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January 22, 2019
Joan Apter Needs Our Support


Our good friend and all around awesome human being, Joan Apter, is reaching out to her community for support as she enters into the process of addressing one more health challenge that is upon her. Click here to read the full story and to consider contributing to her just-launched GoFundMe campaign. Thank you! Every little bit helps.

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November 04, 2018
An Invitation for You


If you enjoy this blog, there is a good chance you will also enjoy my lesser-known Facebook group BEING A CREATOR ON PLANET EARTH. Simply put, it's a destination for anyone aspiring to create something new and wonderful in their life, no matter what form it takes -- a book, a business, a painting, a school, a cause, a change of life, a move, a CD, an invention, or whatever.

Most of us have "day jobs" and are dealing, all too often, with the density of the material plane. At the same time, there is something deep within us that wants to EXPRESS the ineffable or manifest a deep calling from our muse. That's why I started my little FB group. It's free. And most of the time, what I post will take you less than a minute to imbibe. Spread the word. The more, the merrier...

The Facebook Group
Digital Art: EvelynePouget

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February 09, 2017
Heart of the Matter's Top Ten Posts

Thanks skywrite2.jpg

The Heart of the Matter blog began nine years ago in January, 2008. Since that time, the 1,817 postings on the site have been viewed a total of 1,390,444 times. What follows are the ten most popular postings since the blog was first launched.

1. We Were Made for These Times
2. On Being an Instrument of Peace
3. Prem Rawat: Miami Beach, 4/9/16
4. Dance!
5. When the Rain Begins
6. Prem Rawat in Johannesburg
7. Excerpts from Asheville
8. Prem Rawat: Amaroo, 9/10/15
9. Prem Rawat in 24 Minutes
10. You Are the Water

PS: Subscribing to the blog is easy. Just enter your email address in the space provided in the sidebar, then click "subscribe." Immediately after, you will receive a verification email. (If you don't get it, check your spam folder). Once you click the verification email, you will begin receiving alerts, to your inbox, whenever something new is posted on the blog.


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February 07, 2017
A Website That Is Timeless


There are approximately one billion websites in the world, servicing the virtual needs of 3.6 billion people -- an astounding 40% of the earth's population. Given the fact that the average human being spends about three hours online, daily, human beings are living in cyberspace for an astounding 10.8 billion hours every day.

That's a lot of time. True. But time isn't the only game in town. There's also something beyond time. And for want of a better word, let's call that something else the "timeless" -- that which is lasting, ageless, abiding, permanent, unfailing, immortal, unchanging, and everlasting.

Recently I've discovered a website that addresses the essence of this timelessness in a most elegant way -- the appropriately named TimelessToday.


Launched in September 2016, this fresh, new site offers a breath of fresh air (and a healthy dose of inspiration) through the spoken and written word of Prem Rawat. And it does so in a way that avoids the kind of proselytizing and evangelizing that all too often accompanies these kind of high-minded efforts.

Clearly, the people behind the scenes at Timeless Today, a hardworking team of web savvy and multimedia professionals, know a thing or two about the modern-day mindset. Rather than create a one-size-fits-all website, they've created an online experience that offers something for everyone -- no matter what their religion, philosophy, or attention span: everything from two-minute audio teasers to in-depth 80-minute videos.

Though still in its start up phase, Timeless Today is already seeing results. To date, it has hosted more than 133,000 web sessions for people in 140 countries and continues, in it's uniquely upbeat way, to provide a variety of free, pay-to-download, pay-to-stream, audio, and video.

What does the future hold for the website whose mission is to reach all 7.5 billion people on planet Earth with a message of hope, peace, and humanity? No one really knows, but if you ask the TimelessToday team, you can expect the following:

- More free content on the website and Facebook page
- New and different themes
- A YouTube channel of free content
- The TT crew following Prem Rawat around the world and providing footage that will be made available in a variety of formats: streaming video and audio, and downloads from his interviews, conversations, and live addresses.

