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October 04, 2021
UNSPOKEN WORD: 20 Book Promo Options for Your Consideration

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Thanks for your interest in helping me spread the word about my forthcoming book of poetry (pub. date: 3/21/23).

What follows is a list of ways you can help. Please take a moment to review this list, then email me the options you see yourself taking on.

This will help me understand what outreach options have the most juice for people, so I can provide you and the other 62 people on the book outreach team with the kind of support and materials needed to make best use of everyone's time.

I am so happy you are part of this!

1. Buy the book on the day it's published
2. Buy a few extra books and give them to friends
3. Write an endorsement of the book and send it to me
4. Post the Amazon book link (and a personal note) on your FB page
5. Email the Amazon book link (and a personal note) to your friends

6. Write an Amazon book review
7. Post a link to my book in Facebook Groups
8. Join the "Unspoken Word: Facebook Group
9. Participate in monthly "Unspoken Word" Zoom calls
10. Send me the names of possible book reviewers

11. If you have a blog, write a review
12. If you know a blogger, ask them to review it
13. Invite your local newspaper to review my book
14. Ask your local library to order the book
15. Word of mouth -- tell your friends

16. Subscribe to my poetry blog
17. Participate in monthly Zoom Poetry circles that I will facilitate
18. Post a video of yourself reading your favorite poem from my book
19. Become a member of my personal think tank
20. Read a "sneak preview" version of the book I will send you

Other ideas of yours?

NOTE: Most of our book promotion efforts will begin in January, 2023.

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October 01, 2021
Radiant Being of Light

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“I have nothing to say, I am saying it, and that is poetry.”
— John Cage

Welcome to my new blog — brief ruminations on what it is that moves me (and maybe YOU, too). If any of my poems inspire you, please forward them to friends. Good muse travels fast. Or could, with your help.

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