Unspoken Word
December 14, 2021

FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, HERE IS A METAPHOR for how I am experiencing life these days:

I'm sitting at a poker table with some high rollers. They are all very skillful players and have a lot of chips. I bet. They raise me. I bet again, wondering if my hand is good enough or if it's time to bluff or drop out. I am watching their eyes, looking for "tells". They are watching my eyes looking for tells.

One of the players at the table is MASTERFUL at the game. His demeanor never changes whether he wins or loses, though he always seems to have the biggest stack of chips. I can't tell if I am "over my head" or not. Nor can I tell if it matters whether or not I win or lose.

Somehow, I keep getting the feeling that it's all about how I play the game and if I'm enjoying the experience.

And no matter how much I bet, I've got to be "all in" all the time.

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October 27, 2018
What I Have Understood



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What I Have Understood



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July 05, 2018
Storytelling for the Revolution


Here's a different kind of poetry for your delight -- a collection of 30, poetic "moment of truth" stories from my own life and 10 classic "moment of truth" stories from various classic teaching traditions.

The second half of the book is a Field Guide for aspiring storytellers -- people who want to elevate the conversation on planet Earth and do what they can, within their sphere of influence, to deliver some good news, right from the heart.

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“I have nothing to say, I am saying it, and that is poetry.”
— John Cage

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