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September 06, 2022
Checking in from Amaroo: Day Two


Okie dokie. It is some time in the very early morning here, but I cannot tell you what time, specifically, because I never changed the time zone on my iPhone, nor do I want to turn my iphone on.

Let's just say it's the time when the birds begin singing and the first light of day is upon us. It's my second day here with Prem Rawat and 2,800 people who have traveled from who knows where to unplug from just about everything else except what really matters: being in the moment... feeling deeply... and letting go of whatever it may be for any one of us that obstructs and obscures the very best of who we are.

Last night Prem spoke to all of us in the outdoor amphitheater. So relaxed he was. At ease. Radiant without trying to be. The definition of chill. He spoke. We listened. He laughed. We laughed. He told stories. We went on the adventure with him. You know the expression, "the bottom line?" Well, for me, that was happening, big time. Home base. Returning home. Showing up. A come as you are party that he keeps throwing.

So much fun. So easy peasy.

This ain't about the mystical or esoteric. This is about life -- what exists at the heart of everything. No need for huffing and puffing. Water seeks its own level and so do we. Prem has a way of making this universal, non-denominational phenomenon way more accessible to everyone. Love is a natural law. Like gravity. You don't really have to do anything to experience gravity. And, where Prem is coming from, you don't have to do anything to experience love -- other than letting the knots that have been tied inside you come undone and focus on what it truly worthy of your attention.


If I was hitchhiking, I'd want him to pick me up. If I was bummed out at my local bar, I'd want him in the seat next to me. If I was playing poker with the boys, I'd want him at the table, me looking his way for tells. But when I look in his eyes, only one message is apparent. "Go all in!" Yes, indeedy! He wants me to put all my chips in the middle of the table, not so he can clean up, but so I can. He wants me to win the big pot. And I do. And yet his stack never goes down. I don't really understand how this works, but it does.

What he is talking about, coaxing people towards, reminding us of every minute of the day, is how to experience the absolute best out of life. And that absolute best, by the way, is already within us. It's not on mountaintop (unless, of course, you happen to be on a mountaintop). It's not in a church or temple (unless, of course, you happen to be in a church or temple). And it's not at the end of a pilgrimage to wherever it is you think you need to go.

And, by the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going on a pilgrimage. Just like there's nothing wrong with yoga, finding your soul mate, buying the home of your dreams, or having all the money you want. It's just that the absence of these doesn't really matter.

None of those things can give you what you already have.

What Prem is saying has been said by many great teachers since the beginning of time. "What you are looking for is within you." It doesn't get much simpler than that. It has nothing to with how many degrees you have or what your astrological sign is or how many holy books are in your library. It has to do with if you know yourself. It has to do with a heart full of gratitude. It has to do with consciousness -- your consciousness.

Badaboom. Badabing.

Somehow, this man (who like the rest of us used to be 13), has the ability to help people get to this place -- to make the journey from head to heart -- to feel how lucky they are -- to trust, to enjoy and experience the great gift of life.

What do you call someone like that? Well, that's really up to you. And, in the end, it really doesn't matter.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", Shakespeare said.

Words are just words. Names are just names. The menu is not the meal. What Prem is here to do is help each and every one of us enjoy the meal that is our life. And though, we are all different, with our own sets of quirks, beliefs, strengths, and preferences, at the center of the center there is one beating heart.

If a double rainbow appears over your head, it doesn't matter if you are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Jew. You look up. You marvel. Time stops, worry takes a back seat, and you experience pure wonder.

This is my experience of what Prem's work is all about. But instead of saying "look up" he's saying "look within". That's where our treasure is. That is the seat of our power. That is where all journeys begin and end.

And it's simple, folks. It's really simple. You don't have to leave your home, abandon your relationships, and become an ascetic. You don't need to do any hocus pocus, join a club, and complicate your life. Oh, I almost forgot. It's free. There is no charge for the service he provides. Zero. Nada. Zilch. As he has said on more than one occasion, "How can I charge for something you already have?"

Well, dear friends, that's it for now. If I can, I will log on again tonight and babble on a bit. There are four more days of Amaroo, Prem speaking twice a day for those four days. Whoo hoo! It's a bubble of love here, lots of kindness in the eyes of everyone I meet, laughter, ease, and gratitude. And it's a bubble of love where YOU are, too, by the way, no matter where you happen to be. Indeed, that's the whole kit and kaboodle -- the so-called "secret of life." Be where you are! Bloom where you're planted! Feel the gratitude! Embrace yourself and your life right now. It's all good.

