The Heart of the Matter
June 25, 2010
Prem Rawat in Italy

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On June 22nd, Prem Rawat (aka Maharaji) was honored by local leaders, citizens and officials at Garibaldi Piazza in Sandrio, Italy. Here is an excerpt from his address:

"The desire to find peace is in the heart of every human being. Peace is not a state in which you become a vegetable. It's not a flower painting. It's not two fingers held high.

What is peace -- when you are close to that god that resides in you, that reality that resides in you?

People want progress. People want prosperity. What is prosperity? A few years ago, U.S. economics was the best. A few years later, it's not so good. Turns out, the profits were made up.

It seems when a whole bunch of people come together and decide to lie, it is all of a sudden socially acceptable, and it becomes the truth.

That's not truth. You want to know what truth is? Then turn to your self. Look in your heart and you will know what truth is.

Peace is not a social thing. Peace is the lamp that is lit inside of you. The lamp of understanding. The lamp of clarity. The lamp of knowledge. The lamp that has the power to remove the darkness.

That's what knowledge is -- to know. To know. Not to guess. Not to debate. But see the obviousness of every single living human being on the face of this earth and understand that they are not any different than you.

You, like everyone else, has that quest to be fulfilled in this life. If peace is what we want, we can have it. If we can go to the moon, we can have peace. Peace is not impossible.

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A lot of people said to go to the moon -- it could not be done. A trip to the moon was made successful by the efforts of the people who said, "It can be done."

You being here represent, hopefully, those people who say, "Peace is possible." Not, "Peace is impossible, and here are the reasons."

I have met people who are very poor and very rich. Each time, it is the same thing. "I want peace in my life."

If each one of us can be that lamp that is lit, lit with knowledge, lit with understanding, lit with clarity, then we hold the potential to light and unlimited amount of unlit lamps. That's the possibility.

One lit lamp can light countless unlit lamps. Not only is it possible, but it begins with you -- the search within your heart.

The first step is to begin to have access to your heart. It is in the depths of your heart that lies the thirst that will lead you to the well. The thirsty can understand the value of water. The hungry can understand the value of food. And you need to feel that thirst in your life that dwells inside you.

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June 24, 2010
Going Awake


Two nights ago, as I was getting into bed, it dawned on me what a pleasure it is to sleep.

The act of getting under the covers, laying down my head, and letting go of the world is an extraordinary experience.

In that state, there is nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No one to call. In that state, breathing is the only game in town -- or should I say being breathed.

One breath in. One breath out. One breath in. One breath out.

Imagine what life would be like if we let go to waking in the same way we let go to sleep.


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June 21, 2010
Stand By Me

The "Playing for Change" band just played in Woodstock. Wow! Give a listen -- even if you've heard it before. This never gets old.

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June 15, 2010
Maharaji in Miami


What follows are excerpts from Maharaji's public event in Miami on June 13th -- as recalled by five people who attended.

"If you are interested in the joy of life, I can help you."

"It is not a question of doing anything -- it is a question of undoing."

"That which you want, you already have."

"What do you have that is precious and in abundance? Not dollars. Not diamonds. It's another kind of wealth -- the breath that comes in and out of you."

"The knowledge of the self is more important than all the knowledge in the world."

"The big DO is already doing and it just so happens to be the source of immense joy."

"Getting lost is easy. Getting found is undoing all the things we did to get lost."

"What is the characteristic of the person who is the true guide? To show you the way."


"Being confused is easy. All you have to do is listen to everyone."

"When you begin to accept the moment now, that is the door to everything."

"Peace is the perfume of God."

"What is being rich? To have something valuable and to have it in abundance. What is the most valuable thing and the thing we have that is most abundant? This breath -- and not only this breath -- also the peace that is within us, the love that is within us, and the appreciation that is within us. This makes us all very rich!"

"Someone said that I was an Emperor in a past life, and it was flattering, but it doesn't matter. It can't be proven. What is HERE is what matters!"

"You don't lack anything. You never have."

"All I know is that... my Master has given me a wonderful gift."

"Knowledge of the self, first -- and then, everything else."

"You are in heaven. Open your eyes and look around."

"If I don't understand what is present in my life, I will live in the greatest illusion there is."

"No interpretations, please! The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Be fulfilled. Understand. Enjoy that clarity."

"You want the clarity that illuminates reality -- so you can choose."

"God is in the realm of choice. You choose."

"After you discover that richness within, what should you do? Enjoy it! Otherwise, what's the point of being rich?"


"Be alive and be thankful for feeling alive."

"This is how you celebrate: In gratitude! In the most simple way."

"Peace has been placed inside of you and it lasts for the rest of your life."

"What is the science of engaging a sunset? The science of the heart."

"Don't just know you are blessed -- feel you are blessed.

"The Director is great. The Actors need a little work."

"Peace, in abundance, is richness. Understand your richness."

"Once I was young and everyone was old. Now it's the other way around."

"It shouldn't be 'Good Morning' or 'Good Afternoon.' It should be 'Good Life.'"

A big thank you to Marta Meyers, Steve Kowarsky, Ken Neger, Bobbye Farino, and Linda Marcussen for contributing to this posting.


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June 11, 2010
One Love, One Liner


If you are going to the June 13th event in Miami to see Prem Rawat, here's an invitation for you:

Remember ONE LINE of his talk and email it to me.

I will select from the one liners I receive and produce a blog posting as soon as possible after that.

This is an experiment -- a kind of "crowdsourcing journalism" -- one that allows everyone to enjoy the June 13th event without anyone having to write everything down.

One line. That's all I'm asking for.

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