The Heart of the Matter
December 31, 2011
Don't Go Without, Go Within!


The Keys

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December 27, 2011
What Lens Are You Looking Through?

Thanks to Mac Knowles for the heads up.

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December 26, 2011
A World of Peace Inside


The Keys

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December 25, 2011
Merry i-Christmas!

A light-hearted Christmas story

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December 21, 2011
You Are the Music



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December 17, 2011
It's All Within



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December 16, 2011
Virtual PeaceCards, Real People


Tis the season to let people know
you love them,
or at least like them,
or if not like them,
then at least let them know
you're thinking about them.
We're talking free, baby.
Real love (or like)
communicated virtually,
Send a peacecard today.
See what happens.
Or doesn't happen.
One thing is for sure:
we all need to express our love
a lot more than we do.
Shower the people you love with love,
as James Taylor reminds us.


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December 10, 2011
Singing For Someone Else's Supper


Here's a beautiful song
by Dani and Daya --
an inspired effort
to raise funds
to support TPRF's
Food for People program.
And spread the word.


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December 09, 2011
It's Really Very Simple



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December 08, 2011
The Purpose of Life


Here's a clue

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Questions and Answers with Maharaji

Informative Q&A video of Maharaji (aka Prem Rawat) talking with Indian engineering students. (In Hindi with English subtitles).


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December 06, 2011
Just in Case You're Interested


For those of you are intrigued by Prem Rawat's message, I'd like to direct your attention to some resources that will give you more of a sense of what it's all about. In a time when too many people are down, deflated, and depressed, this man is showing a simple way to access what's real, joyful, and timeless within the human heart.


Words of Peace Global
Special videos
The Keys
Event videos
Mobile apps
Recent news
On the road
TV schedule
How to volunteer
Introductory cards
Become a sponsor
Online store

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December 02, 2011
Tis the Season to Be Giving


The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has just launched its 10th Anniversary Holiday Campaign in an inspired effort to create more grass roots support for its much needed humanitarian endeavors such as Food for People, the Peace Education Program, and various forms of humanitarian aid. The goal of the Holiday Campaign is a simple one: 100 new donors contributing $10 (or more) per month.


Think about it. That's two capuccinos... or one night at the movies -- not much of a sacrifice, but more than enough to help support people in dire need.

More about TPRF
Want to give?

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European Parliament Welcomes Back Ambassador of Peace


Against a backdrop of international uncertainty, including riots in many European cities, government change and continued unrest in the Middle East, an audience of institutional representatives and members of the European Parliament joined academics and business people from more than 25 countries to explore the most pressing issues facing Europe and the world today: peace and well-being.

Prem Rawat was the keynote speaker.

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December 01, 2011
I This, I That


You may have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTouch, but do you know who (or what) the "I" really is -- the essence at the center of your life without which you wouldn't be alive to own all this cool technology delivering content at warp speed? Are YOU content? Do you have a way to make the shift from the Information Age to the Golden Age without waiting to be reborn in some imagined future century when life on planet Earth (you think) will be way more evolved than now?

Simply put, it matters far less what apps are on your iPhone than what love is in your heart. At least that's what "I" think. Speaking of which, Rene Descartes had it backwards. It's not "I think therefore I am." It's "I am, therefore I think."

Discover the "I"

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