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October 31, 2018
Find New Blessings!

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October 28, 2018
Words to the Wise

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Click here if you breathe
Click here if you know someone who breathes
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October 25, 2018
Right Now

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October 16, 2018
Perceived Reality vs. Real Reality

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October 12, 2018
The Upturn Is Upon Us!

Words of Peace Global
The Prem Rawat Foundation

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October 11, 2018
THE WRITE STUFF (and you!)

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Greetings! Mitch Ditkoff, here -- author of Heart of the Matter for the past ten years. If you have been enjoying this blog and any other writing of mine, I invite you to consider contributing to my newly launched GoFundMe campaign -- my grassroots effort to create the support I need to write, edit, publish, and promote my next book. For me, at this time of my life, I am doing everything I can to create the time and space I need to write -- while taking care of my "day job" and other worldly responsibilities. Your contribution to my campaign will help me on my way. Yes, it will. Thank you, in advance, for whatever support you can provide. Click here for more info.

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October 08, 2018


There is something within each and everyone of us that is timeless, universal, and divine -- a call from the great Beyond that is paradoxically fully present at the same time.

This something has been called by many names since language first began, but it does not need a name in order to exist. Indeed, it existed long before words, a naturally occurring primal force. Like gravity. Or cross-pollination. Or the way rivers run to the sea. This pre-existing force -- tidal, volcanic, and completely uncontainable -- is the raw energy inside a human being that activates the ancient quest for that which is truly worthy of questing. And because the full expression of this seemingly unquenchable energy can be profoundly uncomfortable and crazy-making, most of us find a thousand ways to mask or distract it, unwilling to endure the recognition that what it is we truly want can never be satisfied by this world. We look for love in all the wrong places, grab at the reflection of the necklace in the water and wonder why the experience our heart is aching for too rarely reveals its radiant face.

For want of a better word, let's call this state of ancient questing THIRST -- a state of being so lucid that no conversation is needed, no philosophy, no ritual, or debate. When you're thirsty, REALLY thirsty, all you want is WATER. That's it. Memories of past water-drinking experiences do not suffice. Nor do beautiful photographs of water or impeccable explanations of its molecular structure.

Only water, itself, will do.

In the so-called "outer world," it is not difficult for a person to quench their thirst -- at least in most countries. A turn of a faucet will usually suffice... or proximity to a water fountain... or the town well.

But the thirst I am talking about is not that easily quenched. The faucet may exist, but not the handle The well may exist, but the bucket is nowhere in sight. Something deep within us, deeper than the shale of our self-invented life, seeks something ELSE -- why wolves howl at the moon, birds sing for no reason, and lovers do not want the morning to come.

These days, I am in this space, squirming, shaking, and feeling massively called to surrender to it and, God willing, write my next book from this place...

I know it's possible.


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October 04, 2018

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