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December 05, 2013
Bueno News from Evelyne in San Miguel


We just had a fabulous week at La Casa De los Angeles in San Miguel de Allende with two of One Voice Global's pioneer students, Mimi Ditkoff and Grace Miller. It was truly an extraordinary experience for them (and for me, too) and they are committed to sharing their experience, photos, and sweet feelings with all of you.

I am so proud of their good work and dedication during this short, but very full week. Mimi and Grace are back in school as of this morning.

I will be staying in San Miguel until December 9th to secure One Voice Global's relationship with Casa De Los Angeles and also to learn more about the orphanage we are thinking of supporting -- Casa Hogar.

Thanks, again, to all of you for being willing to help this worthy project. It will need all of our combined efforts to make it happen this year!

What follows are the names and a partial description of some of the One Voice Global volunteer positions. If I left anyone out, I will add it, here, later.

MARTY: Help create a website. Also interested in helping create a service curriculum.

JEN: Coordinate PR and social media and will also be part of our curriculum design effort. She has already started to work with the teens in preparation for our Art Opening, at WAAM, on 12/15.

ITA: Coordinating community outreach. Ita has done some research already and will be sending this info to the curriculum team.

Teen project leader. She has done it in the past and will be working with a group of teens to prepare a Cabaret event, on January 19th, at Oriole 9, in Woodstock.

NINA: Thinking about being on the the curriculum team.

ROB: The Producer/Videographer/Editor of our future documentary. He has already begun filming our meetings.

LINDA: Special projects and/or event production. Maybe part of the Gala team.

DEBORAH: Special projects and may be collaborating with Linda on the Gala.

LESLIE: Our awesome Director of Strategic Planning and also a member of our core group of advisors. Keeps us on track with our mission and vision!

LEAH: Will be assisting me (Evelyne). Starting in January. Yea!!!

LISA: As soon as she frees herself up from some existing commitments, she will be developing our humanitarian/service curriculum.

JILL: Helping develop the curriculum and is already helping with the planning for the Spring Gala.

MITCH: Writer, editor, blogger, and Core Group member.

LUC: Offering his Oriole 9 restaurant for us to use for meetings and presentations. May help in other ways, too.

REINA: Helping us expand our project to other communities. Reina can sell just about anything to the whole world -- and is a great supporter of the project.

MICHAEL: Wants to help and will meet me, in December, to explore possible ways he can dive in.

Wants to work with the teens and help with events.

SURESH: The coach for our curriculum team.

EVELYNE: Orchestrating, directing, communicating, envisioning, etc.

WOW! What a team! Each one of you has so much to offer, so much expertise! So much compassion, as well!

As soon as I return to Woodstock, I will begin conversations with each one of you to co-design your role in a way that is comfortable for you and beneficial to the project.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me and each other if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Our next event is being planned by the teens and I hope you will all attend and help us promote it -- an Art Show Opening at WAAM, and a panel discussion by some of our great teens about the three artists, from the Deak Kum Pah orphanage, who we are trying to send to art school next year.

Posted by Mitch Ditkoff at December 5, 2013 09:50 PM

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