May 28, 2022
Be a Mr. Jensen

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May 09, 2022
Unique, Discounted Products to Unleash Your Creative Mojo


If you are looking for a simple, engaging, inexpensive way to increase your odds of succeeding with your most inspired venture, I may have exactly what you need.

What previously I sold only to forward thinking organizations, I am now making available to the general public. Why? Because, post-COVID, I've decided to focus my efforts on individuals, schools, and entrepreneurs instead of corporations.

My creativity-sparking materials are time-tested, easy to use, and get results. Plus, 10% of all profits will be donated to Prem Rawat's humanitarian foundation.


Free the Genie: a deck of 55 creative thinking cards that spark big, bold ideas while shrinking the time between your ideas and their manifestation. Free the Genie has been used at 90% of these organizations. I am discounting my Free the Genie decks by 50 percent -- reducing the price from $49.00 to $24.50. Such a deal.

It's AHAhappening: A set of four, 16-page "fill-in-the-blank" guidebooks designed to help aspiring innovators get clear-headed, out of the box and make a quantum leap towards their heart's desire. NOTE: We are currently sold out of "Qualities of an Innovator", but the other four guidebooks are very much available. Only sold as a bundle of four: $24

Free the Genie and It's AHAppening Bundled Together: $42.00 (includes, at no extra cost, five online Self-Inquiry pages from my Year of Living Creatively course.

-- Shipping & handling in the US for single sets: $10
-- Shipping & handling outside of US:
-- Bulk

Orders over $750 receive a free, 90-minute online Free the Genie session.

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SELF-INQUIRY PAGES: How to Unleash Your Creative Mojo


One of the reasons why aspiring entrepreneurs, writers, artists, musicians and other cultural creatives struggle is because they routinely run into obstacles (inner and outer) that derail them. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Sometimes all that's needed for a creative person to get unstuck is a few minutes of reflection, ideation, and a change of mindset.

That's what Idea Champions' online, self-inquiry pages are all about.

Created by Idea Champions' co-Founder, Mitch Ditkoff, self-inquiry pages are a kind of chiropractic adjustment for your creative mojo.

What follows are the names of the 84 self-inquiry pages I have developed so far, some of which are used in my online Year of Living Creatively course (the date of the next one is yet undetermined).

1. Follow Your Calling
2. Discover Your Real Question
3. The Art of Self-Reflection
4. Clarify Your Vision
5. Dream Big with Blue Sky Thinking

6. Make More Time for Creativity
7. Everything Begins with an Idea
8. When and Where Do You Get Your Best Ideas?
9. This is It! Begin Now!
10. Just Say Know: It's OK to be Ignorant, But Only for a While

11. The Ten Characteristics of Highly Creative People
12. You Are on a Hero's Journey!
13. How to Get Out of the Box
14. Honor Your Crazy Ideas
15. Diffuse Your Inner Critic

16. Illuminate Your Blind Spots
17. Develop Your Own Natural Practice of Creativity
18. Overcoming Obstacles: How to Trick the Trickster
19. Go Beyond Your Limiting Assumptions
20. Find Your Natural Work Rhythm

21. Create the Space to Create
22. Act As If
23. The Art of Asking for Help
24. Embrace Messiness, Awkwardness, Frustration, and Difficulty
25. Take More Risks

26. Boundary Alert: How to Say "No"
27. Pilot! Experiment! Try Something New!
28. The Imperfection of Perfectionism
29. Simplify!
30. On Giving and Receiving Feedback

31. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
32. Putting the Moment Back Into Momentum
33. The Art of Self-Acknowledgment
34. Is It Really More Discipline You Need?
35. Incubate! Lay Fallow! Let It Be!

36. Attract More Support
37. Spark Your Imagination
38. Deal Wisely With Self-Doubt
39. See Through New Eyes
40. The Practice of Creativity is Like Gardening

41. Five Inspiring Creativity Videos
42. What Is the Impact of Noise in Your Life?
43. Immerse!
44. Cultivate Patience
45. Honor the Dance of Polarities

46. The Attraction of Distraction
47. The Socratic Method
48. Untangle the Hairball of Your Own Creative Potential
49. Nurture or Fracture: Dealing with Your Significant Other
50. How Rumi's Poetry Can Spark a Breakthrough for You

51. Create Creative Community
52. On Being a Creative Catalyst for Others
53. Perseverance Furthers
54. Redefine Success
55. How to Change the Old Story You're Telling Yourself

56. Maximize Your Focus and Attention
57. Navigate the Messy Middles
58. Make Friends with Uncertainty
59. Failure Is Not What You Think It Is
60. Real Creativity Requires Solitude

61. The Relationship Between AHA and HAHA
62. Liberate Your Subconscious Mind
63. Remove the Pressure of Time
64. How to Get Into the Flow
65. Creativity Is All About Making New Connections

66. On Being a Brainstorm Buddy
67. Radically Increase Your Odds of Success
68. How to Get in Sync With a Possible Collaborator
69. The Wisdom of Pablo Picasso
70. The Wisdom of Frank Zappa

71. The Wisdom of Steve Jobs
72. The Wisdom of Albert Einstein
73. The Wisdom of Ludwig von Beethoven
74. The Wisdom of Elon Musk
75. The Wisdom of Leonardo da Vinci

76. The Wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi
77. The Wisdom of Vincent Van Gogh
78. The Wisdom of Frieda Kahlo
79. The Wisdom of Nicolas Tesla
80. The Wisdom of Georgia O'Keeffe

81. The Wisdom of Amadeus Mozart
82. The Wisdom of Michelangelo
83. The Wisdom of John Lennon
84. The Wisdom of Martin Luther King

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