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November 29, 2008
Diving In Deeper

If you are new to Heart of the Matter, chances are good you've only seen a small percentage of what's available to you here -- more than 200 postings of all kinds: videos, slide shows, excerpts and reports from Maharaji's events, stories, personal reflections, poetry, humor, a talking puppet, links to cool resources, and much more.

You can always access the most recent 30 postings by logging onto the site and scrolling down. For the rest of the content, you'll need to click on the archives (in the sidebar beneath "Recent Entries"). But since you're already here right now, all you need to do is click the link below for a hot-linked list of all past postings. (If you find something you like, please feel free to forward it to friends, acquaintances, family, or neighbors. That's how word about this blog is getting out.)

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Maharaji in Malaysia


What follows are a few paraphrased highlights of Maharaji's presentation in Shah Alam, Malaysia on November 27th. Thanks to Jan Buchalter for sharing her recollections with us.

"When you are having this experience of the unchanging truth, you can withstand the storms and be unphased. Such is the strength, such is the conviction of this enlightenment. What is foretold to take lifetimes to achieve is attained now because you have remained balanced in that center. What seemed so difficult before has now become easy, for practice has switched your gears and allowed you to gain proficiency in this art of maintaining that equilibrium regardless of whatever.

When there are ripples and everything is in motion, we cannot see that absolute self. However, in that time of concentration within, when all is settled, the true nature of ourselves begins to shine."

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November 26, 2008
Jump Starting Possibility, Creative Ideas, and Forward Movement


I begin this 204th blog posting with a big, fat assumption -- that you, dear reader, are enthusiastically involved in some kind of project, venture, or team that has something to do with inspiration, service, or spreading peace in the world.

Perhaps it has something to do with Maharaji's work. Perhaps not. In any case, I'm guessing that your project, venture, or team, gets in a rut from time to time.

Bold new ideas are needed... a more compelling vision of what's possible... and increased forward momentum. If so, click here. It will take you to an online brainstorming game designed to spark breakthroughs. The whole thing takes about five minutes. Reading about it, however, isn't enough. You actually have to DO it.

If anything useful comes of it, leave a comment here or send me an email. "If not YOU, who? If not NOW, when?"

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November 24, 2008
The Perfect Relationship

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November 23, 2008
Einstein Speaks!

Einstein and the girls.JPG

Three weeks ago, my 11-year old daughter Mimi, (hugging Einstein's arm) and her two friends went to the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum in New York City. They had their pictures taken with all the legends; Brittany Spears, Robin Williams, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, and many others. Of all the pictures, the girls seemed most themselves with Einstein.

What a remarkable man he was -- the epitome of human brainpower and intelligence and yet, at the same time, a deeply soulful, spiritual, and humble man. Click below for some of the amazing pearls of wisdom he left behind...

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

"Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts."

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

"Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted counts."

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

"A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be."

"A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?"

"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

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November 22, 2008
The Wisdom of the Elders


What do Clint Eastwood, Madeline Albright, Willie Nelson, Alan Alda, Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Ravi Shankar, Edward Kennedy, Andrew Wyeth, Frank Gehry and a host of other creative movers and shakers have in common beside fame?


Click here to see what they've learned in their long and very diverse lives... and get a glimpse of the fabulous Wisdom Project produced by Andrew Zuckerman.

Speaking of which, what have YOU learned in your life? What wisdom has come your way? And if you want to share it with other readers of this blog, click "Sign In" below and leave a comment or send me an email.

I'll sort through the submissions, pick some, and post them here in time for International Wisdom Day (a holiday that doesn't yet exist, but probably should).

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November 21, 2008
It's All About Love

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November 20, 2008
EXCERPTS: Maharaji in Kotputli

Thanks to Bhajan-ji for forwarding these excerpts of Maharaji's talk in Kotputli, India: 11/17/08


"If you weren't there, what would I do? And if I wasn't there, what would you do?"

"The well of joy is within you."

"Everyone has the treasure, but people have forgotten to open the treasure chest. That is why they feel poor."

"The Master does not only give water; he digs a well for you."

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POLL RESULTS: Heart of the Matter Readers Share Their Feedback

Two weeks ago I posted a poll on this blog, asking readers for feedback. 77 people responded. What follows is a summary of the results, my reflections on the data, and an invitation for YOU to participate in the ongoing growth of the Heart of the Matter. Click the link below for more...

About Heart of the Matter Readers...