Photo: Courtesy of TimelessToday

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July 22, 2022
An Invitation for People Attending the Amaroo Event in September


"We've been given the opportunity to express ourselves -- to paint beautiful pictures with the strength we have inside. Each new morning, we can choose to be the most fantastic version of ourselves. Ignore the numbers. Paint outside the boxes. Paint what's in your heart. Paint the most dazzling version of who you are." -- Prem Rawat, Hear Yourself, p. 115

If you will be attending September's Amaroo event, in Australia, with Prem Rawat, you are invited to submit a personal expression to his website about WHY you are going.

For a lot of people, it's quite a long journey to get to Amaroo and, of course, there's the cost of plane tickets and accommodations, as well. It's also at least a week out of your life.


That's a big commitment, one that is interested in exploring -- more specifically, what it is that would motivate so many people from more than 54 different countries to make the trek and spend five immersive days at Amaroo.

If you decide to submit your Amaroo-related reflections to, please know that the audience for your expression is the general public, not just people who have received and practice the techniques of Self-Knowledge. Please keep that in mind as you write.

By submitting your expression you are granting permission to the staff of to edit your writing for length and clarity. Also, please remember to include the name of the country in which you currently live and a photo of yourself.

Maximum length: 150 words. Deadline: August 5. Thank you!

Email your submission to:







Request for submissions also posted on

Email your submission to

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July 20, 2022
The Beauty of Amaroo

Amaroo-2016 from Inscapes on Vimeo.

Inspiring Amaroo slide show and sound track created by Gary Bandzmer and friends in 2016. If you are thinking of attending this year's Amaroo gathering with Prem Rawat in September, but haven't registered yet, now's the time.

2016 Amaroo excerpts

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May 09, 2021
Alive and Well in Amaroo


Written three and a half years ago in Australia. The feeling continues...

It is 4:49 am and I am sitting on a wooden bench just a 60-second walk from the tent that has been my home for the past five days here in Amaroo, my most favorite place on Earth. Almost able to see my breath, I am wearing four layers of clothing, a ski hat, and a wide smile on my face.

It's the morning after five days of seeing and listening to Prem Rawat hold forth beneath the vast Australian sky and I am a totally stunned, bubbling brew of YES. I'm sure that on some planet there are actual words to describe what has happened to me these past five days, but I just don't have access to them at this particular moment in time. Would I like to? Sure, I would -- me having lots of wonderful friends, also students of this marvelous man, who were unable to make it Down Under this time around -- big-hearted people who would love a taste, a whiff, a blast of what has transpired here these past five days.

To all of you, I ask your patience. Please bear with me for just a moment. I'm sure that soon I'll find my bearings and begin making at least a little bit of sense, even though I'm not really sure I want to find my bearings.

If I was a helium balloon, someone has just let go of the string. If I was a love song, I have just been sung.

Somehow, through an extraordinary alchemy of storytelling, jokes, laughter, pauses, pearls of wisdom, and cutting through the noise of the mind with a smile and a glance, Prem Rawat has done it once again -- helping people feel the peace there is to feel beyond the dramas of our lives -- why anyone, anywhere, anytime would ever feel the impulse to sing or dance or serve.

I'm not talking about a self-centered-turn-your-back-on-the-pain-of-the-world kind of peace. Nope. I'm talking about the sweet-centered-in-the-self-overflowing-with-love kind of peace that is the grand potential of every single person who inhabits this beautiful jewel of a world spinning through space.

This peace is our birthright. It's our home. It's what we were born for. All of us: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sufis, Rastas, Jains, Agnostics, and Atheists.

What do I understand about this experience? Only a little. Am I a spokesperson for it? Not in the least -- just someone lucky enough to have entered into the general vicinity of a living Master -- a man on fire with love and dedication -- a wise one with the deepest of connections to that which animates us all.

I first met him when he was 13. I was 24. And yet, it seems as if no time has passed since that day. No time, indeed, because the essence of what he's here to help people experience is timeless -- the sweet nobility of the human heart and the irrepressible gratitude that arises when a person tunes into the feeling of how utterly amazing it is to be completely alive.

