Storytelling at Work
February 28, 2020
Paulo Coelho on Storytelling


Storytelling for the Revolution

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February 27, 2020
Stories Get You to the Heart!


Wonderful article here about Jane Goodall's perspective on the power of storytelling to make a huge difference in the world.

EXCERPT: "Early last year, at the same World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where Greta Thunberg ignited a powerful social movement, Dr. Jane Goodall made an important speech. When asked how to speak effectively on the subject of climate change with political and business leaders, she said, 'What you have to do is to get into the heart. And how do you get into the heart? With stories.'"

You are a universe of stories
Time to catch my bubbles?
Storytelling for the Revolution

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February 24, 2020
What Kinds of Stories Do People Most Want to Tell?

If you have five minutes to spare, I invite you to respond to this just launched poll -- my attempt to find out what kind of stories people most want to tell. I will post the results here in a few weeks. Thanks!


Storytelling for the Revolution

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February 13, 2020
Learn to Facilitate Wisdom Circles


If you are a big fan of storytelling and the positive impact it can have on human beings, this blog post is for you -- especially if you want to learn how to facilitate Wisdom (storytelling) Circles. Beginning in May, I will be teaching people, online, how to facilitate Wisdom Circles in their own homes, communities, and organizations. Here's what it includes:

1. TWO-HOUR ONLINE TRAINING: An overview of everything you need to know in order to masterfully facilitate Wisdom Circles. (I've distilled down 30 years of my facilitation experience (with these clients) and three years of facilitating Wisdom Circles in the US, Mexico, and Australia. Testimonials.

2. PDF OF THE TRAINING SLIDE DECK: Within 24 hours after the training, you will receive a PDF of the training slide deck. A great refresher and reminder.


3. THE WISDOM CIRCLE FACILITATION GUIDEBOOK: A 35-page PDF that elaborates on all the content covered in the training and a whole lot more. Includes a wide variety of tips, guidelines, checklists, tutorials, and resources.

4. TWO KINDLE DOWNLOADS: My two books on storytelling: Storytelling for the Revolution and Storytelling at Work. Includes 78 teaching stories and 140 pages on how to become a transformational storyteller.

5. THREE-MONTH REALITY CHECK: A 60-minute, online, follow-up session -- a chance to share your best practices and lessons learned with other graduates, ask questions, and dive deeper into what it takes to become a masterful Wisdom Circle facilitator.

6. MEMBERSHIP IN THE WISDOM CIRCLE FACILIATORS FACEBOOK GROUP: An engaging, online forum to learn from other Wisdom Circle facilitators and continue to develop yourself as a transformational storyteller.


7. MICRO-LEARNING FOR STORYTELLERS: Access to 52 videos, articles, and tutorials on the art and science of storytelling. Includes the work of Wisdom Circle Founder, Mitch Ditkoff, and other thought leaders in the field of storytelling.

8. 40% DISCOUNT COUPON FOR YOU TO GIFT ONE FRIEND: Upon completion of the training, the first person you refer to the training will receive a 40% discount.

9. EMAIL COACHING: An hour's worth of one-on-one email exchanges with Wisdom Circle Founder, Mitch Ditkoff. A simple way to get your questions answered and receive some one-on-one support.

10. MARKETING SUPPORT: A variety of templates, marketing copy, and links to help you promote your upcoming Wisdom Circles.

A WORD ABOUT THE TRAINING FEE: Some people interested in the Wisdom Circle Facilitator Training have financial constraints. I totally get it. They assume the $239 fee is too rich for their blood. This assumption, however, may be just a story they are telling themselves -- especially since the $239 fee can be recouped within the first month after the training.

Here's the math: If you charge $15 per person and average eight people per Wisdom Circle, you will earn $120 for each Wisdom Circle you facilitate, thereby recouping the cost of the training after your second Wisdom Circle. Whoo hoo!


