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September 16, 2018
Amaroo Press Coverage


Nice press coverage of Prem Rawat's recent five-day Amaroo event in Australia.

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March 27, 2018
What Do You Practice?


The Pleasanton Express, a Texas newspaper just quoted Prem Rawat -- an inspiring quote about the power of practice.


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January 11, 2017
In the Beginning Was the Word (and then the Huffington Post)

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You may not know this, but during the last few years, the author of this blog has published seven articles in the Huffington Post about Prem Rawat, his books, and his message of peace. If you, perchance, missed any of these, all you need to do is click and read. Enjoy!

Splitting the Arrow
Here Comes the International Day of Peace
The Power of This Moment
Jeremy Gilley and Prem Rawat on Peace
It's Time to Speak Your Peace
How to Go Beyond Self-Improvement
Take a Look at the Box You Want to Get Out Of

More about Prem's message of peace here

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January 27, 2014
NO ORDINARY BOX: 12 Excerpts

Here is a colorful slide show of 12 excerpts from Prem Rawat's new book, NO ORDINARY BOX. Enjoy!

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November 07, 2013
The Huffington Post Meets the Heart of the Matter


What follows are ten links to articles of mine from the Huffington Post. #1 and #6 are very much related to the work of Prem Rawat. The rest are on a variety of topics -- some humor, some on other topics of interest to me.

1. Jeremy Gilley and Prem Rawat

2. The Syndrome Syndrome

3. I'm From Woodstock. Yes I Am!

4. The Kindness at Work Manifesto

5. The 27 Best Practices of Volunteer Organizations

6. How to Go Beyond Self Improvement

7. Why You Need to Ask Why

8. The Afghani Cab Driver

9. How 13-Year Old Girls Can Wipe Out Terrorism

10. Excerpts from Full Moon at Sunrise

About Prem Rawat

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October 27, 2013
Four Excerpts from Long Beach

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Words of Peace Global

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September 28, 2013
Prem Rawat and Jeremy Gilley Video Now in the Huffington Post


Click here for the newly published article, in the Huffington Post, about the inspired work of peace activist, Jeremy Gilley, and the 28-minute video of his revealing conversation with Prem Rawat about peace, life, anger, and what it really means to be a human being.

Words of Peace
Peace One Day

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