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December 13, 2021
Season's Greetings from Ira Meyer


And now for something a little bit different from The Heart of the Matter: Two days ago, in my inbox, I received Ira Meyer's 2021 Holiday card and letter. I found it so inspiring that I asked Ira if I could republish it here. What follows are some excerpts, along with five extraordinary photos from Ira's world class portfolio. Enjoy!

On my morning walk yesterday, I found myself wondering how many days I have been alive. Upon getting home, a quick calculation came to 27,178. That's 652,272 hours or 39,136,320 minutes. My guess was that each respiration encompassed around four seconds. Google affirmed this reasonable estimate.


Do you believe in miracles? I have experienced about 600 million of them.

For what are the odds of elements coming together to enable human life and then sustain it?

How fortunate we are to have this opportunity!

I'd not seen my longtime teacher, Prem Rawat, since shortly before COVID-19 became a worldwide concern. Having the opportunity to attend three special events with him in just over a month this past summer was a breath of the freshest air. For as has been the case for the past half-century, he managed to direct my focus to that which I understand to be the essence of my life: the peace, joy and clarity which dwell within my (and every human) heart.

In just over seven months I will have been alive for three-quarters of a century. This seems incomprehensible, for I feel ageless. And life continues to be extraordinarily kind to me. Somehow, time has smoothed out many of the rough edges of my existence, leaving me increasingly content. This is a gift I never might have imagined in my restless, confused youth. But I believe it suits me to a T.


I suspect this well-being to be everyone's birthright, and I'm saddened by the discontent which often seems prevalent in others. I am sure this is unnecessary. If only people could understand how simple life can be, absent of the complexities we bring upon ourselves.

Along with 600 million previous ones, experiencing the miracle of this breath brings me a deep sense of gratitude. In the vastness of the cosmos, against all odds, everything has come together perfectly not only for us to be, but to be cognizant of our being. To know the joy. To see the beauty. To taste the sweetness. To feel the richness. To experience the wonder of human life.

Miraculousness to the nth degree.

May the holiday season and new year bring you the best of all things good in your lives and an ever-increasing awareness of how fortunate we all are.

Stay safe and healthy, always!


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Ira's National Geographic cover

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October 02, 2015
Thom Adorney In Da House

Wonderful photos of Amaroo taken by the very talented Thom Adorney. Enjoy! A picture's worth a thousand words...


pastel wood8-2.jpg







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March 12, 2014
Baby, Oh Baby!


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March 11, 2014
This Longing, This Ache

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November 17, 2011
Welcome to My Woodstock Abode!




Photos: Mimi Ditkoff (14)

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