96% have received the techniques of Knowledge

96% participate in Maharaji's work in some way

88% have attended one of Maharaji's events in the past year

83% would like to see more reports of Maharaji's events

68% have forwarded at least one posting to a friend

67% log on at least twice a week

63% would buy the book version of the blog for someone else

60% would buy the book version of the blog for themselves

59% live in the United States

Here's the ratings of what the 77 respondents value on the blog (based on a 1-5 scale, with "5" being the highest).

4.57 Reports on Maharaji's events from around the world

4.48 Short videos of Maharaji

4.40 Excerpts from Maharaji's talks

4.23 Stories of my interactions with Maharaji

4.10 Inspiring quotes from a variety of sources

4.09 Poetry of Kabir, Rumi, Hafiz and other ecstatic poets

4.09 Interviews with people who have recently received Knowledge

3.93 Humorous essays

3.92 Classic teaching stories (i.e Sufi/Zen tales)

3.51 My own poetry

And so...

1. I'll feature more reports/excerpts from Maharaji's events.

2. If you're going to an event and want to submit a report, let me know and I'll send you the guidelines.

3. Send me: links to short videos of M that you like, photos from events (of the people attending), your favorite poems of Rumi, Kabir & Hafiz, and other inspiring quotes.

4. I'll post more stories of my past interactions with M (and hope for more soon so I have something fresh to write about).

5. I'll post less of my poetry or format it as prose. (If you want to buy my poetry book, click here.)

6. If I decide to publish postings from this blog as a book, I will let you know.

7. If you like the content of Heart of the Matter, click on the archives (located in the blog sidebar). There's a lot of goodies there you probably haven't seen.

8. If you receive email alerts about this blog, be sure to click on the HEADLINE of each alert to view the entire posting. (Email alerts are just "teasers" and don't always contain the full content of a blog posting... or the video link.)

9. The URL for Heart of the Matter is


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November 19, 2008
EXCERPTS: Maharaji in Jaipur

Thanks to Bhajan-ji for forwarding the following excerpts from Maharaji's talk on 11/15 in Jaipur, India...

"If you listen to the Master, your ability to listen from your heart
will come back."

"What does the real Master have to say? Have the experience in your life of how fortunate you are!"

"When you open your eyes, you see the illusion and more illusion. When
you close your eyes, you see the true heart. To see this you need
devotion. Love is the real devotion. Bhakti is when you love that
thing inside of you."

"Love is the only thing that doesn't change. This power is beyond the mind and the intellect. If you need to have a habit, have the habit of devotion. Trust and listen to the Master."

"The master says practice. You say that you do not have time. The day will come when you do not have time and then you will want to practice."

"The hand of the Creator is always on your head."

Photo courtesy of Inner Nomads

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A few years ago, Maharaji spoke about something he called "The Avalanche" -- a phenomenon that would enable people all over the world to hear about his message and, with the availability of The Keys and a growing number of Knowledge Session facilitators, find it easier than ever to receive his gift. How will that happen? I don't know. But the video below, produced by Sony, may offer some clues. QUESTION: In what ways might you and your community use technology more effectively and creatively to communicate what's in your heart?

Thanks to Alan Roettinger for the link.

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November 16, 2008
Maharaji in India: Part 4

VIDEO: (not from India -- 3:33)
Photo courtesy of Inner Nomads

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November 15, 2008
Golfing in Jaipur

Thanks, again, to Loring Baker for sharing his reflections from India...

Today I participated in the first Delhi TPRF Golf tournament. About 54 people played, including many young Indian Golf pros. I believe almost $100,000 was raised for TPRF. Major hats off to the people who organized the event, a simple example of focus + fun = more fun + fruit.

In a way it seemed surreal playing golf in India. But then I thought about it. Why does it seem surreal? It is just my idea about India. For the people who live there, playing golf is quite natural.

Hmmm... I wonder how much of my view of "reality" is defined by the limits I place on it.

For sure, my definitions have done quite a number on today -- creating a tired little box -- compared to what today was really all about. I guess that's why I came to India, in the first place, for this three-day visit with a demolition expert.

Does that sound terrifying? It's not. Actually, it's a great feeling to see where I'm really at and what I really have.

The walls of my house haven't been demolished. The big bay window has just been cleaned. Now the sun is shining in and once again I remember the door is wide open, there's no homework to do, and the playground awaits!

