The Heart of the Matter
November 30, 2020
Kindness Boomerangs

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November 29, 2020


All my life I have tried
to remove the mask --
that which separates me from others and myself,
the face I show to be seen,
the shield and the sword.
Now I am being asked to put another one on,
become even more unrecognizable,
remembering only to breathe,
but not on anyone in particular,
quiet as a nest,
only my dark eyes visible from across the room,
windows to my soul,
portals to the place
where all of us,
whether we want to or not,
continue being born,
saying everything that needs to be said,
without a single word.

Illustration: Lisa Dietrich

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November 20, 2020



This. Is. It. Right now. Right here, wherever we happen to be at the time. The past is over. The future is a dream. And while it's absolutely fine and sometimes necessary to plan, planning can only take you so far. This. Is. It. Right now. Right here.

"Bloom where you're planted," the old adage goes. So true. All the rivers of your life have brought you here to where you are right now. It is not "good." It is not "bad." It just is. We get a chance to embrace it or not, to sanctify it, to bless it and be blessed by it. Yes, there are challenges in this world and in each of our lives. But more than that, there is grace, wonder, love, kindness, compassion, sweetness, gratitude, and the joy that comes from realizing that THIS MOMENT is the perfect moment and could be no other way.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood" wrote Robert Frost. But before choosing one road or the other, there is the timeless moment of PRESENCE, one breath at a time, and the recognition that no matter what path we choose, each step is also an arrival.

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November 08, 2020
Long Before Words


Being of the Jewish persuasion, I'm not exactly the kind of person given to confession, but allow me the ecumenical luxury of confessing at least one thing in this first paragraph of what may well turn out to be the Mahabharata of blog postings:

Writing about Prem Rawat and the gift that he offers is not easy.

It's not easy for a few reasons.

First off, what I want to say existed long before words -- long before nouns and verbs and the leaky vessels we construct to float our shaky boats of babble. Secondly, words are approximations of the real thing at best. Like menus, they indicate something's cooking in the kitchen, but they are not the food itself. And thirdly, the dog ate my homework.

I don't know how it works, but there are years of my life I can barely remember, but seconds with Prem that remain a vast eternity, indelibly impressed on my heart like some kind of rock 'n roll Rosetta stone.

I never laugh so hard or cry so long as when I'm in his company. I never feel so good.

The first time I heard about him, I was both ecstatic and afraid -- ecstatic at the thought I might finally experience what I'd been born for -- afraid that somehow, grand impostor that I was, I would be the only person on the face of the Earth not to get it. Forget it. I got it.

Yes, that moment happened -- the moment of oooh, the moment of ahhh -- the moment of finally coming into my own after years of imagining my own was someplace very far away -- in a forest, cave, or future lifetime.

What has he taught me? How to wake up -- and stay awake. How to appreciate. How to feel. How to simply be.

What Prem Rawat offers is not so much a teaching as it is transportation to the place we've either been seeking our entire lives or have given up on long ago -- the place of no judgment, the place of no doubt, the place of no worry, no fear, no problem.

Here! The place of remembering. And what we remember here is love -- plain and simple. For love is the name of the game. Always was and always will be.

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VIDEO: The Most Precious Diamond

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