The Heart of the Matter
December 30, 2020
It's a Real Love

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December 20, 2020
Even In Your Darkest Hour

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December 12, 2020
The Plane Truth


Every once in a while, something Prem Rawat says penetrates me to the core of my being -- a kind of radioactive isotope planted in me that continues radiating from the inside out for the rest of my life. Sometimes it's a metaphor, sometimes an image, and sometimes just a sentence or two.

Here's an example:

Some years ago, he was speaking about the "effort" human beings often make -- actions that may look good to an outside observer, but have no real impact. Indeed, not only does the action have no impact, it is often WASTED effort.. SILLY EFFORT... or IMPATIENT effort... (and here I paraphrase)... "like being on a jet plane traveling at 650 mph, but running up and down the aisles trying to get there faster."

Nailed me! One of the stories of my life.

In fact, in some ways, what he said might be the best description of how I have run my business for the past 30 years. So much effort made. So many tasks done. So many TO DO lists generated. So much movement... but much of it uninformed, reactive, or just plain nervous energy... wanting to do SOMETHING to get a result, but way too much running up and down the aisles trying to get there faster.

This is not to say, of course, that NO effort is the solution -- merely that a DIFFERENT kind of effort is required -- the diamond cutter's stroke, not the sledgehammer from Mars.

These days, in semi-quarantine mode, having sold my house and unplugged a lot from the aisle-running momentum of my life, I am seeing, more than ever, the deep wisdom embedded in Prem's metaphor. I am also seeing that it is possible NOT to be at the mercy of that hyperactive phenomenon and that, indeed, not only is LESS MORE, but doing nothing is sometimes the best thing one can do.

"Let it Be" sang the Beatles.

Or, as the muy fabuloso Lao Tzu once said, "The foolish man is always doing, yet much remains to be done. The wise man does nothing, yet nothing remains undone."
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How Many Days in a Life?

This is a wonderful video -- entertaining, informative, and inspiring -- about change, mortality, and the preciousness of life. Great use of motion graphics to deliver a powerful message.

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