What Actually Happens in a Wisdom Circle
You Have Wisdom to Share
Why Human Beings Tell Stories
The Art of Unpacking Stories
Storytelling as a Nest and Home Base



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February 12, 2020
TANGO: Language with No Words


What follows is a story by one of my friends, the very lovely and talented Deborah Ramsden. She read me the story today and I was very touched by it. Maybe you will be, too...

I've danced tango in New York, Portland, London, Italy, and Maui. I've tangoed with short balding tangueros in Buenos Aires dance halls until 3:00 in the morning. I've listened and danced to tango music for hours and years, until it lived in my bones and muscles and heart and skin.

Tango has become a part of me. My feet have gotten used to 3-inch heels and have learned to slide backwards on the floor behind me, carving out the space with just the inside of the ball of my foot, leading with my big toe, while leaning ever so slightly towards my partner.

Learning to wait was the hardest thing the first year, not to anticipate, to slow the breath, to calm my impatience and simply stand in my center, grounded on my axis, and yet be completely alert and ready to move at a moment's notice.

I am not the initiator, or the choreographer, so humbling at first, then frustrating as hell, and finally liberating, as I get to close my eyes, if I want, and be swept into the unseen space behind me.


And then there's the embrace, "abrazo" in Spanish, a close embrace dance we call it -- hands firm and light, heart to heart, connecting right through the center, arms encircling ribs and torso, cheeks touching, legs and feet sweeping, crossing, intertwined, sometimes kicking, and ultimately always walking in intricate patterns on the floor.

When it's good. I melt, I fly, completely lost in the presence of movement, breath and sounds that connect two human beings who may have never met before, gladly losing my boundaries in delicious oneness.

When it's not good, I try to breathe and find my ground, try to forgive my partner for his inexperience, awkwardness, or arrogance -- for not listening to the music or me, for forcing steps with no connection.

Five years ago, on the night of my brother's memorial service in London, I decided I had to tango even though it was after 11 pm. So I took the Tube to Covent Garden and walked the silent streets, wet with rain, with an address clutched in my hand, and my tango shoe bag over my shoulder.

As I entered the narrow, barely lit street, I could begin to make out the lilt of one of my favorite tango songs. Was it Canaro, Poema, or maybe Di Sarli? And then, with great gratitude I knew, at least for the moment, I had come home.

Watercolors: Deborah Ramsden
More tango

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February 02, 2020
Storytelling as Nest, Home Base, Safe Haven, and the Fire Around Which We Warm Ourselves

Mitch Ditkoff6.jpg

Today, in the shower, shampoo in both my eyes, I had an epiphany or, if not an epiphany, an insight, aha, or revelation. Whatever you call what I had, something clicked. In a flash, I understood what very well might be THE reason why people love storytelling and, more specifically, why they love coming to Wisdom Circles.

And when I say "people", I am referring to a mixed bag of humanity, represented by the following professions: stone mason, nurse, insurance agent, poet, hypnotherapist, elementary school teacher, artist, Jungian analyst, cantor, organizational consultant, musician, writer, trauma therapist, social activist, healer, hospice worker, body worker, aromatherapist, entrepreneur, dentist, conference organizer, school principal, administrator, voice teacher, interfaith minister, community engagement facilitator, computer programmer, college student, medical equipment manufacturer, tarot reader, interior designer, sound technician, palm reader, financial advisor, website designer, psychic, and substance abuse counselor just to name a few.

The common denominator? Every person who's attended a Wisdom Circle has had the same basic aspiration -- to unplug from the hustle and bustle of their lives, connect with others, communicate something meaningful within themselves, and experience the best of who they are through the medium of story.

With absolutely no pressure, no hassle, and no need to perform.


Mark Twain probably said it best, "If you speak the truth, you don't have to remember a thing."

And that, my friends, is one of the beautiful things about a Wisdom Circle. Truth is spoken there. But not the kind of "truth" that requires religiosity, expertise, or self-promotion. No. The truth spoken at a Wisdom Circle is non-denominational, free flowing, and naturally abiding in the stories that are told.

What actually happens in a Wisdom Circle?
Learn to facilitate Wisdom Circles


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