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March 29, 2014
WOPG's Media Sponsorship Campaign


Find out what goes on behind the scenes when Words of Peace Global (WOPG) creates the many videos it produces to support the message of Prem Rawat -- videos seen at events around the world, videos of his events made available online, and Words of Peace TV episodes. This inside look at WOPG's inspired media production efforts is part of a newly launched campaign to raise the funds necessary to continue this important work. Please give what you can.

Words of Peace Global

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March 28, 2014
Do You Have the Eyes to See?

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March 24, 2014
Barry Ollman's New CD. Wow!

All I can say is WOW! Barry Ollman's new CD, "What'll It Be?" is absolutely fantastic. Compelling lyrics, wonderful melodies, voice like warm honey, and a feeling that makes me want to hug Barry and everyone he knows. Barry's music is a treasure and a half. PS: Graham Nash sings harmonies on Imogen's Lament.

Barry's website

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March 22, 2014
What We Can Learn from Starlings

In what ways can you stay more in sync with whatever "flocks" you are a part of?

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March 19, 2014
It's Right Under Your Nose

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March 18, 2014
Seeing Eye to Eye


Is there anyone on your team you are not seeing eye-to-eye with? And if so, what can you do tomorrow to get on the same page?

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March 17, 2014
We're All in This Together


If you are a member of a team, what do you think the missing piece is -- and what can you do, this week, to deal with it?

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How to Spark Wisdom in the Workplace

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Dear Heart of the Matter Readers:

If you have received any value from this blog and would be interested in supporting my next, big transformational writing project -- now launched as a GoFundMe campaign -- click here for a 3-minute video of me describing it and a brief written description of what the whole thing is about -- a venture which includes the writing, publication, and promotion of a new book, Wisdom at Work, along with the launching of WISDOM CIRCLES in organizations and communities around the world.

Whatever support you can provide is very much appreciated. In exchange for your support, I will be happy to send you the book when it is published, in December. Plus, there are many other ways in which you can support this project and other rewards available to you.

Mitch Ditkoff's GoFundMe campaign

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March 12, 2014
Baby, Oh Baby!


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March 11, 2014
This Longing, This Ache

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March 09, 2014
The Divine is Touching Us Both

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Words of Peace Global

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March 04, 2014
My Name is Wallie Reschman, #1813248


My name is Wallie Reschman #1813248. I am currently serving an 8-year prison sentence in The Texas Department Of Criminal Justice and I am housed at The Dominguez State Jail/TDCJ Transfer Unit.

Recently, I was asked by one of the volunteers of The Inner Peace Class that I have been faithfully attending for six months to write a few words on what I have gotten out of the class. So here is a little bit on my personal experience and what I would say to Mr. Prem Rawat if given the chance to meet and greet him in person.

For those who don't know much about Prem Rawat -- he is a motivational speaker with a message of PEACE. He has traveled the world for four decades, inspiring people to find peace within themselves and also provides humanitarian relief around the world.

In the time that I have attended the Inner Peace class I have received the message of peace and really absorbed it. Every time I watch a video of him speaking, the message becomes clearer and I always find something new that I can do to apply it to myself and my everyday life.


This program has helped me find that special gift that we all have inside of us, that we were born with, but somehow have lost or just put away on the back burner because we got so wrapped up with what we believe is a better way of living.

It's like Prem Rawat points out in his message -- we cannot simply believe, we have to know. We don't have to search very far because all we need is to be clear, to be content, and to be at PEACE within us. It's in our hearts!

I have learned how to live my life in a very different way. Despite my current incarceration, I can do this. I can handle many situations differently, in a more positive way.

What I feel and what I know now is so wonderful. It sometimes feels like there are no worries in the world. It's a feeling that's priceless to me and no one can take that away from me, nor will I ever lose it or misplace it again.

Our breath is the #1 blessing anyone can have. But to have clarity on what LIFE and PEACE are all about and having the proper knowledge, well, that, in itself, is a blessing. too!

Mr. Prem Rawat, if you are reading this, you remind us of something that we already have inside of us that is great. For myself, and I know, for the others in the class, it has been and it is a life changing experience.

We all need someone in our life to open our eyes one time or another and for me, Sir, this is my time.


I wish I could have heard your message years ago. Maybe it would have steered me in a different direction. But it's OK, because it's never too late and if it has to be from in here to learn what I have from your message, so be it. Just knowing that I now have peace, contentment, and clarity makes me special in my own unique way.

I would like to end with two simple words for you Mr. Rawat -- simple just like your message, and that is THANK YOU!!!

PS: And thank you Roberto and Chantal Piriz who bring the message of Peace twice a week to us here at The Dominguez Unit. If anyone would like to keep in touch with me and know more about my experience and progress or share yours, please feel free to write:

Dominguez Unit D1-40
Wallie Reschman # 1813248
6535 Cagnon Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78252

VIDEO: Peace on the Inside

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