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October 24, 2022
What People Are Saying About "Unspoken Word" Performances

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On October 22 at the Arts Society of Kingston (ASK), Steve Gorn, Barbara Bash and Mitch Ditkoff performed an alchemical mix of evocative poetry, inspired music and in-the-moment art-making -- all under the creative direction of Wiley Basho Gorn.

The premise of the show was a simple, yet universal one:

There is an aching deep inside of each and everyone of us for the Divine -- a calling to experience and express the very best of what it means to be a human being -- especially during these challenging times.

Hope is needed. Love is needed. Inspiration is needed, as well as the ability to adapt and adjust to the ever-changing play of life.

The spoken word for the evening was selected from Mitch Ditkoff's recently published book of poetry, Unspoken Word. The music (bansuri flute, clarinet, and gongs) provided the perfect soundscape to establish a deep listening mode. And the spontaneous image-making provided evocative visuals to give shape to whatever was emerging in the moment.

What follows are a sampling of comments from attendees:

"I experienced last night's "Unspoken Word" performance as luminous. I came away from the event with a part of myself shining bright. Perhaps it was my soul. Poetry can deliver a book's worth of insight in a few lines. Your words expressed in a beautiful, concise way, the essence of the human experience." - Ellen Goldberg

"Unique, warm, meaningful, positive, powerful and providing peace of mind. What more can you ask for from a night out!" - Paul Solis Cohen

"What a unique event! The wisdom in the poetry was timeless. The poems were alive -- sometimes with humor, sometimes pensive, but always thought provoking. It refreshed my soul to hear the spoken word, carried into my ears by Steve Gorn's magical music. And Barbara Bash! I loved how she hesitated and became thoughtful before she put the brush to paper. She was a real conduit and meant every stroke. Thanks for a great evening!" - Maria DeFranco

"What a lovely evening. It was a fine performance. I enjoyed the combination of art, music and the moving and lyrical poetry. Good Vibes during these troubled times!" - Dick Goldman

"Thank you dear Mitch Barbara and Steve for the wonderful evening of poetry, music and art. A true blessing of love and closeness especially in this time of strife." - Eldad Benary

"The presentation of three artists supporting each other at the same time was extremely creative." - Maxine Hirsch

More about the performers:

Mitch Ditkoff ("Unspoken Word")
Barbara Bash
Steve Gorn

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Upcoming shows:

Arts Society of Kingston (Spring, 2024 date TBD)
Temple Israel of Catskill (Winter, 2024, date TBD

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October 09, 2022
How to Listen to the Beloved


Excerpted from Full Moon at Sunrise

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October 05, 2022
So You Want to Be a Writer?

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