A Quick Tour of TimelessToday

About Prem Rawat
About TimelessToday
New Releases
Streaming Video
Focused Listening (audio books)
Splitting the Arrow (book)
Full Catalog of Products
Crowd funding Campaign

Want to help TimelessToday make its mark? Here's how:

- Join the mailing list
- Stay up-to-date with it's latest releases
- Purchase video, audio, and articles
- Participate in its crowd funding campaign
- Like it on Facebook
- Share posts on Facebook
- Recommend it to your friends

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February 02, 2017
My Open Letter to Donald Trump Published in the Huffington Post


My open letter to Donald Trump has just been published in the Huffington Post -- my attempt to light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. PLEASE NOTE: I can usually tell when Heart of the Matter subscribers are going to unsubscribe. This is likely one of those times for at least a few of you -- especially those who think politics is not a topic for this blog of the heart. If so, thanks for your support up until this very moment. But if you are the least bit curious about WHY I would write a letter to the new President of the United States and why I would post it here, click the link above.

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September 20, 2012
Celebrate International Peace Day with the Florida Peace Initiative

To celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace, on September 21st, the Florida Peace Initiative will present the Necessity of Peace Global Webcast -- 24 hours of uplifting, streaming video.

A wide variety of peace programming, showcasing diverse perspectives, will be shown, including Prem Rawat's unique message of peace.

STARTS: Thursday, 9/20, EDT (Miami, FL) and Friday, 9/21, 12:00 AM, Auckland, New Zealand

ENDS: Saturday, Sept 22 at 6:00 am EDT (Miami, FL) and Saturday, Sept 22, 12:00 am (Honolulu, Hawaii)

The Livestream webcast will be available on the FPI website.


The Florida Peace Initiative is a voluntary association of people working together to increase awareness of the innate capacity for peace that all human beings have.

Their goal:

1. To intensify focus on the necessity of peace

2. To engage university audiences in a meaningful exploration of peace

3. To create an ongoing impact on local and international peace initiatives

More info

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July 14, 2012
Texas Prisoners Find Inner Peace


Here's an extraordinary fact: There are more people living in US jails than live in the entire state of New Mexico.

Based on the latest data, the combined inmate population of correctional facilities in the United States is currently about 2.35 million.

The cost to the US Government? $74 billion dollars. That's $30,600 per prisoner. Those are staggering numbers. But even more staggering are the recidivism rates. 60% of all prisoners released from jail eventually return.

Clearly, the prison system is broken -- not just in this country, but in the world. Attempts at rehabilitation -- and there have been many -- have simply not worked. Until recently.

The Prem Rawat Foundation's (TPRF) Peace Education Program, now being piloted in Texas' Dominguez State Prison, is getting extraordinary results. Here is the story (be sure to watch the video).


More about the program in Spanish.
More about the Peace Education Program
Inmate expressions
Letters from Prison officials
Recent PEP news
Words of Peace Global


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February 09, 2012
Letter from an Inner Mate



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February 02, 2012
Good News from a Texas Jail



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January 24, 2012
Prem Rawat in Long Beach, 1/29


Long Beach, California, located 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, is the 36th largest city in the US and the 7th largest in California -- with a population of 465,000.

On Sunday, January 29th, its population will increase by another 2,000 or so -- at least for the evening -- as people from far and wide will be flocking to the Long Beach Convention Center, at 6:00 pm, for an inspired presentation by Prem Rawat, widely known as "Maharaji". Admission is free, but if you want to attend, please click here to request an invitation. The event is open to everyone.

Short video clips of Prem Rawat
Longer videos of Prem Rawat

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January 17, 2012
Introducing the Premium Channel!

large_Hollywood Movie Premiere.jpg

Words of Peace Global
has just launched an exciting, new service -- the Premium Channel, which will make Prem Rawat's most recent talks available online within two weeks of his public presentations.

Premium Channel broadcasts will be high quality, full length, and available every Friday night (give or take a few). This new feature is a departure from previous WOPG "Lifestreams", insofar as the Premium Channel will be pay-per-view. will continue offering lots of videos, online, for free.

More info about it here.
Watch the premiere

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December 02, 2011
European Parliament Welcomes Back Ambassador of Peace


Against a backdrop of international uncertainty, including riots in many European cities, government change and continued unrest in the Middle East, an audience of institutional representatives and members of the European Parliament joined academics and business people from more than 25 countries to explore the most pressing issues facing Europe and the world today: peace and well-being.

