The Heart of the Matter
August 26, 2011
The Table of Contentment


Ta da! I am in the process of publishing my third book of (love/devotional/longing) poetry and want you to know.

Below is the table of contents -- a kind of poem in itself.

If you already are committed to buying a copy, please leave me a comment. I'm trying to get a sense of what the interest is out there. And if you are willing to help me spread the word, let me know that, too. Thanks!

1. This Thirst
2. Sometimes Late at Night
3. The Falcon and the Falconer
4. The Great Mystery
5. Watercolor

6. Some Might Call It Dancing
7. Give Everything You Have
8. I Share My Poetry Too Soon
9. Rumi and Kabir Bowling
10. The Paradox Supreme

11. My Poems Are Like a Persian Rug
12. Prisoner of Love
13. When You Walk Into the Room
14. The Seed Once Sown, the Rune
15. Speechless

16. What Moves Us All to Dream
17. Day Job
18. I Want to Tell You About My Master
19. Silenced
20. The Real Drowning

21. This Nothingness
22. Helpless
23. Golden Nomad of Ecstasy
24. Where I Live
25. Open

26. How to Listen to the Master
27. I Used to Write Love Poems
28. Moon Volcanic Leaper
29. May I Stay Here Forever
30. What We Really Want

31. How Many Poems Live Inside Me?
32. A Thousand Rivers of Love
33. Does Anyone Really Understand the Work of a Master?
34. There Is a Poem I Will One Day Write
35. The Impact of a Great Master

36. The Beautiful Sadness of Longing
37. How Can This Be?
38. I Was Walking Down a Country Road Today
39. I Pray at the Altar of Your Lips
40. There Is a Poem Within This Poem

41. Every Breath Is a Prayer
42. The One for Whom You Create
43. There Is an Infinite Amount of Poetry
44. What Is This Strange Forgetting?
45. The Wheel Turns

46. Water to Wine
47. The Beautiful Diamond
48. There Is a Fabulous Underground Club
49. Here's What You Did
50. Why Am I Always Waiting?

51. Dashboard Light
52. You Tune Me Like a Violin

I'm hoping that the WOPG store will carry it.


Posted by Mitch Ditkoff at August 26, 2011 01:32 PM

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