June 29, 2019
What PR Firms Say About Our Brainstorm Facilitation Training

Idea Champions has trained quite a few PR and Marketing firms in the art and science of facilitating breakthrough brainstorming sessions. What follows is a sampling of the feedback we have received.

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"At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Idea Champions' ability to quickly and effectively teach my colleagues and me how to facilitate brainstorming sessions changed the future of our business. We went from being viewed by our clients as their agency to being respected as essential teammates that help them arrive at BIG IDEAS. I can't wait to learn more from Idea Champions. So many good things to come!" - Mandy Kalajian, Vice President, Mirrorball

"Our success as a firm depends on our ability to think about tough challenges in new and creative ways, often on short timelines. The Idea Champions Conducting Genius training gave us the tools to better unleash the full potential of our employees and clients. And we had fun while doing it! Thanks to Val and Mitch, we're challenging our assumptions, asking the right questions, and using creative thinking techniques to bring our best ideas forward." - Natalie Giordano, Director, Purple Strategies

"Idea Champions' three-day Conducting Genius training was engaging, fun and informative. I feel empowered as a facilitator and confident in my skills and ability. Mitch and Val were fantastic teachers -- I was sad when it was over!" - Blue State Digital

"Idea Champions came to consult with MBooth just weeks after we were named 'Creative Agency of the Year' and helped us unlock an even greater level of thinking for our clients across the board. The creative shift came almost immediately after our sessions with Idea Champions began and continued to grow exponentially with each session. Now, our thinking is more innovative, more strategic and reached more efficiently." - Andrew Rossi, Creative Director, MBooth & Associates


"In just a few weeks since we completed the Conducting Genius training, our facilitators have received numerous pieces of feedback from clients and colleagues saying that the training enabled us to extract more creative and strategic thinking from teams than had been the norm prior to the training." - Diana Muggeridge, Account Coordinator, Purple Strategies

"My co-workers and I spent exactly eight consecutive hours with Idea Champions. The learnings from that session instantly changed the way we run our ideation sessions -- both internally and externally with our clients. The techniques and processes we learned were beyond enlightening and have already garnered exponential returns. And speaking for a business that's fueled on creative thinking, I can think of no better investment of our time." - Steve Papageorge, Creative Director, Mirrorball

"Conducting Genius gave me the foundational skills needed to understand the underlying purpose of building and conducting effective brainstorms and how to apply those skills within my teams." - Caroline Sage, Account Manager, Purple Strategies

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"The skills that Idea Champions taught our group have been invaluable and have changed the way that we do business both externally and internally. They strengthened our ability to lead brainstorm sessions, ensuring that we are asking the most valuable questions, creating the proper environment, and building an agenda of techniques that will best elicit our clients' insights and ideas. The techniques we learned have also been built into our internal brainstorms. The LCS technique has single-handedly changed the way that we approach ideas that we may have had an initial negative reaction to. We are true believers in the power of effective brainstorming, and plan to continue investing in these skills as a company!" - Hillary Daniel, Cultural Programs Director, Mirrorball

"We did the three-day version of Conducting Genius, and I wish it could've been even longer! By far the most fun, useful, productive, and engaging training I've ever attended." - Blue State Digital

"We found Idea Champions in a desperate search for brainstorm facilitation training and haven't looked back. During the past few months, they've helped us harness our naturally innovative spirit and significantly improved the way we execute our ideation process. We now have the tools and process we need to dig deeper into our creativity -- adding a lot more value and power to our company culture." - Jody Johnson, Chief People Officer, M Booth & Associates

"It felt like summer camp for creative nerds." - Blue State Digital

"Everyone who participated in the training felt they walked away with new skills to bring back to the office. I will be leading the charge to change the way our company brainstorms as a result of your training." - Meggan Lawler, BSMG Worldwide

"Not only was the Idea Champions training session extremely informative, it was super fun and engaging. I left the room not only as a more creative thinker, but am also more comfortable and confident in my ability to help others be more creative." - Jennie Liang, Senior Brand Planner, MWW

"After the session, I felt energized and empowered -- ready to lead a brainstorm, boss a meeting, and infuse my work with more creativity and thought. Val and Mitch are magicians -- and they passed some of that magic on to us." - Blue State Digital

"Working with Idea Champions was awesome. Our team walked away from the training with an arsenal full of inspirational tools that we're excited to begin sharing agency-wide. With our takeaways from the training we have a lot of exciting opportunities to use the tools give to us to inspire the adoption of a new collaborative and collective mindset agency-wide." - Laura Hansen, Marketing Manager, MWW

"The Idea Champions training was well-planned with pre-session surveys done of each member, allowing the training to be customized to our specific needs. The training was targeted and informative, resulting in us learning multiple brainstorm tactics to assist in getting better results." - Molly Monceaux, Ideation Manager, Just Marketing International

"The most impactful takeaway for me personally from our team's Idea Champions' training was that something as basic to business as the brainstorm can have an impact on a much larger scale. As an agency-wide team, if we're all willing to accept a new and collective mindset, the act of brainstorming then becomes a catalyst for creating a culture of collaboration and creativity which extends well beyond the brainstorm - it will become ingrained within our agency culture." - Mike Petite, Art Director, MWW

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"Spending a day working with Idea Champions completely changed the way I thought about brainstorming. They provided the insights and tools we needed to conduct far more productive meetings, and reframed what it really means to think creatively. I'm looking forward to putting their techniques into action and coming away with more robust, better informed and far more relevant solutions for our clients' needs.' - Anthony Sorrentino, Director of Data & Analytics, MWW

"The Idea Champions training session was a great one-day experience. I learned a ton of new techniques and exercises that will definitely help spur some innovative and creative thinking at MWW!" - Colleen Finley, Senior Account Executive

"Idea Champions' Conducting Genius training program guided my team and I in four key areas: 1) Specific brainstorming exercises; 2) Best practices in facilitation; 3) Structuring agendas, and; 4) Ways to bring fun and energy to the group. The training played an instrumental role in the success of our future sessions." - Sebastian Koper, Project Manager, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

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Posted by Mitch Ditkoff at June 29, 2019 04:43 PM

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