Whatever concepts we have about Maharaji, be they lofty or not, are probably surreal, but one thing is certain -- he has the power to help us see how full and free we really are.

Being with him, we only grow in gratitude and awe at what we really have.

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November 11, 2008
20 Ways to Introduce Maharaji to a Friend, Relative, or Neighbor

The act of introducing people to Maharaji and his gift of Knowledge is a curious challenge.

On one hand, some people are wide-open and experience his message to be very compelling. On the other hand, some find his message intriguing, but not necessarily for them. Still others are downight skeptical, believing it's too good to be true.

Clearly, there's no right way to introduce Maharaji. One size does not fit all.

For some people, seeing Maharaji, in person, is the best way to go. For others, viewing DVDs is the ticket. Still others prefer reading his words or listening to friends tell stories of their time with him. Or something else...

If YOU are interested in introducing Maharaji to somebody else and have a 15 minutes to explore a few new options, click below..

The links below will take you to a variety of introductory-type content -- most of which has been published on this blog in the past six months: youtube videos, personal stories, mini-essays, inspiring images, metaphorical bridges, and selected excerpts from Maharaji's talks.

I'm guessing that SOMETHING from this list will speak to you and, more importantly, speak to your family, friends and neighbors. All you need to do is choose... then forward the link you select, as inspired.

If nothing speaks to you, take a moment to reflect on how else you might introduce someone to Maharaji and Knowledge. After all, a while ago, SOMEONE introduced you. Right? Now it's your turn to return the favor...

"If not YOU, who? If not NOW, when?"

VIDEO: Introducing Maharaji

WEBSITE: Words of Peace

Home Base

Remember This Feeling?

VIDEO: The Inner Game of Life

The Book I Wanted to Buy My Mother

Snow Day

BOOK: Peace Is Possible

VIDEO: An Interview with Maharaji

34 Reasons Why I Like Being With Maharaji

VIDEO: What Is Maharaji's Role?

Happy For No Reason

The One-Minute Seeker

The Temple of Your Heart

VIDEO: Give Peace a Chance

Looking for the Real

Being Shown the River Where the Fish Are Swimming

At the Threshold

No Word for Thesaurus

Selma Speaks

PS: There's still time to respond to the Heart of the Matter poll. If you have any input or feedback, here's a simple way to do it. Takes 4 minutes.

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November 10, 2008
Maharaji in India: Part 3

indian love.jpg

What follows are Loring Baker's reflections on the third day of Maharaji's event in New Delhi...

"The joy of service." That phrase keeps playing in my head.

Yesterday was the last day of the event. Maharaji's focus was on the people getting ready to receive Knowledge. For each of the past three days the field was full of 50,000 people, but yesterday's audience seemed younger and even more joyous. A contagion of dancing broke out after he left the stage. Although my feet weren't moving much, my happiness couldn't help but bounce along with the dancers.

All good. All very good. Big huge smiles on everyone.

Walking back from the event though the grounds, along the palm-lined boulevard, past the rose gardens, this evolving verdant citadel Maharaji has created within the chaos of Delhi spoke to the transformational power of joy.

This place has been built out of people's happiness, for people's happiness -- and for no other reason.

Dear friends, possibilities abound! What can't we do if our cup is full? Possibilities abound more than we let ourselves imagine.

"It only gets better," he says.

I have the feeling it's going to get a whole lot better.

Photo courtesy of Inner Nomads

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Maharaji in India: Part 2


RAJ VIDYA KENDER, Delhi: 11/10/09

This just in from Loring Baker, onsite at Maharaji's events in India...

I just got back from dinner after the event this afternoon. I am staying with an American man I do business with who lives in Delhi with his wife, the Belgian Consul. They both came to the event today (the public was invited).

I could feel Maharaji winning them over (along with me and everyone else) without a fight -- just simple generosity. Like a master Maitre D' welcoming his guests, Maharaji seemed to be saying, "So happy you could come. No pretensions are needed here -- please just enjoy the meal."

And really, what a unique meal it is. You start enjoying it without even having to open your mouth!

As Maharaji spoke about nature extracting fresh water from the ocean to make clouds that, in turn, feed a seed that has waited years to sprout, I had to tilt my head back slightly to keep the tears inside the cup.

These tears weren't tears of emotion, joy, or catharsis. They were tears of pure refreshment -- a spring rain of tears, unlocking the fragrance of the earth present a moment before, but hidden.

