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July 31, 2015
PeaceCast is Coming!


If you are a regular reader of this blog, there is a good chance you are committed to the pursuit of peace -- peace on the inside (your own well-being) and peace on the outside (a world that works).

If so, you will likely be inspired by PeaceCast, a global webcast scheduled for September 21st (the International Day of Peace), that will celebrate people's efforts around the world to make peace a reality.

Good news, in other words.

PeaceCast is a curator of user-friendly content on the subject of peace -- short videos in multiple genres (i.e. spoken word, music, documentary, dance, poetry, politics, humor etc.) that opens minds and opens hearts.

Submissions are open to anyone. Got something to say/sing/dance/, click here and make your effort to share it with the world.

Weekly updates on PeaceCast will be appearing on Heart of the Matter from now until September 21st. So keep tuning in.

PS: Last year, more than 870,000 people logged onto to PeaceCast, now entering it's fourth year. Spread the word. Let your friends and family know, so this year even more people will jump on board (which is way better then jumping overboard, eh?).

Let's all give peace a chance!

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I Pray at the Altar of Your Lips


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July 28, 2015
Johnny Simonello Needs Our Love and Support. How Can You Help?


Dear Friends:

I just received the following message from Johnny Simonello, a beautiful brother of mine and so many others in Los Angeles and around the world. Johnny needs our help. If you can respond to his request please do. We are all in this together!


"Friends, family and other interested parties, I have a personal request for support, prayer and healing.

In October, 2014, I was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer and had surgery in December to remove it. Recently, I have been informed that the cancer has returned and is Stage IV, currently located in my lymphatic system.

I have enrolled in a treatment study that will take at least a year, which will leave me pretty much inactive during that time.

I can really use any support, prayer, and healing energy you can send my way. I will need help paying rent and bills while I am in treatment. BTW, It has been my inability to cover my expenses that has been the most stressful and emotional part of this journey for me, even though I know, in my heart of hearts, that all will be provided as needed. It is challenging.

One hundred friends giving $100 dollars each is my hope and goal.

Please send whatever you can via PayPal by using my phone # or my email address:

Mail: John Simonello, 17908 Hatton Street, Reseda, CA. 91335

Thank you for your Love and Support, Johnny

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July 26, 2015
Why I Am Flying 27 Hours to Amaroo in September


On September 3rd, I will travel 27 hours to Amaroo (Australia) to spend five days with Prem Rawat and 3,500 other people at an outdoor celebration of love.

When I tell some of my friends, they look at me as if I've gone off the deep end. "Why?" they ask. "Haven't you seen him enough in the past 44 years? Don't you already know what he's going to say?"

Their questions all make sense. Logically speaking, that is. But my experience of seeing and listening to him, live -- especially in Amaroo for five days -- is not a logical thing. It's a love thing. And love is not always logical.

Can I experience this anywhere? Yes, I can. That's the whole point of what he teaches -- that each one of us can experience what we were born for anywhere. No, it doesn't take a trip to Australia to experience it.


But... somehow... some way -- at least for me -- spending five days, unplugged, in this man's company, helps me get way more deeply in touch with that feeling.

Anyway... as I gear up to make the trek halfway around the world, here are 50 reasons why I am going:


1. Because I want to.

2. Because I can.

3. Seeing Prem Rawat always refreshes, renews, and rejuvenates me.

4. Usually, when I see Prem Rawat, it is only for 90-minutes at a public event. At Amaroo, it's at least twice a day and for five days in a row. Plus, the rest of the time is an off-the-grid festival of love.

5. It's a ton of fun. Make that two tons.


6. Mucho laughter.

7. Sometimes, a single word or phrase from Prem goes in so deep it becomes a kind of radioactive isotope of awareness -- teaching and nurturing me for years.

8. Joy. Big joy. Huge joy. Massive joy. Gigundo joy.

9. Amaroo is a very beautiful, welcoming place.

10. I like getting in sync with my teacher's vision for bringing his message of peace to the world.


11. Waking up early with the birds.

12. Seeing a kangaroo or koala bear.

13. Fabulous unexpected connections with people I've never met before.

14. Practicing Knowledge in my tent and knowing I will be sitting in the amphitheater, with Prem Rawat, later that morning.

15. The food tent. Yes, the food tent -- a great place to schmooze with old friends -- some of whom I haven't seen in years.


16. Reconnecting with my muse. Tapping into the realm from where real poetry comes.

17. The journey there. Each step is an arrival.

18. Realizing, once again, that I have everything I need.

19. Feeling as if every cell in my body is having a party.

20. Getting in touch with the feeling that originally drew me to receive Knowledge in the first place.


21. Going to bed when the sun goes down.

22. Experiencing heaven on earth.

23. Seeing people from every walk of life from more than 35 countries living in a beautiful bubble of grace.

24. Hot showers in the morning.

25. Many sweet opportunities to serve.


26. Deep, uncontrollable waves of gratitude.

27. Excerpting some of his talks in the laundry room.

28. Ultimate simplicity.

29. Just walking around.

30. Getting totally soaked with feeling.


31. The Australian accent.

32. Being rebooted.

33. Daya's Fine Dining.

34. Feeling like every day is the cherry on top of the Sundae on top of the world.

35. Realizing that if I was on my death bed and looking back at my life, the moments I'm having at Amaroo would be some of the most exquisite.


36. Love, love, love.

37. Getting a fresh perspective on what life is all about.

38. Listening to the truth being spoken beneath the beautiful Australian sky.

39. Enjoying every breath.

40. Getting down to basics.


41. The best vacation I've ever had.

42. Getting out of my head and into my heart.

43. Everywhere I am is the right place.

44. Learning something every day.

45. Seeing how peace on earth is not only possible, but happening.


46. Did I mention love?

47. I get to look in a beautiful mirror and see myself clearly.

48. Not having to DO anything to feel totally whole and complete.

49. Feeling. Deep, deep feeling.

50. Feeling good for absolutely no reason.


If you have learned the techniques of Knowledge, as taught by Prem Rawat, and want to go to Amaroo, click here to register.

If you don't think you have the time or resources to go to Amaroo, read this to open up the possibilities.

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July 24, 2015
Amaroo in September


If you have received the techniques of Knowledge, as taught by Prem Rawat, and are interested in attending the Amaroo event, in September, click here for more info. If you've already attended past Amaroo events, you know how awesome they are. If you have never attended, maybe this is your year. Lean into it. Give it a shot. Where there is love and longing, anything is possible...

Excerpts from the 2012 event

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July 15, 2015
Prem Rawat in Baltimore

Prem finger in air.jpg

A few people asked me for a report on what Prem Rawat talked about, on July 12th, in Baltimore. Since I did not take notes, I cannot share any excerpts. That being said, here are some impressions of mine:

1. He is a very happy man.

2. His main message: everything you need is inside you.

3. If you want to experience "heaven" later in life, experience it now.

4. He is neither religious or spiritual. He is free.

5. He has an extraordinary ability to uplift, inspire, and awaken.

6. He has an extraordinary sense of humor.

7. I think the reason why he seems to move so quickly between humor and seriousness has best been described by Peter Ustinov who said: "Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious."

8. He is, at once, extremely modern and extremely ancient.

9. It's up to each one of us to experience peace within ourselves. It's not about going to a mountain top or monastery or pilgrimage. It's about accessing the gift we already have.

10. The people I met on the street who attended the event were all radiant, present, and exceedingly alive.

Prem Rawat video (not from Baltimore)

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July 02, 2015
On Letting Go


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