Prem Rawat was the keynote speaker.

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June 02, 2011
Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make


Inmates in correctional facilities around the world are listening to Prem Rawat's message of peace... and responding in extraordinary ways. Like this, for example, from a prisoner in Texas:

"Thank you for providing a perspective that has given my life significance, meaning, and most of all, peace applied directly to the wounds of my life that personally, privately, and powerfully give me the direction I longed for."


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January 22, 2011
A Sign of the Times


I've been doing some fascinating research lately on the origins of common objects in our lives -- things we see daily, but often take for granted.

Like the Stop Sign, for example.

Most people think the Stop Sign was created to regulate traffic. Not true.

According to Dr. Ellison Burke of the Global Institute for Cross-Cultural Studies, the origin of the Stop Sign has nothing to do with traffic -- and dates back several thousand years.

Historical references to the Stop Sign have been noted in more than 27 civilizations, most notably Babylonia, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Crete, Rome, and the Han Dynasty.


According to social scientists, each of these civilizations experienced one or more periods of rapid growth now referred to in the literature as "Societal Acceleration Syndrome" -- the way in which daily transactions speed up in proportion to a civilization's escalating Gross National Product.

In other words, speed has become one of the most statistically predicable indicators of a civilization's development and, as I will get to later in this posting, eventual decline.

My research doesn't end here, however.

In each of the above-mentioned civilizations, there have always been a small, but vocal, group of citizens who -- concerned about the quickening pace of daily life -- have warned about this phenomenon.


Indeed, a joint longitudinal study conducted by the American Archeological Institute and the Asian Society for World Growth, has revealed that this "small, but highly committed group of citizens" has made repeated efforts to diffuse their respective society's "escalating addiction to velocity."

In Sumeria, for example, a fringe group of philosophers and poets routinely posted "Styopsian" signs at strategic intersections throughout the country -- not to stop traffic, but to stop unnecessary "mind movement."

Their effort resonated with the citizenry and eventually led to the widespread appearance of what modern day sociologists now refer to as "stop signs" -- in urban centers, small villages, cattle crossings, universities, and even cornfields.

One of the most curious facts I've unearthed in my research is this: For the past 2,000 years, Stop Signs, regardless of the country of origin, have always been octogonal.

Apparently, each side of this iconic 8-sided, cross-cultural symbol of hoped-for stillness, has been imbued with a secret teaching of great import:

oak lawn stop sign.jpg

1. Slow down
2. Pay attention
3. Look around
4. Pause
5. Look within
6. Breathe deeply
7. Appreciate
8. Move consciously

And so... the next time you see a Stop Sign, you may want to remember that you are in the act of receiving a very ancient message -- one that preceded Starbucks, Twitter, YouTube, MTV, and email by thousands of years.

Next week... the YIELD SIGN.

ED NOTE: It has recently come to my attention that some readers of this blog have questioned my research methods and the veracity of my findings. A quick Google search of "Dr. Ellison Burke" and the "Global Institute for Cross-Cultural Studies," they claim, reveals not a single link. Frankly, I am baffled by their assertions and have assigned five of my brightest research assistants to get to the bottom of this immediately. In the meantime, you may want to contemplate the semi-ancient words of modern day social scientists, Simon and Garfunkel:

"Slow down, you're moving too fast. Ya gotta make the morning last..."

PS: Here's what helps me slow down, pay attention, look around, pause, look within, breathe deeply, appreciate, and move consciously.

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July 28, 2010
Who's a Turkey?


OK. Here I am in Istanbul.

Wow. Fabulous. Inspiring -- even if it seems like every Turkish word was created by someone who threw all the letters of the alphabet into a silk bag, shook, smoked, then randomly pulled out a few too many and gave them a definition.

Before I got here, Yoram Weiss suggested I check out the music of Omar Faruk Tekbilek -- a legendary Turkish master musician -- but as fate would have it, Omar is part of the Creative Music Studio (the group that invited me) and I will get to meet him in a few days. Talk about synchronicity!