Photo: Courtesy of Timeless Today

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February 06, 2021
FLASHBACK SATURDAY: Amaroo Excerpts -- 9/19/16

1 Golden.jpg

2 kid nuance.jpg

3 secret.jpg

4 ego comes.jpg

5 no preach.jpg

7 apply.jpg

6 enjoy.jpg

8 wisdom and conscious.jpg

9 sunrise.jpg

10. Here to celebrate.jpg

11. Have a blast.jpg

12. go inside.jpg

13 The good in you.jpg

14 repeatabke.jpg

15, Transform.jpg

9/19 video excerpts on TimelessToday

Michael B Wood
Ira Meyer
Thom Adorney

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September 15, 2018
The Morning After

peace is possible2.png

Well... it's time to pack up and head for the airport after five extraordinary days with Prem Rawat. I'm not going to quote him, summarize his talks, or attempt to retell his stories. Out of context, something gets lost in translation and I don't want to misrepresent, in any way, his beautiful message -- which will be available, in the not-too-distant future, for viewing on For the moment, all I want to do is share a little bit of the FEELING that is bubbling up in my cells like the finest of champagnes.

GRATEFUL: I feel grateful beyond measure, appreciating the simple joy of being alive and the realization that THIS is the moment in all its full glory. Somehow, Prem has the ability to weave a web -- via his stories, truth telling, humor, music, and perspective that captures the essence of what life is all about. In his presence, doubts, worries, fears, blame, projection, fantasy, regret, and a thousand other unnecessary bits of mind junk evaporate into thin air. What you are left with is the sheer beauty of what it means to be a human being -- who we are before the dust and density of the world covers the crystal clear mirror of our heart and soul.

And he evokes this state of joyful being with so much elegance and grace, it's no big deal. No hocus pocus. No pep talks. No wasted moves. Like water, it's for everyone, regardless of their belief system, religion, or non-religion.

Today, the morning after, it's more clear than ever how SIMPLE this whole thing is and when I say "whole thing", I am referring to my life or, if you are still reading this, YOUR life, too. We have everything we need to experience the essence of what it means to be fully conscious human beings and be able to live our with patience, compassion, love, and clear thinking. It is our nature. HUMAN nature. That is what Prem is a Master at evoking... revealing... and reminding us of -- what it means to be fully alive.

May peace prevail on planet Earth. May all 7.6 billion of us let go of the madness and embrace the joy. And may this happen breath by breath by breath, wherever we happen to be at the time.


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August 08, 2018

1 Celebration.jpg

2 Amphitheatre.jpg

3 transform.jpg

4 Father.jpg

5 No joke.jpg

6 normal.jpg

7 Changing.jpg

8 Thirst.jpg

9 Def Peace.jpg

10. selfdestruct.jpg

11 I am one.jpg

12 I am two.jpg

13. Indesctructible.jpg

14 Simplicity.jpg

15 courage.jpg

16 amphitheater 2.jpg

17 Zero.jpg

Words of Peace Global
The Prem Rawat Foundation
Rawat Creations

Photographers: Michael Wood Thom Adorney
Illustrator: Lisa Dietrich

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May 27, 2017
The Supreme Art of the Teacher

Einstein awaken.jpg


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February 09, 2017
Heart of the Matter's Top Ten Posts

Thanks skywrite2.jpg

The Heart of the Matter blog began nine years ago in January, 2008. Since that time, the 1,817 postings on the site have been viewed a total of 1,390,444 times. What follows are the ten most popular postings since the blog was first launched.

1. We Were Made for These Times
2. On Being an Instrument of Peace
3. Prem Rawat: Miami Beach, 4/9/16
4. Dance!
5. When the Rain Begins
6. Prem Rawat in Johannesburg
7. Excerpts from Asheville
8. Prem Rawat: Amaroo, 9/10/15
9. Prem Rawat in 24 Minutes
10. You Are the Water

PS: Subscribing to the blog is easy. Just enter your email address in the space provided in the sidebar, then click "subscribe." Immediately after, you will receive a verification email. (If you don't get it, check your spam folder). Once you click the verification email, you will begin receiving alerts, to your inbox, whenever something new is posted on the blog.