Maharaji ended his talk with an offer, "Go look! If you can't find it, come to me. I can give you peace. No money is required, just love."

Hmmm... love for peace... a quality exchange to be sure.

Anyone at the event today could tell this wasn't a flippant offer, nor was it one to accept un-self-aware. What Maharaji is talking about is the big league market place where great rewards are waiting. Not a bad place to hang out and learn. Not a bad place to make the deal of a lifetime!

Click below for a 7-minute video of Maharaji speaking in Madras, India last year.

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Maharaji in India: Part 1


Thanks to Loring Baker for sharing his on-site observations with us.

RAJ VIDYA KENDER, Delhi, 11/08/09 --

I'm wide awake after four hours sleep. Full jet lag, for sure, awake, but un-restless and remembering Maharaji from yesterday's event.

After a video focusing on the foundations of practicing Knowledge, he comes out on stage and sits with a quiet smile, as Arti, the classic Hindi devotional song, is being sung. The audience sits, quiet, feeling the rhythm of the song as a water ballet of gratitude starts swimming in my heart.

The rest of the 50,000 people in the audience seem connected, as one, in the same dance. The collective body language softens and, without really moving, seems to raise its hands, palms upward, in praise -- head slightly bowed in admiration.

Maharaji is completely still -- just presence. Arti over, he reaches for the mic and begins to speak.

"Dear Premies, Dear lovers of life..." No segue is given. None is needed.

I don't remember too much of what he said -- nodding out a time or two as he spoke (my body clock is telling me its 5 AM, plus I'm enjoying the warm relaxation of feeling comfortably at home). The message, however, was very clear.

"You are most fortunate to have this life. And fortunate, moreover to have the gift of Knowledge. Dear friend, enjoy it to the utmost now. Your problems and your triumphs will come and go. Heed the call of your heart. Act on it. You will not be disappointed."

(Photo from a calendar, not from this recent Indian tour).

Dear Heart of the Matter readers: Please check back soon. If Loring can get access to an internet cafe, we'll be publishing some of his other reflections from the November 9th and 10th events in Delhi and the November 15th and 16th events in Jaipur.

PS: If you haven't responded to the Heart of the Matter poll yet, click here. The whole thing will take you less than 4 minutes.

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November 07, 2008

Whether you're a first time reader or a long-term fan, I'd love your feedback about this blog. What would you like to see more of? Less of? What new features would you like added? I'd also like to learn more about who is logging on so I can continue evolving the content.

Click here to take the 4-minute poll. I'll post the results in a few weeks. Thanks, in advance, for your input. Mitch

PS: If you want to subscribe, via email alerts, simply enter your email address in the space provided in the sidebar OR you can subscribe via RSS feeds ...

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November 04, 2008
Maharaji in Johannesburg


In response to many heartfelt requests, Maharaji accepted an invitation to speak in Johannesburg, South Africa, on October 31, at the OR Tambo Conference Center.

Seven hundred and fifty guests attended -- many of whom hadn't seen him since the last time he visited South Africa 15 years ago.

The mood was electrifying.

Maharaji began his talk by reflecting on his trip from Durban to Johannesburg -- noting that even though clear skies were forecasted, he was confronted with a huge thunderstorm.

"There are no certainties in our lives," he explained. "But just as a pilot navigates through a thunderstorm, so we need to navigate in our lives."

"The purpose of our existence," he went on to say, "is not pain and suffering, but enjoyment. We have been given this body as a vessel to steer us across the ocean of ignorance, so that enjoyment can be experienced while we are alive."

Maharaji spoke at length about the impact that Words of Peace Global is having -- and how people all around the world are being transformed by his message via that medium. He also talked about the importance of teamwork.

"Outreach can only happen if communities come together and work as a team. It's got to be a team effort."

Before concluding his talk, Maharaji reminded everyone to focus within.

"In your life, sow the seeds of clarity, kindness, and sincerity. Nurture them and you will be gifted with a beautiful garden, which is yours to enjoy."

Much thanks to Nitasha Barath (pictured above) for submitting her inspired field report.

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November 03, 2008
I know you are busy today and may not have the time to read yet another blog posting, so I've decided to say everything I have to say in this headline: Be grateful! Breathe deeply! Let go! Live fully! Love!

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Welcome to Mitch Ditkoff's blog about what's really important in this life: Peace, gratitude, love, joy, clarity, and the effort required to wake up and smell the roses. Enjoy!

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