While walking through Istanbul, levitating on two Turkish beers and thinking about nothing, the following made its way to me or vice versa.


Yes, you are the ocean --
there is no doubt about that.
Great waves within you, born before words,
are rising and falling.

But remember this:
you are also the undertow.

Something at the core of your being
is taking you far out to sea,
far beyond the sight of even those
who lovingly wait for your return.

Do not concern yourself with this, my friend.
Do not worry.
You are not drowning
when the water is over your head.
You are only immersed.


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July 27, 2010
The Heart of the Matter Is Now Available on Kindle


Guess what? The Heart of the Matter is now available on Kindle. Cool. Very.

If you find this blog inspiring or useful in any way and want to help me spread the word, please take a few minutes to write a review for Kindle readers.

Your review may be just the thing to attract someone who would find The Heart of the Matter no other way.

And you don't have to be a Kindle owner to write a review. Just a human being.

Here's my other blog on Kindle.

Oh, and here's what Wikipedia says about artistic inspiration, just in case you decide NOT to write a review. "So it shouldn't be a total loss," as my mother would have said.

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July 05, 2010
TPRF Launches New Website


If you are interested in the work of Prem Rawat (aka Maharaji), you would be well served to check out the Grand Opening of his foundation's new website. includes the latest news about Prem Rawat's travels, as well as links to inspiring webcasts, publications, and updates on the Foundation's humanitarian aid projects.

Just posted is a news flash about Prem Rawat's three recent European events, including a conference on peace that took place in Brussels, Belgium, at the European Parliament.

There's also a compelling video called "Flame of Hope" which chronicles the first four year's of TPRF's very successful Food for People program in Nepal and India.

More about Prem Rawat

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April 30, 2010
Maharaji in Jaipur


Maharaji (aka Prem Rawat) spoke to 14,000 people in Jaipur, India on April 15th. Here is a link to the article on the Words of Peace Global website. It's happening, folks.

Photo: Priyanka Mast

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October 17, 2009
Clean Machine

With this blog posting, I am pleased to announce a totally new, high tech, environmentally friendly, productivity-enhancing service.

Based on the surprising results of a survey I conducted with 3,500 people, an astounding 87% of all laptop owners never clean their screen.

I've been working overtime to bring this new product to market and now, I am thrilled to say, it is done -- a unique, low carbon footprint, screen-cleaning service. No sprays. No static-free cloth. No muss. No fuss. And absolutely FREE to all the the faithful readers of this blog. Enjoy!

Clean your screen

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June 08, 2009
Words of Peace launched!


This just in! A beautiful new website,, featuring the message of Prem Rawat (aka Maharaji) has just been launched.

Elegantly designed, easy to navigate, the site has something for everyone: excerpts of his talks set to music, webcasts, Words of Peace TV listings, photos, news reports, downloads (video, audio, music, print), updates on humanitarian initiatives, poetry, interviews, info about The Keys, and a very cool photo gallery of people who've attended Maharaji's events.

There's also a great feedback feature that allows you to offer suggestions about the site and/or vote on other people's suggestions.

Here's how the site describes Prem Rawat...

Prem Rawat is a man of singular vision and clarity. He is a teacher with a core message: the peace people are looking for is already within.

He has dedicated his life to the dissemination of this message and has spoken in person to millions of people on six continents.

His words are translated into many languages and are now accessible in most countries via TV broadcasts and video, in print and online.

Whatever the language or the medium, the message remains the same: there is a very practical way of getting in touch with the peace that already exists within each person, and world peace begins with individual peace.

Words of Peace Global

Sample of downloadable pdfs:
Download file

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May 20, 2009

(Excerpts of Maharaji's talk, as recalled by two World Wide News Reporters.)

"In Australia, sometimes on the land, the Milky Way is very visible at night. Looking at this vastness, one could feel very insignificant; all those questions come rolling in about how small you are in comparison to these galaxies."

"Even the Earth, itself, is tucked away in some small corner of space, way outside the Milky Way, and billions of stars and galaxies."

"You, though, are not small. No, no, you are a part of this creation... and to feel how connected you are to all of life and how that light is not bound by form, but suffuses throughout, connecting to the energy that is at the heart of all existence."

