The Heart of the Matter
April 27, 2011
The Curtain Breathes


The curtain breathes and billows high like the skirt of a woman turning away, scorned (she would say) for my being seized by nothing more than air. Released by a breeze even leaves do not bend to, I cannot speak. I have become, unmoving, the breath of my child asleep at the feet of the Lord.

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April 25, 2011
Any Questions?

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April 24, 2011
Dearest Maharaji

Here is an inspiring 7-minute music video that provides some historical footage of Maharaji's appearance on the scene going all the way back to when he was six. The older man featured in the video is his father, Shri Maharaji, who was also his Teacher. Vocals by Daya Rawat, Maharaji's very talented daughter. PS: It's all about love...

Thanks to Rita Rubin Long for the link

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April 14, 2011
It's Never Too Late to Create


I sometimes run into people who tell me that their best creative days are behind them -- that they could have accomplished great things if only they had started sooner and that they are "too old" to take on a big, hairy project.


Think again.

If you have any doubt, click on the link below to get a whiff of what some extraordinary people accomplished late in life.

You may not be a Michelangelo or Stradivarius, but so what? You can still accomplish miracles. All you need to do is begin (and let go of the bogus thought that "it's too late.")

It's not.

1. Grandma Moses started painting when she was 64.

2. Michelangelo designed the dome in St. Peter's Basilica between the ages of 72-88.

3. Stradivarius fashioned his two most famous violins when he was in his early 90's.


4. Mary Baker Eddy established the Christian Science Monitor when she was 87.

5. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum when he was 91.

6. Mahatma Ghandi successfully completed negotiations for Britain to grant India's independence at the age of 77.

7. Golda Meir serviced as Prime Minister of Israel from the ages of 70-76.

8. Peter Drucker wrote "Management Changes for Turbulent Times" when he was 89.

9. P.T. Barnum joined forces with his arch rival, James Baily, when he was 71.


10. Nelson Mandela was inaugerated as the President of South Africa at the age of 75.

11. Noah Webster published "An America Dictionary of the English Language" at the age of 70.

12. Giuseppe Verdi composed his operatic masterpiece, Falstaff, at the age of 80.

13. Pablo Picasso produced a remarkable sereis of 347 etchings at the age of 86.

All examples excerpted from The Creative Age by Gene Cohen. Great book.

Idea Champions
First Breath, Last Breath

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April 12, 2011
Having a Ball

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April 11, 2011
The Power of Words

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The Real Speed of Life

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Prem Rawat
The Keys
wopg blog

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April 08, 2011
A Message of Hope

Four people sent this to me in the past three days. Only now did I watch. Beautiful! Whether you meditate or not, there is a powerful message of love embedded in this video. If you disagree with some of it, so what? Watch the whole thing anyway. Don't bail out. Let the message sink in...

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April 05, 2011
Inspired Quotes of Prem Rawat


"Who are we
waiting for?
We look up
to the sky,
waiting for
the angel
to come down
and fix all of
our problems.
are the angel
that can
fix your problems."

- Prem Rawat
Click & scroll all the way down

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April 04, 2011
George Bernard Shaw on Life


"This is the true
joy in life,
the being used for a purpose
recognized by yourself
as a mighty one;
the being thoroughly
worn out
before you are
thrown on the scrap heap;
the being a force of Nature
instead of a
feverish selfish little clod
of ailments and grievances
that the world will not
devote itself
to making you happy."

- George Bernard Shaw


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April 02, 2011
All Is Well

I woke up this morning, clicked on this link, and found myself crying tears of joy. (I'm not falling apart. I'm falling together.)


Thanks to Peter Whitaker for the heads up.

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