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December 24, 2016
50th Anniversary Amaroo Gift Set Now Available on TimelessToday


GOOD NEWS! All nine of Prem Rawat's talks from the September event in Amaroo are now available for streaming on TimelessToday as part of a just-released 50th Anniversary Gift Set. These talks are also available as downloadable audio files. Click here to order.

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December 21, 2016
You See Differences


Photo: Ira Meyer

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December 13, 2016
Update on TRPF's Fundraising Campaign


Many readers of Heart of the Matter are very interested in the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), a non-profit organization whose mission is to address the fundamental human needs of food, water, and peace.

Towards this end, TPRF is now in the midst of its Welcoming a New Era fundraising campaign to support it's various initiatives (i.e, Peace Education Program, Food for People, Peace for People, and Special Aid Projects).

To date, $121,315 has been raised -- 81% of it's $150,000 goal. If you would like to make a contribution to this worthy effort, click here. Tis the season to donate. Every little bit helps.

VIDEO: Daya Rawat, TPRF President

Peace Education in Academia
A Conversation with Prem Rawat and Burt Wolff

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December 07, 2016
The Most Powerful Person in the World is the Storyteller


"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the values, mission, and agenda of an entire generation that is yet to come." -- Steve Jobs

While this may seem just a bit exaggerated, there is something very TRUE about what Jobs was on to. The Hopi Indians said the same thing: "He who tells the stories rules the world."

This goes far beyond the Creation myth and "Once upon a time." This is about the way we perceive, conceive, and construct reality -- then share that construction with others in a way that is immediately grasped.

What is YOUR story these days? What story are YOU telling -- to yourself and to the world? We are, methinks, as a species, in the difficult time BETWEEN stories. The old story is dying and a new one is being born. Like any birth, the experience is both ecstatic and painful. Me? I am toggling back and forth between these two poles -- not the POLITICAL polls, but the far edges of the two narratives that rule my life.

Here's what I invite you to do in the next 24 hours. The next time someone approaches you with the DOOM and GLOOM story, after listening with compassion, see if there is ANOTHER story that will emerge from either of you -- a story of possibility... a story of awakening... a story of courage... or resilience... or breakthrough... or whatever you feel guided to say.

Stories are like water. We can drown in them or they can give us life. Choose life. Drink deep. And share your water with anyone you cross paths with who is even just a little bit thirsty.

TimelessToday ("Once Upon a Time")
Prem Rawat video clips

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