abundance of necessities, rights, and opportunities that they should be grateful to have. In turn, we must make an outreach to those in need.

This past year I joined a local group of blossoming humanitarians called One Voice for Laos that dedicates its time making a difference in the lives of the children at an orphanage in Laos.

I have always longed to make a lasting impact on those less fortunate and to do altruistic work, possibly join the Peace Corps or the Doctors Without Borders program.

This fall, I was forced to truly reevaluate my life when I was diagnosed with melanoma. I was reminded to cherish every moment I was given. The situation compelled me to reassess my actions.

I became deeply involved in the One Voice for Laos group this year. As a group of teens we aim to raise money for the Deak Kum Pa Orphanage in Laos.

The money we raise increases the protein intake of orphans, helps with general medical and dental care, maintains the orphanage, sponsors older children to study at outside schools, and more.

Recently, I ran (and performed at) the Cabaret with Sequoia Sellinger that collected money to implement a water filtration station and a month's worth of medical support for the children.

Supporting an orphanage on the other side of the world teaches us that all people are similar and connected. This project gives us sense of responsibility and meaning in the vast network of worldwide connections in humanity.

It is important to revert to basics and bare necessities in this acquisitive world we live in. On the pursuit of happiness and search for pertinent jobs to the welfare of humanity, altruism prevails. Generosity is crucial to mass prosperity and by doing openhanded deeds self-fulfillment is also achieved. As we open our hearts to the world, our unconditional love and care is reciprocated to create a better place for all to live.

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January 27, 2013
Seraphina Mallon-Breiman's Touching Biography


My name is Seraphina Mallon-Breiman and I am nineteen years old. I have been working with the One Voice for Laos organization and community for a few years now. I've helped to put on fundraisers, write blogs and newspaper articles, perform and overall publicize this amazing project. As one of the first teenagers actively involved in the origination of One Voice for Laos, I am now experiencing my first year in college and am helping peripherally with the project. Recently, I took a trip home from school to help perform at the Laos Cabaret with two of my best friends in Photosensualis, a beautiful gala that Sequoia Sellinger organized. After a moving and talent-filled night, I was reminded again of how happy it makes people to join together with the common goal of helping to increase the happiness of the rest of our world. It is a seemingly simple observation- but as humans, we constantly forget it. I realized that my role in this project, as many of my fellow teenagers who are also helping from afar, is to encourage this world changing behavior from the next generation of people involved in One Voice for Laos. Everybody wants to make a difference in the world, whether that comes from performing at a fundraiser or buying the ticket to attend, or going to meet the orphans in Laos or simply contribute what you can to allow this for others. There are so many organizations out there to encourage this kind of action, and all of you in the Hudson Valley have this opportunity right at your fingertips by working with your friends and Evelyne! Take advantage of this guys, I promise you'll come out with a much different understanding of the world!

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November 24, 2011
Why Hudson Valley Teens are Helping Orphans in Laos

Here are a few interviews with Hudson Valley teens about why they are participating in Woodstock's One Voice for Laos project -- an inspired community effort to improve the quality of life for 600 children living in the Deak Kum Pah orphanage in Luang Prabang, Laos.

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One Voice Global is a humanitarian aide organization, based in Woodstock. Our mission is to help Hudson Valley teenagers develop the kind of mindset, skills, and abilities they need to become compassionate humanitarians, social activists and global citizens. We accomplish our goal by improving the lives of orphans and other children in need through fundraising projects, cultural exchange, and onsite service visits to the organizations we serve.

Our Mission
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