The Heart of the Matter
March 08, 2010
Maharaji in Santa Monica

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"You want to know the truth? The truth resides inside of you. Where else would it be?"

"You are here. It's on! It's happening. The beautiful music you hear -- the orchestra is not just warming up."

"In my downs, I want to remember the up. And in my ups, I want to remember the up, up!"

"Everything that is necessary for you to truly enjoy yourself is here. Make the connection."

"You want to know about karma? Pinch yourself. Do you feel pain? Karma. If the person sitting next to you screams, you pinched the wrong person."

"When you don't know, even answers are questions. And when you know, even questions become answers. How cool is that?"

"I have the tickets to the best show in town. And you want them. If you want those tickets, I have them."

"Don't try to make every day the same. But see the same beauty in every day."

"Whatever you decide to do, be at peace. Experience dignity in your life. Experience peace in your life."

Posted by Mitch Ditkoff at March 8, 2010 12:34 AM


Mitch, I was there and my heart is so massaged my days are spent in bows of gratitude. The gift to be conscious is beyond everything else and by His Grace I have been blessed with it. Now my questions are answers and another tear of love falls. Thanks for the reminder.

Posted by: Chris [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 8, 2010 08:14 PM

MASTER: "Well, some say that my soul, going into samadhi, flies about like a bird in the Mahakasa, the Infinite Space.
"Once a sadhu of Hrishikesh came here. He said to me: There are five kinds of samadhi. I find you have experienced them all. In these samadhis one feels the sensation of the Spiritual Current to be like the movement of an ant, a fish, a monkey, a bird, or a serpent.'
"Sometimes the Spiritual Cunent rises through the spine, crawling like an ant.
"Sometimes, in samadhi, the soul swims joyfully in the ocean of divine ecstasy, like a fish.
"Sometimes, when I lie down on my side, I feel the Spiritual Current pushing me like a monkey and playing with me joyfully. I remain still. That Current, like a monkey, suddenly with one jump reaches the Sahasrara. That is why you see me jump up with a start.
"Sometimes, again, the Spiritual Current rises like a bird hopping from one branch to another. The place where it rests feels like fire. It may hop from Muladhara to Svadhisthana, from Svadhisthana to the heart, and thus gradually to the head.
"Sometimes the Spiritual Current moves up like a snake. Going in a zigzag way, at last it reaches the head and I go into samadhi.
"A man's spiritual consciousness is not awakened unless his Kundalini is aroused.
"The Kundalini dwells in the Muladhara. When it is aroused, it passes along the Sushumna nerve, goes through the centres of Svadhisthana, Manipura, and so on, and at last reaches the head. This is called the movement of the Mahavayu, the Spiritual Current. It culminates in samadhi.
"One's spiritual consciousness is not awakened by the mere reading of books. One should also pray to God. The Kundalini is aroused if the aspirant feels restless for God. To talk of Knowledge from mere study and hearsay! What will that accomplish?
"Just before my attaining this state of mind, it had been revealed to me how the Kundalini is aroused, how the lotuses of the different centres blossom forth, and how all this culminates in samadhi. This is a very secret experience. I saw a boy twenty-two or twenty-three years old, exactly resembling me, enter the Sushumna nerve and commune with the lotuses, touching them with his tongue. He began with the centre at the anus and passed through the centres at the sexual organ, navel, and so on. The different lotuses of those centres � four-petalled, six-petalled, ten-petalled, and so forth � had been drooping. At his touch they stood erect.
"When he reached the heart � I distinctly remember it � and communed with the lotus there, touching it with his tongue, the twelve-petalled lotus, which was hanging head down, stood erect and opened its petals. Then he came to the sixteen-petalled lotus in the throat and the two-petalled lotus in the forehead. And last of all, the thousand-petalled lotus in the head blossomed. Since then I have been in this state."

Posted by: sanfranciscojim1 [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 9, 2010 01:44 PM

in the above quote, the 'i?1/2' symbols should be dashes '----'

Posted by: sanfranciscojim1 [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 9, 2010 01:51 PM

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