Read the complete World Wide News report Download file

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May 16, 2009
Maharaji in Auckland, New Zealand

This just in. Hot off the virtual press. Coverage of Maharaji's May 9th event in Auckland, brought to you by the newly launched World Wide News Pool. Download file

A few excerpts from Maharaji's talk:

"What if we bypassed all fear, all excuses, and fully accepted that power in our life? What would happen if we did that?"

"Do you have real passion in your life? If you don't, you are missing something. Longing cannot just be a 'hood ornament.' It has to be real. It has to be deeply felt and permeate right through you. This longing... is the magic... the beautiful dance of the quenching of the thirst."

To subscribe:
Heart of the Matter poll

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September 11, 2008
What You've Liked So Far...

Since the launching of this blog on April 1, 2008, I've posted 168 items that have been viewed thousands of times. Of these, ten have risen to the top as the most viewed. Here they are:

1. When You Walk Into the Room

2. Maharaji in Albany, NY

3. Six Pack of Kabir

4. Home Base

5. Off the Coast of Love

6. Radiant Being of Light

7. This Thirst

8. Make Each Day Count

9. Remember This Feeling?

10. Someone to Call

If you have other favorite postings or would like me to address specific topics not yet addressed in this blog, please let me know. Your feedback helps. Thanks!

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August 01, 2008
NEWS: Maharaji's Broadcast to One Million People in India, Nepal, and Mauritius: 7/31/08


Thanks to Dagmar Zierer, Cath Carroll, Jan Buchalter, and others for forwarding their recollections and impressions of the Derby, UK broadcast.

On July 31, from The Assembly Room in Derby, England, a broadcast of an event with Maharaji went live to more than one million people in India, Nepal and Mauritius in 4,000 centers and countless other locations.

Having completed his recent European tour of Madrid, Ljubljana, Glasgow, Birmingham, Warsaw, Corleone, Palermo, Gothenberg, Barcelona, Belfast, Berlin, Calpe, Bilbao, Torquay, Hinkley, Leicester and Tel Aviv, Maharaji was responding to an invitation for a broadcast event from people in India -- and beyond -- who hadn't yet seen him this year.

Before a local audience of about 1,200 people, mostly from Derby's Hindi speaking community, Maharaji spoke on a number of topics, including the role of the Master, recognition, and Knowledge.

The broadcast was recorded and will soon be available to Hindi speaking communities.

During his talk, Maharaji noted that when he goes to India later this year, events will be done in a different way -- something even more enjoyable than in the past:

"All I want is for you to experience the joy of Knowledge in your life," he said. "Events are not a social thing. Even if you lived on a desert island and experienced this, I would be happy. These are not just empty words. What I say, I back up. I can take you to a place within."

What follows are a selection of additional excerpts from the Derby broadcast. These excerpts are not verbatim, but are the paraphrased recollections of a few people who attended the event. Enjoy!

"That which can bring light in your darkened life is the Master --
the one who takes you out of unrest and brings you to peace."

"As soon as you get up in the morning, you remember that which preoccupies you -- be it your worries or your problems. If you worship your problems, they will increase. Instead, if you want to worry, worry about remembrance. 'May I have time today so I can practice'. But if you are really going to worship, this can only happen through the heart."

"The coming and going of my breath is my blessing."

"The true Master connects you with the inner feeling. If illusion is your Master, then the opposite happens. The consequences of devotion to the mind is a multitude of reasons which you end up using to justify any action."

"Whatever the Master says, the student should listen. Truth resides in the heart. If you want to be saved from the age of darkness, go within."

"The Master knows what you are looking for. The Master brings light into your darkened life. We have made the mind our made-up guru. Mind will have you look for God or peace everywhere -- except in the place where it is. Our nature is to get stuck in the mind, which promises joy, but never fulfills."

"The Master is the one who doesn't mind reminding you again and again. The Master reminds you to go towards your heart."

"The Master can only be recognized by one thing: not by his face, not by his physical appearance, but by what he gives: Knowledge.
This is a living Knowledge -- not bound by culture or anything at all."

"The Master sees a human being as a human being -- nothing else. The Master gives us Knowledge of the self."

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