December 29, 2021
Year of Living Creatively Manifesto


The Year of Living Creatively is a two-month, online course designed to help anyone committed to manifesting their brilliance on planet Earth. The next course begins in April. What follows is the course's manifesto -- it's irreducible DNA.

-- Creativity is our birthright
-- Everyone has a calling
-- We are never more than a breath away from a breakthrough
-- This is the perfect moment to begin
-- Self-expression begins with the self. Know thyself.

-- We are all infinitely more creative than we think we are
-- We have a gift. It's time to open it.
-- Celebrate what makes you unique
-- Ideas may be a dime a dozen, but the process of transforming them into reality is priceless.

-- Choose!
-- Creating creates you
-- The Creator of everything lives within you.
-- It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. It matters what you think.
-- The only failure there is is being afraid to fail

-- Infinite possibilities await
-- You are a star. Shine!
-- Do what makes you come more alive
-- We are human beings, not human doings. When we know that, we can do anything.
-- Make a mess. Then clean it up. Then make it again.

-- Give yourself permission
-- If at first you don't succeed, try second
-- We need each other to help us realize we don't need each other
-- Everything begins as an idea
-- Something wants to be created through you. What is it?

-- You are already empowered. You were born.
-- If you need help, ask for it
-- Trust yourself
-- Have more fun
-- Celebrate who you are

All of the above is included in The Year of Living Creatively -- an eight-week, online course designed for anyone wanting a boost, jiggle, or jolt to help them turn their impulse to create into a reality.

The Year of Living Creatively
What is the Real Value of The Year of Living Creatively?
Who is the Year of Living Creatively Really For?

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December 10, 2021
THIS JUST IN: The Year of Living Creatively Testimonials


If you are in the process birthing (or wanting to birth) an inspired idea, dream, vision, goal, or creative venture, I invite you to consider enrolling in my upcoming YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY course -- a two-month, online learning adventure (starting on April 17th, 2022) designed to provide aspiring innovators with all the insight, mojo, and mastery they need to manifest their heart's desire.

It's fun. It's engaging. And it works. Tuition is $479. Payment plans are available.

Here's what recent graduates have to say about it:

"The course had a profound affect on my life." - Michelle Cameron

"I got my mojo back and made huge amounts of progress." - Maribeth Raullerson

"It set me on a very positive course of making miracles happen." - Joan Apter

"I not only enjoyed the course, I made major headway" - Tucker Robbins

"Every time I attend a session, I walk away full of renewed courage, energy, and trust." - Tina Lindgreen

"A catalyst that provided the guidance, support, and structure I needed to transform my dream of starting a business into reality." - Doug Stuke

"This course has been like the opening of the clouds after a storm and the joy of letting the warm sun shine into my skin." - Mercedes Garcia

"Helped me clarify my vision of what I want to accomplish and create a road map to get it accomplished." - Mark Stephen Miller

"There is a lot of humor involved in the course. And one of the things I want in life right now is to laugh a lot." - Barbara Drausal

"Provided me with the emotional support I needed to free my inner artist." - Tina Lipson

"I was humbled by experiencing my own humanity." - Gretel Rogers

"A unique program that helps unleash human potential in a full-fledged way. - Nim Lal Bhandari

"A safe and fun meeting environment where there are no wrong answers, but perhaps better questions to ask ourselves." - Linda Hurst

"Helped me choose a project that really sparked my passion and go after it in a big and bold way." - Janet Cook

"A truly amazing learning experience." - Gilman Hanson

"The Year of Living Creatively helped me take my project three steps up, making it feel beyond a dream to a reality." - MaryJane Fahey

"I'm so delighted in my enlightened-up experience as a result of The Year of Living Creatively course, that I've just re-registered for the next one." - Ellen Goldberg

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Who is the course really for?
What is the real value of The Year of Living Creatively?
The Manifesto
More about the creator of the Year of Living Creatively
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December 01, 2021
Get the Support You Need to Manifest a Bold, New Possibility


In these odd times, it's easy to get thrown off course. Our regular schedules are very different than they used to be if they can be called "schedules" at all. Our usual human interactions with friends, peers, and co-workers have been dramatically curtailed.

Indeed, these days, the normal interactions we've always counted on to help us work through problems, issues, and opportunities rarely happen by themselves. We must seek them out.

If you have a bold, new possibility you're excited about or an old problem you're tired of dealing with, you will need to make some extra effort to get the kind of support you've always taken for granted.

Enter Free the Genie -- an affordable, expertly facilitated, 60-90-minute online ideation session designed to help you generate the kind of clarity, creativity, and commitment you need to make a quantum leap of thought and action.

And it's simple as 1-2-3.

First, we ensure that you frame the right question via a simple online survey.

Second, we explore the history of your question and why it really matters to you.

And third, we facilitate an engaging creative thinking process, doing everything we can to help you get out of the box and to higher ground, generating new ideas as we go.

It simple. It works. And it's a lot of fun. Plus, (hint, hint) it makes the perfect gift for that special person who "has everything!"

Here's what others are saying about Free the Genie.

Want to find out more? Call Val Vadeboncoeur, Idea Champions' Chief Brainstorming office at 845-377-0222 or sign up for a session on Calendly.


I am a highly-accomplished brainstorm facilitator, creative thinking catalyst, innovation workshop leader, and co-author of Conducting Genius.

Since 1987, I've been helping aspiring innovators in just about every industry on planet Earth get out of the box and generate bold new ideas to get the results they want.

My past clients include General Electric, AT&T, MTV Networks, VH-1, Nickelodeon, Shift Communications, Blue State Digital, Atlanticare, Universal Sports, Catholic Health Initiatives, Astrazeneca, FOX Espanol, Just Marketing, Kraton, Scotia Capital, NBC Universal, Morgan Stanley, Chubb Insurance, ITOCHU, Purple Strategies, Inroads, Radio Woodstock, and many more.

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