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Charles Baudelaire

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Where and When
Do You Get Your Best ideas?

Since 1986, Idea Champions has been helping individuals, teams, and entire organizations go beyond the status quo and tap into a higher level of creativity. Along the way, thousands of people have told us that their best ideas are often sparked by specific environments, conditions, and times of day. We are now in the process of researching this phenomenon. If you'd like to participate, simply rate the 80 choices - using the scale below - for how much they trigger your best ideas. The whole thing should take you no more than seven minutes.

5Almost Always

Feel free to skip any you don't want to rate.

In return, we'll be happy to share our findings with you. Simply log onto our Heart of Innovation blog after November 1, 2007 or sign up now for our online Museletter.

1. Showering
2. Commuting to and from work
3. Day dreaming
4. Driving
5. On a plane
6. Reading books in your field
7. Surfing the internet
8. On a train
9. Brainstorming with others
10. Dreaming (at night)
11. Just upon waking
12. Listening to music
13. Early in the morning
14. Exercising
15. Late at night
16. Reading books outside your field
17. Just before sleep
18. Walking
19. Waking up in the middle of the night
20. Just after exercising
21. Brainstorming alone
22. Vacationing
23. Trying to meet a deadline
24. Taking a break
25. Having fun
26. Analyzing a problem
27. Sitting at your desk
28. Hanging out with friends
29. On the toilet
30. Meditating
31. Using a creative thinking technique
32. Getting feedback from others
33. When you’re sad
34. Doing anything mindless
35. Talking with customers or clients
36. When you’re happy
37. Working with your hands
38. Talking with people outside your field
39. In the workplace
40. Collaborating with a partner
41. Gardening
42. Drinking anything with alcohol
43. Smoking tobacco
44. Procrastinating
45. Mowing the lawn
46. When you least expect it
47. Praying
48. Traveling
49. When you really need a result
50. Swimming
51. Thinking hard about something
52. Having sex
53. Riding a bicycle
54. Preparing for a task
55. Jogging or running
56. Being in nature
57. Any repetitive physical activity
58. Doing something that feeds your soul
59. Relaxing
60. Writing
61. Organizing things
62. Doing nothing
63. Listening to the radio
64. Laying awake in bed
65. Journaling
66. Joking with friends
67. In a bar
68. Brushing your teeth
69. Creating art
70. In the bathroom
71. After you’ve clearly defined a problem
72. In the kitchen
73. Shaving
74. Taking a bath
75. Playing a sport
76. At a conference
77. At a concert
78. When you’re inspired
79. When you’re immersed in a project
80. Other

When you are satisfied with all your answers, press this button to record them.

Thank you! If you want to review the results of our research, log onto our Heart of Innovation blog anytime after November 1, 2007 or sign up for our online Museletter now.