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April 28, 2020


Full Moon at Sunrise
Photo: Sydney Rae, Unsplash

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April 23, 2020
EVA SNYDER: Good About It

Wonderful song by upcoming singer/songwriter Eva Snyder.

Eva's YouTube channel

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April 22, 2020
Give Everything You Have

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Excerpted from this book

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April 18, 2020


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April 16, 2020
Poetry Unread in 40 Years

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A few months ago, while cleaning out my home office in preparation for selling my house, I found an old notebook filled with bits of poetry -- words I'd written 40 years ago during the time I lived in one of Prem Rawat's ashrams -- a time where I had majorly unplugged from the world to "go within." Each verse of what follows stands alone. There is no particular order to them. It is not a single, coherent poem, but rather bits and pieces of a moon-howling jigsaw puzzle that was my life when I was 32. Please don't try to make sense of this stuff. Maybe a single phrase or line will speak to you -- or even sing. In the end, methinks each one of us is on a quest to discover what's real. Part of this process has something to do with getting in touch with our thirst for the divine -- that deep, inner longing for love that truly moves us.


I sit in the cave of myself,
alone with my breath.
There is no one else here
in this cool, dark hollow of my soul.

I sing your praises.
I hang the seeds of treeless forests
in the heaven of your Name.

Night falls around me
like the arms of a lover
widowed by daylight
and seeking the warmth of another.

The one who yearns for God must die
like flowers to the fruit,
must fall to the root
around the tree of life that gives me shade.

He walks on water,
I walk on ice,
and when I lay my head at his feet
I remember there is no place left in the world to go.
Here. Only here.

How deep can I look into
anyone else's eyes?
Only to the place where they are looking for you,
unafraid of what they'll find.

Words are only burrs on the path
through the high country brush with God.

with only a few stars to guide me,
I am a bum in a roadside temple,
cheater, whose deck of cards
has long since been stolen.

There are angels buried in my flesh.

I must be in love
or is it insane?

Who can receive me?
Who is deep enough
for me to disappear into?

He joins heaven and hell
with a wave of his hand,
his breath, the wand,
his smile the ground I walk upon.

Void of all tears,
sworn to silence,
I lose everything, once again, but myself.

Oh song-studded boy of bothersome beauty,
fall to the feet of the only one here,
bring what you've stolen,
peel your skin like grapes
and offer it as cloth
so he might wear what once was you
for a twilight ride through the country.

Suture the ragged wound closed,
let all your scars be roads to follow home.

Like a breeze through lace curtains,
enter softly
and stay with me a while.

I bend because
he has removed the weight.

I am melting,
I am burning at both ends,
and what I see by this flickering light,
is enough.

How can the desert flower thank the sun?
It cannot speak, only bend in the breeze of his passing.

Oh Master of my soul,
you have ignited the brittle tinder of my heart.

The closer I get to you,
the more I see how far away I am.

Who else listens to me when, speechless,
my heart begins to sing? Who?

I have gone to meet you in your secret place,
but when I arrived, neither of us were there.

Forget about ashes on your forehead,
let your whole body be consumed in flames.

Who can this Master be,
the one whose path is strewn with rose petals?

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Full Moon at Sunrise -- my book of poetry

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April 14, 2020

This just in from my good buddy, Ted Chadwick

Today is a New Day
The eternal first day of Life
Yesterday is shadows. That door is closed.
What was real then is here now, reborn.
Tomorrow is a dream. Its time will come
when the river of life carries us there.
That door is out of reach.

The Power that gives birth to all things
lives in me, and I dwell in it.
In that light there is no darkness, no shadow,
no want, nothing to fear. All is revealed.
It nourishes me, heals me, lifts me up when I stumble.
It protects me and guides me.

My heart overflows. This is the One Truth.

So be it.

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April 13, 2020


A clean sweep

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April 11, 2020
The World Is a Milkweed Pod

Milkweed Pod.jpg


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April 06, 2020
Be Empty Like the Sky

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April 01, 2020

Here's a beautiful, soulful, sung-for-these-times song by Rob Laurens, my "nephew-in-law" (the husband of my niece, Ali). Thank you, Rob, for continuing to write and sing your songs of love and possibility. It is so much needed during these crazy, Coronavirus days. Keep singing for Ali, Eila, and the rest of us! You have a gift.

PS: When Rob isn't writing and performing his songs, he is working from home, in Cambridge Massachusetts, coordinating global research studies for rare diseases. The limitations on international travel have really stressed the research world, these days, and for many of the patients in the studies Rob coordinates, getting to their clinical trial is truly a life-or-death matter.

Here's to perseverance, focus, and dedication!

Rob's YouTube Channel. Subscribe!

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“I have nothing to say, I am saying it, and that is poetry.”
— John Cage

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