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October 04, 2013
There Is a Contest I Want to Enter

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There is a contest I want to enter, but I cannot find a pen. I want to win something big when my name gets called, mount the stage and, in a heroic attempt to speak before tears have their way, thank God and anyone else who might be listening to this moment of pure exaltation.

Words rise within me, bubbles from a newly opened bottle of champagne, but I say nothing, stunned. I just stand there. Grinning.

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January 11, 2010
A Lulu of a Contest

OK, it's contest time!

I just found out from my publisher ( that they are sponsoring a contest for their authors. It's a simple deal. The author who sells the most copies of his/her book in January wins $1,500. Second place is $750. Third place is $500.

All you need to do is buy a copy for $14.97 + shipping. If I win, I'll donate the prize money to TPRF, a non-profit humanitarian foundation. Everyone wins! You in?

Buy the book

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