June 27, 2014
We Speak Right Brain AND Left Brain

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Because our blog is entertaining and our home office is in Woodstock, some organizations overlook us -- assuming we are a niche player. Not true. Here's a sampling of our clients And, by the way, we were the first company ever hired by AT&T to teach creative thinking to their work force. We speak right brain AND left brain.

Idea Champions

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June 22, 2014
Blue State Digital in the House!


We're psyched!

Blue State Digital -- a new media strategy and technology firm that specializes in online fundraising, advocacy, social networking, and constituency development has invited Idea Champions to custom design and lead a three-day brainstorm facilitation training for some of their movers and shakers in September.

We're honored and are very much looking forward to working with these fine folks to see how they can make their brainstorm sessions even more engaging and effective.

How did they find us? By googling "brainstorm facilitation."

See possible covers for their facilitator's guidebook
Take our "why brainstorm?" poll
What is YOUR big idea?

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June 21, 2014
Einstein Recommends Idea Champions!


Creative thinking
Culture of innovation

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June 18, 2014
An Airport, an I-Phone, and Magic

OK, all you under-funded entrepreneurs, start-ups, filmmakers, non-profits, dreamers, teen wizards, and closet geniuses -- here's your inspiration for the day: a 5-minute video shot by weary traveler and lighting designer, Richard Dunn, on his iPhone, late one night at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. On the making of the video

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

In what ways can YOU create some kind of "selfie" media moment to get the word out to the rest of us -- something that entertains and inspires? You don't need a lot of money. Or any. All you need is a good imagination, some time, and the willingness to do something different.

Idea Champions

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June 11, 2014
Brainstorming Website Coming Soon!

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Idea Champions

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June 07, 2014
Got Ideation Process?


Need one?

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June 04, 2014
What Is Your Big Idea?

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I know you have a big idea. A juicy one. One you have a hard time not thinking about. What is it? And what is your next step to get it out of your head and into the world?

Brainstorming made easy
My book on the matter
Make the most of offline ideas

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June 02, 2014
Solar Freakin' Roadways

Here's a brilliant idea and an Indiegogo project worth supporting.

Idea Champions

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June 01, 2014

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One thing I've noticed during the past 25 years of delivering innovation-sparking services to a wide range of forward thinking organizations: People in business have a tendency to get overly complicated -- equating complexity with value -- as if the harder it is to understand something, the more meaningful that something must be. (Like the image below). Not true. When it comes right down to it, things are a lot simpler than we think.


If you have 60 seconds to spare (the first test to see if you have over-complicated your life), take a look at what some very savvy people have said about the matter -- then take a moment to ask yourself how YOU can simplify your life.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confucius

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." - Albert Einstein

"It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials." - Bruce Lee

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

"The more simple we are, the more complete we become." - August Rodin

"Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple." - Pete Seeger

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life." - Socrates

"Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you." - Lao Tzu

Simplify problem solving

Simplify the effort to engage your workforce
Simplify brainstorming
Simplify engaging innovation in others
Simplify understanding what we do

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