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December 24, 2016
50th Anniversary Amaroo Gift Set Now Available on TimelessToday


GOOD NEWS! All nine of Prem Rawat's talks from the September event in Amaroo are now available for streaming on TimelessToday as part of a just-released 50th Anniversary Gift Set. These talks are also available as downloadable audio files. Click here to order.

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September 26, 2016
Prem Rawat in Amaroo: Day Two


A two-minute excerpt of Prem Rawat's September 20th talk at the recent Amaroo Celebration is now available for viewing on TimelessToday. The complete video is available to rent on the same site.

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September 25, 2016
The Paradox of Total Enjoyment


Have you ever watched a really great movie and, as you're watching it, you are saying to yourself "I can't wait to watch this again", even though you are watching it NOW. Moved by how absolutely awesome the movie is (but not having the words to describe what you're feeling), you translate your WOW experience into thinking to yourself that you can't wait to see it again. Sounds crazy, no?

I am having a similar experience here in Amaroo.

Listening to Prem Rawat has been astounding these past few days and often challenging to take in all at once, massive as the scope of his communication is.

The little frame I put around his message is the "capsule", as he's been saying, of a much deeper story going on -- a story that has a lot to do with going beyond limitations and opening up to a much more glorious life, one that can never be understood with the mind, only the "heart" -- a kind of internal divining rod much less about describing things than it is about dancing. Not yearning for freedom, but enjoying the freedom that is already there.

A 2-minute Amaroo excerpt

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A 2-Minute Amaroo Video Excerpt


Click here for a two-minute video excerpt from Prem Rawat's opening talk at Amaroo. The full video can be rented and streamed for 30 days.


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September 24, 2016
When the Fog Lifts

1 fog.jpg

2 fog.jpg

3 fog.jpg

4 fog.jpg

5 fog.jpg

6 fog.jpg

7 fog.jpg

8 fog.jpg

9 fog.jpg

Amaroo Video Stream
Photos 1-8: Michael Wood

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September 23, 2016
AMAROO 2016: A Comprehensive Report From the Field

Amaroo Ahhh.jpg

Amaroo Video Stream: Day One
Photo: Michael Wood

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September 22, 2016
Amaroo Excerpts on TimelessToday


Just a brief note to let you know that excerpts of Prem Rawat's Amaroo talks will be posted on TimelessToday, not Heart of the Matter. Also, on TimelessToday, you will be able to access the video from the first night of the Amaroo celebration. Other Amaroo videos may be posted on TimelessToday at a later date. If you are not already on the TimelessToday mailing list, simply click this link, scroll down to the bottom, and enter your contact info in the "Stay in Touch" section. Enjoy!

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September 19, 2016
Amaroo Update Corrected

Soon coming.jpg

Good news! Video excerpts of Prem Rawat's first Amaroo event will be posted very soon on TimelessToday. Please note that this video will not be available for downloading, but will be pay-per-view. The pricing structure will be defined in an email blast that will be sent out to the Timeless Today mailing list -- an email that will announce when the Amaroo event is available for viewing.

Words of Peace Global
The Prem Rawat Foundation
Rawat Creations

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September 18, 2016
Greetings from Amaroo

Thom 1.jpg

Photo: Thom Adorney

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June 29, 2016
Amaroo, 2016


Amaroo, 2016. Why not?

2015 excerpts

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February 01, 2016
Inspiration, Past and Present

Man under sun.jpg

While it is absolutely true that the past is over, the future is yet to come and NOW IS ALL THERE IS, sometimes it's inspiring to reflect on sweet moments of inspiration. Here are some from Prem Rawat's five-day Amaroo event in Australia last September.

His new book, Splitting the Arrow

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December 15, 2015
An Amaroo 2015 Slide Show

Amaroo 2015 from linda hurst on Vimeo.

Prem Rawat excerpts from Amaroo 2015

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September 19, 2015
Amaroo Flashback

Indian Food.JPG

Photo: Steven Brennan
More excerpts coming next week!

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July 24, 2015
Amaroo in September


If you have received the techniques of Knowledge, as taught by Prem Rawat, and are interested in attending the Amaroo event, in September, click here for more info. If you've already attended past Amaroo events, you know how awesome they are. If you have never attended, maybe this is your year. Lean into it. Give it a shot. Where there is love and longing, anything is possible...

