November 28, 2012
Flowers First, Business Second

You work hard.
I know that.
You get things done.
I know that, too.
You plan for the future,
organize your day,
and think of bold new ways
to market your service,
product, or business.
I get it.
But what about flowers?
Do you bring them
to the people you love?
Do you show up with roses,
not just take out food?
Here's my latest rant
on the Huffington Post.

Idea Champions

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November 25, 2012
What Do You Want to Create?

I Wanna Create cartoon.jpg

Well, then, my friend, WHAT IS IT that YOU want to create?


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November 21, 2012
The Top Ten Reasons Why The Top Ten Reasons Don't Matter

I'm sure you are a reasonable person -- thoughtful, analytical, and rational. Nothing wrong with that now, is there? Indeed, these very popular mental faculties can come in handy. But there is something beyond them that needs more breathing space in your life. Reason, no matter how reasonable,
can only take you so far. Anyway, here's my fun list, on the Huffington Post, of why we need to go beyond reason.

Idea Champions

Keynote presentations
Unreasonable cards

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November 19, 2012
Layne Redmond's Kickstarter Project

Here is a link
to a very inspired Kickstarter project
originated by my good friend,
Layne Redmond,
author of
When the Women Were Drummers
and all around renaissance women.
Layne and her team
of talented musicians
and film makers
are making a documentary
celebrating the dance,
drumming, and chants
of traditional and sacred
Brazilian culture.
Click here to donate.

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November 18, 2012
ANNOUNCING: Full Moon at Sunrise

PoetryBookCover_rev311.16 2.jpg

If you have enjoyed the writing on this blog, you will very likely enjoy the soon-to-be-published book of Idea Champions' Co-Founder and President, Mitch Ditkoff.

Full Moon at Sunrise is not a book about innovation. It's a book of poetry.

Is there a relationship between innovation and poetry? Yes, there is. Both push the envelope. Both are infused with deep feeling. And both open up new realms of human experience.

If you'd like to receive an email alert when the book is published, simply send an email to Mitch ( with your request. If you'd like to read some early reviews, click below.

"In Full Moon at Sunrise, Mitch Ditkoff channels Rumi and Kabir in a 21st century voice. The best poems anchor elation and bliss in the physical world as the poet converses with the Divine like a rabbi from the 4th century writing Midrash. He stumbles closer to God, a modern-day ecstatic seeking to tongue the unspoken in words. Drop everything, read this book!" -- Jennifer Boire

"Compelling, uplifting, a heartwarming treat. More delicious than chocolate!" -- David Passes

"In the timeless tradition of Gibran, Rumi and Hafiz, Mitchell's words reveal that hidden in our ordinary lives, lives a place of extraordinary beauty. Known in silence by few, but available to all." -- Stuart Hoffman

"Mitch Ditkoff is a poet's poet. His deep love and appreciation for the written word is profoundly received through his poetry." -- Steven Ornstein

"You'll find, in Full Moon at Sunrise, the adventure in your heart. Wizards and magic, Sufis and Buddhas, drunken Dervishes, the Great Friend, and perhaps hear whispers of the endless dance between the Master and student. You'll greet old friends, Kabir, Rumi, Moses and Hafiz, touching illuminated hearts, long before speech existed, and catch the fire in children's eyes as they sled down a city hill in the soft rays of a setting winter sun, all speaking of the enchanting moment called Now: Enjoy!" -- Jonathan Lloyd

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November 17, 2012
How 13-Year Old Girls Can Wipe Out Terrrorism

Mim cover.jpg

This just in! World Peace is just around the corner -- or, at the very least, terrorism will soon be a thing of the past. It's official! And the Huffington Post has just validated my unique stance on this very important issue.

Click here to find out how 13-year old girls can help wipe out terrorism and restore this great planet of ours to a more peaceful way of life. I know my take on the matter may seem a bit radical, but it's likely to work a whole lot better than the TSA and all those goofy airport scanner machines.

Idea Champions

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November 16, 2012
VOTE FOR ME (I will not raise taxes, start a war, or give a boring speech)

Mitch Ditkoff.jpg

Good news! A leading Speaker's Bureau has just nominated me as a TOP FIVE SPEAKER in the field of innovation & creativity. To win, I need your vote.

So... if you believe I've added value to this field and am speaking about it in a way that inspires and educates, I humbly ask for your vote.

All you need to do is click this link , then scroll down to the fifth category and check the box next to my name (MITCHELL DITKOFF). Then scroll to the bottom and enter your name etc. The whole thing will take you less than three minutes.

My ten tips for giving a great keynote.

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November 15, 2012
Because I'm the Mom

This is so funny and so true -- I think I just peed in my pants. For all you moms out there, enjoy this 2:55 second paean to parenting.

A related riff
Idea Champions

Big thanks to Paul Alexander for the heads up.

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November 14, 2012
Getting Into the Webinar Business?

Like working
in your pajamas?
Have something
meaningful to communicate?
Want to compete with
a million other people
with the same aspiration?
Enter the fabulous world
of webinars.
But at your own risk.
It's simple, but success
doesn't necessarily come easy.
We are learning this,
having thrown our virtual hat
in the ring nine months ago.
Our top ten tips
now on Huffington Post.

See what we mean
3 minute video intro
Four kinds of offerings

Big thanks to Sarah Jacob for all her insight and savvy!

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November 09, 2012
50 Awesome Quotes on Risk Taking

Is it time
to try
something new?
Get out of
your comfort zone?
Take a new step
or leap?
a little queasy?
Need some
to go beyond
the status quo?
Here's the ticket.
50 quotes on risk taking,
my latest piece
on Huffington Post.

Idea Champions

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November 05, 2012
What You Can Learn From W.C. Fields

Is it possible
that a youthful,
best practice
of W.C.Fields
could be
the catalyst
to help you
get a major
of yours
untracked, unstuck,
and on it's way
to a breakthrough?

Newest article of mine
on Huffington Post.

Idea Champions

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November 01, 2012
Good News! Wisdom at Work!

I am thrilled to announce that a wonderful NYC literary agency, Levine/Greenberg, has just taken me on as a client and will be leading the charge to find just the right publisher for my next book, Wisdom at Work.

Wisdom at Work
is a fresh look at the phenomenon of "moments of truth" on the job, like this one or this one-- extraordinary glimpses of "the real" that show up, unexpectedly, in the midst of ordinary circumstances.

The end game with my book is to launch "wisdom circles" in organizations -- engaging forums that allow employees to share their own wisdom with each other, via the telling of their own remarkable stories. If you want to know when the book will be available, simply enter your email address into the "Our New Book" box on the Idea Champions homepage.

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