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June 21, 2017
Chantal Piriz Needs Our Support

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Dear Friends:

Just a brief note to let you know that Chantal Piriz, the extraordinary woman who, along with Roberto Piriz, began the Peace Education Program in Dominquez Prison, in San Antonio, is very much in need of our help. Chantal has some pressing health challenges that will require surgery. It is not an easy time for her. Here is the link to Chantal's GoFundMe campaign. Every little bit helps. Thank you, in advance, for whatever support you can provide.

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June 19, 2017
25,500 Days

This is a wonderful video -- entertaining, informative, and inspiring -- about change and our own mortality.


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June 13, 2017
Less Noise, More Space


Illustration: gapingvoid

Less noise, more space

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June 10, 2017
Marvin Gaye Speaks!


What's Going On

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June 08, 2017
Four Loring Baker Poems



Perhaps there's nowhere left to go,
Nothing more to plan,
Time to sit on my own front porch
In the afternoon's blond light,
Listen to the garden sing
And taste the joy of stillness
As a soft summer wind
Moves a smile across my face.


Someday, perhaps,
A better battery!
Meanwhile, you must
Let it sit,
Plugged in awhile
To keep it lit.


Moment to moment,
The clay still wet,
The sculpture is formed,
Adjust you must
Before the kiln.


These old clothes
I've worn for so long
Are getting stiff,
Stained and wrinkled,
Please don't think
They make this man,
Let your wisdom undress me
If you can.

Loring's book of poetry:"Invitations to the Good"

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Seek the One Beyond the Veil

And I have seen him dance.jpg


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June 06, 2017
Love People

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June 05, 2017
The Reading


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June 03, 2017
Even In Your Darkest Hour


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June 01, 2017
Be Empty Like the Sky

be empty.jpg'


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May 31, 2017
Practice Being Human



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May 28, 2017


New releases

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May 27, 2017
The Supreme Art of the Teacher

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May 25, 2017

Simplify 3.jpg

Continue reading "Simplify!"

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May 23, 2017
The Golden Garden Party


On June 4th, just outside of Asheville, North Carolina, Ron and Rachel Clearfield will be hosting their 10th annual Golden Garden Party -- an inspiring fundraiser for TRPF's Food for People program. Everyone is invited. And that means YOU, even if you live halfway around the world. If you can't get to Asheville physically, no worries -- you can get their metaphysically or, should I say virtually. How? By entering the Golden Garden Party Raffle.

As of today, there are 25 items to be raffled off -- for a total of $2,000 worth of goodies. And more items are being added daily. Raffle tickets are $5, or three for $10. And, since a friend of the project is offering a matching donation, every ticket you buy will trigger another donation for that same amount.

If you have a winning ticket, you get to choose what gift you want. You do not need to be present to win, but you will need to submit your top three preferred items. More about the raffle here.

The Golden Garden Party website

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May 22, 2017
The Hidden Chest Now on Amazon


"The Hidden Chest", a beautiful children's book, written and illustrated by Teresa Payne, was originally created as a gift of gratitude for Prem Rawat, inspired by one of his stories.

Wadi, Prem's daughter, took the book on as a project and published it as "Ebi's Secret" on Words of Peace Global.

Now with Wadi's encouragement, the book has been republished in a larger size and format and is available on Amazon.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation.

Order the book here

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May 20, 2017
The Scorpion and the Saint

Adapted from a story I first heard from Prem Rawat many years ago.

Once a upon a time a traveling saint, on his yearly pilgrimage to the Holy Land, found himself being approached by a small group of agitated villagers. He could tell by the look in their eyes that something was wrong. So he stopped, put down his begging bowl, and asked them one simple question: "What seems to be the problem, my friends?"

"Oh, Great Saint," the first villager began, "less than a mile from here, a powerful scorpion is terrorizing our town. Every time any one of us tries to fetch water from our lake, the scorpion attacks. His sting is painful. His poison paralyzes. Everyone in our village is filled with fear. PLEASE, sir, can you help us?

Continue reading "The Scorpion and the Saint"

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May 15, 2017
New Releases from Timeless Today


New releases

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May 10, 2017
No Excuses


ED NOTE: Last night, Paul Murtha emailed me the following inspired rant. Here it is, for your enjoyment -- deeply considered reflections on the gift of life that he is very much enjoying. Paul, by the way, is the gent who launched an astounding initiative, in Ecuador, that helped end teen-gang warfare on the streets of Ibarra.

In 1967, I went to Ecuador as a 17-year-old exchange student. The culture, the people, and the ecology got under my skin. In 2005, I sold everything stateside and returned to see what would happen. It was an excellent decision.

Along the way, I learned some techniques of meditation -- as in focus -- that have made all the difference. It is amazing to know, not just believe, that the fulfillment I am looking for is already parked inside me -- full-on, pre-installed, ready equipped, standard issue, innately inherent, and unequivocally right under my nose.

Continue reading "No Excuses"

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May 07, 2017
You Are Here!


Inspiring, new releases on TimelessToday

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