Excerpts from the 2012 event

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May 19, 2015
Prem Rawat in Amaroo: 9/11/12

1 Listen.jpg

2 Relax.jpg

3 Msimple.jpg

4 eyesopen.jpg

5 Party.jpg

6 divinity.jpg

7 planet.jpg

8 beconscious.jpg


9 important.jpg

10 heart.jpg

Amaroo: 2015
Videos of Prem Rawat

Thanks to Juan Xavier-Borja for the photo

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May 05, 2015
Prem Rawat in Amaroo: 9/14/12

1 5000.jpg

2 be thankful.jpg

3 Be brave.jpg

4 Mountain.jpg

5 spirituality.jpg

6 awakening.jpg

7 not a religion.jpg

8 unify.jpg

9 no compromise.jpg

10 behumble.jpg

11 walking to the .jpg

13 its true.jpg

Info about Amaroo
Rawat Creations

Photos: Peter Engberg

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May 01, 2015
Prem Rawat in Amaroo, 9/12/12

In honor of the upcoming Amaroo event -- September 7-11.

1 enjoy.jpg

2 feeling.jpg

1 expressions.jpg

3 listen to your heart.jpg

4 insurance.jpg

2 expressions.jpg

5 focus on one.jpg

6 right now.jpg

3 expressions.jpg

7 fill yourself.jpg

8 upset.jpg

9 wise pasta.jpg

10 practice.jpg


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May 24, 2013
Prem Rawat in Amaroo: 9/13/12

1 LUCKY.jpg


3 concepts.jpg

4 not complicated.jpg


5 our time.jpg

6 rain.jpg

7 pave.jpg

8 knowledge.jpg

9 gift.jpg

10 clarity.jpg

11 idiots.jpg


12 Cinderella.jpg

13 Mphoto.jpg

Words of Peace Global

Photos: Juan Xavier-Borja

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October 12, 2012
People Enjoying Prem Rawat's Message of Peace at a 5-Day Retreat in Australia


Excerpts: 9/10
Excerpts: 9/11
Excerpts: 9/12
Excerpts: 9/13
Excerpts: 9/14

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September 09, 2012
The Amaroo Diaries: Part 1

NOTE: I just found this diary entry of mine, written three years ago at Prem Rawat's Amaroo event -- a good reminder about the feeling of being in that very special place. Hope to see you there, in September.

Greetings from my tent at Amaroo. It's 9:10 PM and the jet lag is setting in, so if I fall asleep in the middle of this post, you will know why.

Today was a day of unpacking, settling in and just walking around with nowhere special to go. Seems like everywhere I went, I just happened to meet the right people at the right time without making any extra effort -- kind of like we were all actors in a play that required no script to know our cues.

Amaroo is the kind of place where it's easy to realize that everything is perfect just the way it is -- that there's no need to move any faster or slower than the rate at which you are already moving.

There's no hurry to get anywhere because you have already arrived.


One woman, at lunch, after sharing her bread and cheese with me, said a very interesting thing which is still ringing true eight hours later -- as the crickets, outside my tent, call to each other like they've being doing for millions of years.

She said that one thing she loves about being at Amaroo is that she moves at her own pace without the need to get anywhere special -- that wherever she is just happens to be the perfect place at the perfect time.

This, to me, describes at least a little of the impact of Prem Rawat's teaching.

It's all about being. Being who you are. Being where you are. Being present to the moment with whatever is happening.

Being rooted in the knowledge that peace is within you and that it's not only possible to be in this peace, but it's natural and easy, simplifies the whole game of life.

Looking inside replaces looking ahead.

Oh, by the way, even though I registered months ago for Amaroo, my name is not on the seating list. I waited on line and asked the seating lady, but she informed me I was not on the list and have no seat for tomorrow. At least that's the way it appears at the moment. We shall see in the morning....

Info about Amaroo, 2015

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July 07, 2012
The Beauty of Amaroo

If you have learned the techniques of Knowledge as taught by Prem Rawat and want to register to attend the five-day Amaroo event with him, click here. It's possible. Make your effort. See what happens...

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July 05, 2012
Amaroo and You

Amaroo banner 3.jpg

Amaroom banner 2.jpg

If you have learned the techniques of Knowledge as taught by Prem Rawat and have expressed interest in attending the five-day Amaroo (Australia) event in September, now would be a good time to register . For more info, check out

Amaroo banner 1.jpg

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