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January 11, 2017
In the Beginning Was the Word (and then the Huffington Post)

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You may not know this, but during the last few years, the author of this blog has published seven articles in the Huffington Post about Prem Rawat, his books, and his message of peace. If you, perchance, missed any of these, all you need to do is click and read. Enjoy!

Splitting the Arrow
Here Comes the International Day of Peace
The Power of This Moment
Jeremy Gilley and Prem Rawat on Peace
It's Time to Speak Your Peace
How to Go Beyond Self-Improvement
Take a Look at the Box You Want to Get Out Of

More about Prem's message of peace here

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April 13, 2014
The SoCal Global Peace Initiative

Very nice 20-minute video, created by the Southern California Global Peace Initiative, to communicate the work (and play) they are doing to communicate the value of Prem Rawat's timeless message of peace.
Words of Peace Global

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March 29, 2014
WOPG's Media Sponsorship Campaign


Find out what goes on behind the scenes when Words of Peace Global (WOPG) creates the many videos it produces to support the message of Prem Rawat -- videos seen at events around the world, videos of his events made available online, and Words of Peace TV episodes. This inside look at WOPG's inspired media production efforts is part of a newly launched campaign to raise the funds necessary to continue this important work. Please give what you can.

Words of Peace Global

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March 31, 2012
Every Event Is Global

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next ones
in South America.

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March 20, 2012
WOPG Links en Espanol


What follows are a selection of links on the Words of Peace Global website for you to consider forwarding to your friends who speak Spanish and may be interested in learning more about Prem Rawat's message of peace. These links would be especially timely for any friends of yours who live in South America -- since Prem Rawat will be speaking, in April, at public events in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.

Si quiere saber mas acerca del mensaje de paz de Prem Rawat, hay muchas maneras de hacerlo en el sitio Web de Palabras de Paz Global.

Simplemente haga "clic" en los links que figuran abajo y que sean de su interes para explorar.

Y si ya sabe que desea solicitar una invitacion para escuchar a Prem Rawat hablar en Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Peru o Ecuador, lo unico que debe hacer es clickear ese link.


EVENTOS CONFIRMADOS EN SUDAMERICA: informacion sobre como solicitar una invitacion a uno de los eventos en los que hablara Prem Rawat en el mes de abril.

ACERCA DE PREM RAWAT: algunas citas de Prem Rawat y una breve biografia de su vida.

PALABRAS DE PAZ GLOBAL: una explicacion de que es "Palabras de Paz Global", y un video corto de Prem Rawat.

VIDEO CLIPS CORTOS: video clips descargables, de 1 a 3 minutos de duracion, de charlas de Prem Rawat.

: audio clips descargables, de 1 a 3 minutos de duracion.

: extractos de las charlas de Prem Rawat, de 15 a 70 minutos de duracion.

PUBLICACIONES: revista "ADI" y otras publicaciones, que pueden ser vistas antes de su publicacion, leidas "online" o compradas.

VIDEOS ESPECIALES: siete videos (y audios) de Prem Rawat manteniendo charlas interactivas con el publico, o hablando en eventos unicos en ambientes especiales.

HORARIOS DE TV DE PALABRAS DE PAZ GLOBAL: un listado de los canales de Latinoamerica en los que se trasmiten los eventos de Palabra de Paz Global.

INTRODUCCION A LAS LLAVES: una descripcion de las Llaves y un video introductorio explicando que son. Dirigido a personas que ya estan familiarizadas con el mensaje de Prem Rawat y desean aprender mas.

TARJETAS DE PAZ: tarjetas digitales que se pueden personalizar y enviar, a modo de invitacion, a todo aquel que desee asistir a uno de los eventos sudamericanos.

: expresiones (en ingles) de personas que han encontrado el valor que contiene el mensaje de paz de Prem Rawat.

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March 15, 2012
Words of Peace Global Links


There are a lot of great resources on the Words of Peace Global website, but not everyone who has visited the site has seen them all.

So, as a public service to the readers of this blog, what follows is a list of links that will take you to some of these pages.

If you are interested in Prem Rawat's message of peace and have a few minutes to poke around, I invite you to click to your heart's content.


CONFIRMED EVENTS: Info about events and how to Request an Invitation.

PEACE CARDS: Digital postcards that can be customized and sent, as invitations, to friends or guests. A creative way to invite someone to an event.

ABOUT PREM RAWAT: A few quotes from Prem Rawat and a brief bio.

ABOUT WORDS OF PEACE GLOBAL: Explanation what WOPG is and a short video of Prem Rawat.

SHORT VIDEO CLIPS: Downloadable 1-3 minute video clips.

Downloadable 1-3 minute audio clips.

LONGER VIDEOS and AUDIOS: 15-70 minute excerpts of Prem Rawat's talks.

The most recent releases of Prem Rawat's talks at public events.

PUBLICATIONS: ADI Magazine and other publications that can be previewed, read online, or ordered and given to guests.

SPECIAL VIDEOS: Seven videos (and audios) of Prem Rawat hosting interactive sessions with the public or speaking at one-of-a-kind talks in unique settings.

WOPG TV SCHEDULE: A list of TV stations showing Words of Peace Global TV shows.

A description of the Keys and an introductory video about what they are. Intended for people who have already been introduced to Prem Rawat's message and are interested in pursuing it.

HOW TO VOLUNTEER: If you want to pitch in and help, there are plenty of opportunities. Find out here.

THE BLOG: Expressions from people who have found value in Prem Rawat's message of peace.

THE E-STORE: Goodies you can buy.

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January 24, 2012
Prem Rawat in Long Beach, 1/29


Long Beach, California, located 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, is the 36th largest city in the US and the 7th largest in California -- with a population of 465,000.

On Sunday, January 29th, its population will increase by another 2,000 or so -- at least for the evening -- as people from far and wide will be flocking to the Long Beach Convention Center, at 6:00 pm, for an inspired presentation by Prem Rawat, widely known as "Maharaji". Admission is free, but if you want to attend, please click here to request an invitation. The event is open to everyone.

Short video clips of Prem Rawat
Longer videos of Prem Rawat

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January 17, 2012
Introducing the Premium Channel!

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Words of Peace Global
has just launched an exciting, new service -- the Premium Channel, which will make Prem Rawat's most recent talks available online within two weeks of his public presentations.

Premium Channel broadcasts will be high quality, full length, and available every Friday night (give or take a few). This new feature is a departure from previous WOPG "Lifestreams", insofar as the Premium Channel will be pay-per-view. will continue offering lots of videos, online, for free.

More info about it here.
Watch the premiere

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September 11, 2011
Free At Last


Here is a very inspiring article
by a prisoner in the
Dominguez State Jail
in San Antonio, Texas --
a man whose life
completely changed
the day he heard about
Prem Rawat. Now he is free.


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August 04, 2011
WOPG Launches its Online Store


Words of Peace Global (WOPG) has just launched its online store -- a simple way to download music, videos, documentaries, WOPG TV episodes, and other goodies that delight.

Here's how WOPG describes its new venture:

"Before now it was nearly impossible to find those special, one-of-a-kind videos that were shown before Maharaji took the stage. Music would be released only to fall into obscurity... if you even heard about it in the first place. And you could only watch Words of Peace TV episodes at the times listed in your local TV schedule.

No longer. With the opening of the WOPG Online Store, you can find all of these materials and many more -- some of which have never been seen in any other context."


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