The Heart of the Matter
December 21, 2014
Excerpts from Prem Rawat's Wonderful New Book: YOUR MOMENT

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"You are the ocean of hope. You are the ocean of kindness. You are the ocean of peace."

"I'm not trying to change you. I'm just trying to tell you that what you are looking for is inside you."

"What I talk about is not becoming better. What I talk about is seeing yourself, realizing who you are."

"When you came into the world, people laughed and you cried. Do something, so when you go, you laugh and people cry."

"Come a little closer to yourself and you will understand the preciousness of this existence."

"My message is about the shortest sentence there is: 'I am.'"

"Don't believe a word I say. Don't. Know for your own self. Experience!"

"Consciousness, when? With every breath. Joy, when? Every day. Peace, when? NOW!"


"Know the art of looking within."

"There is one thing you never have to search for. Do you know what that is? Peace."

"Focus not on society, but on the building block of society -- the individual human being."

"A miracle is happening every second inside of you."

"Embrace this life, not with sadness, but with great delight."

"You need to know two things: how fragile you are and how strong you are."

"What is the value of NOW, for you? What does a moment mean to you?"

"Do you know the material you are made of is also what the universe is made of?"

"Do you want to look really good? Be in peace and you will look the most beautiful."

"The breath comes into you is your drop. It comes into you and it splashes you with life. Are you waiting? Or are you ready?"

"Everything I am saying you already know because it comes from within you."

"People search but not within themselves. Some search on top of the mountain. Some search in a holy place. And where is it? In you!"

"Live your life consciously, in gratitude, in knowing, in clarity, in simplicity. Prosper and bloom!"

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PS: The photo and illustration are two of many from the book.

Posted by Mitch Ditkoff at December 21, 2014 10:27 AM

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