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One Voice for Laos
November 29, 2013
Mimi, Grace, and Evelyne Update

Mimi, Grace, and Evelyne are diving deeper into their volunteer work at Casa de Los Angeles in San Miguel de Allende. ONE VOICE GLOBAL is now in two countries -- Laos and Mexico!

Mimi and Grace painting.jpg

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November 28, 2013
Mimi and Grace at Casa de Los Angeles

Mimi Ditkoff and Grace Miller volunteering at the Casa de Los Angeles Day Care Center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico -- the newest addition to ONE VOICE GLOBAL'S outreach efforts.



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November 18, 2013
Our Name Is Changing

1469872_10152082487863064_1803490742_n.jpgWe are very happy to announce that the name for our project -- One Voice for Laos -- will soon be changing to ONE VOICE GLOBAL.

The reason for this change is a simple one. Initially, all our efforts were focused on children in need from just one country, Laos. Now, our work is expanding to other countries, as well -- the first one being Mexico.

Stay tuned. More updates will be posted here soon.

If you are inspired by this project and want to volunteer, contact Evelyne Pouget:

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November 14, 2013
Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

This teen just volunteered to lead a One Voice for Laos fundraising project in 2014 and he just had to express how he feels about it. If you want to join him and other cool teens from the Hudson Valley, contact Evelyne Pouget this week (

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One Voice Global is a humanitarian aide organization, based in Woodstock. Our mission is to help Hudson Valley teenagers develop the kind of mindset, skills, and abilities they need to become compassionate humanitarians, social activists and global citizens. We accomplish our goal by improving the lives of orphans and other children in need through fundraising projects, cultural exchange, and onsite service visits to the organizations we serve.

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